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  1. Schneider wears knit too. When he actually plays that is...
  2. I will take either one if they are available
  3. I have nothing unfortunately beyond that. No longer work in retail so no inside scoops
  4. New 960. retailer friend has them already.
  5. God i hope so. My #1 complaint on pads is the floppy knee block.
  6. Its enroth's. trying a 580 He had Schneiders 590 glove last season forever.
  7. You in NJ? I'm selling your first dream car haha
  8. personally, without a hard anchored strap like this i find my knee can come off the black in scramble situations.
  9. Personally, my EF4 sticks haven't been very durable compared to the 2S (not 2s pro) I was using prior. First one lasted 45-ish days, blade snapped in half. Unwrapped a brand new one today, one slapshot to the paddle and its absolutely massacred the graphic, whole top layer of the stick is busted. already sounds broken on saves and playing the puck.
  10. Urabus33

    CCM EF4

    Appreciate the kind words! My team wears a red based Capitals throwback with the stars on the chest, I based these off the Bernier Retro Kings setup from a while back
  11. Urabus33

    CCM EF4

    This and Bernier’s WC/ King’s retro sets were part inspiration
  12. Urabus33

    CCM EF4

    Here they are. 9 weeks. First ever custom set. 34+2, soft boot, EF3 strapping, through boot strap (for accent color), 590 glove +1 tee skate lace, binded blocker w/ P2 cuff.
  13. Update: Sticks arrived today, just shy of 8 weeks. Waiting on pads and gloves currently, Saturday will mark 8 weeks.
  14. My guy told me both parts of my order have the same ship date, for the time being.
  15. CCM EF4 set and sticks ordered 4/29, expected to ship this week. CCM seems to be at 8ish weeks
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