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  1. Urabus33

    CCM EF4

    at retail, the EF4 boot (deep ULTRA soft i believe) was wayyyyyyy softer than the p2. upper break flex felt similar
  2. its a local (here in northern NJ) shop thats going out of business, trying to clear out inventory. lots of weird niche stuff but occasional good stuff. got a new player cage for 8$
  3. Urabus33

    CCM EF4

    About 8 weeks was the ballpark, wasn't given an exact quote. I was told the Retroflex and EF4 are structurally the same however. I wanted speedskin but the retro camel color called louder.
  4. Urabus33

    CCM EF4

    Welp, I took the plunge. First ever custom set. All camel with Navy Binding and Red trim. 590 glove +1 straight tee w/ red skate lace, binded blocker w/ suregrip, 34+2 pads with fixed below knee and 2 calf straps. Gonna have to source some leather straps as I don't like the Qk5 material. Beyond exited to finally have a set in my specs and the very long anxious wait begins!
  5. Rubber mallet. Coupe taps on the heel of the steel. Same as the video on their YouTube channel. for what it’s worth, I have moved on the the two piece and am extremely happy with them as well. May review them as well at some point.
  6. Not necessarily. The skates don’t fit in most sharpening jigs, I have zero issue sharpening when they are not in my skates.
  7. been wearing one for over a year. absolute tank.
  8. Urabus33

    CCM EF4

    I was about to but I’m torn because I loved the speedskin on my EF3... tough situation
  9. I was more shocked that a 35” pad was that much lighter than a 33” pad that’s 2 years newer. That being said I prefer “richness” over weight in a pad, to an extent but the market seems to disagree with me for the most part.
  10. Here are the exact pads pictured. The SLR2 has the extra calf strap, and primo with no breaks. The SLR is stock strapping, single break
  11. They are both completely stock retail pads.
  12. 35+2 SLR Pro carbon (bottom pic) vs 33+2 SLR2 (top pic) diffrrent sizes but still heavier regardless.
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