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  1. Urabus33

    CCM EF4

    I was about to but I’m torn because I loved the speedskin on my EF3... tough situation
  2. I was more shocked that a 35” pad was that much lighter than a 33” pad that’s 2 years newer. That being said I prefer “richness” over weight in a pad, to an extent but the market seems to disagree with me for the most part.
  3. Here are the exact pads pictured. The SLR2 has the extra calf strap, and primo with no breaks. The SLR is stock strapping, single break
  4. They are both completely stock retail pads.
  5. 35+2 SLR Pro carbon (bottom pic) vs 33+2 SLR2 (top pic) diffrrent sizes but still heavier regardless.
  6. i will try to weigh them at work if i have time again
  7. Maybe not 1/2lb but it was a significant difference heavier. Don’t remember the exact weight. The the LT98/88 was pre SLR.
  8. Weighed at work. Nearly half a pound heavier in 34+1 compared to a 35+2 SLR.
  9. Urabus33

    CCM EF4

    I dig it! I am def using a mix of materials with speed skin in the sliding surface and bindings. I'm just concerned, as beer league teams go, I don't want to do a beautiful custom set and then change teams/jerseys in 6 months.
  10. Urabus33

    CCM EF4

    Got the green light go ahead to place my order, first ever custom set. And now I have no idea what colors to get. Get my team? I play on 3-4 at once. Main team is red/white/navy Go all retro? OK, then I have to go Retroflex and no speedskin (camel on the front of the pad continues to the sliding surface, is not offered in speedskin) #solidcoloredpadscrew? Maybe all black, all red? This is the best i could come up with for my team colors. I definitely want as little white as possible. I think I need some inspiration...
  11. On my player skates i went from step 296 to LS edge 288 and it was dead on.
  12. Urabus33

    CCM EF4

    Cant be true. I had a set of EF3 in almost all camel jenpro and brown speed-skin on landing area. Does the retroflex release the same time? IIRC its delayed a bit.
  13. Urabus33

    CCM EF4

    So I am hoping I'm wrong, but I only see Camel and Brown in like 2-3 color zones (And the brown shows up navy on my screen?? Weird). Am I not going to be able to order a full camel (or majority) setup now? Majorly bummed as I've been saving my pennies for a first custom set. Might have to look elsewhere now.😡
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