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  1. The all anticipated Seth Jones Trade: Chicago receives Seth Jones and signs him to an 8 year, 9.5 million AAV extension, 2021 1st Round Pick (#32) and a 2022 6th Round Pick. CBJ receives Adam Boqvist, 2021 1st Round Pick (#12), 2021 2nd Round Pick (#44) and a 2022 1st Round Pick.
  2. Coyotes trade Oliver Ekman-Larsson (retaining 12% of OEL's salary) and Conor Garland to the Canucks, in return for Jay Beagle, Antoine Roussel, Loui Eriksson, a 2021 1st Round Pick (9th pick), 2022 2nd Round Pick, and a 2023 7th Round Pick.
  3. I like your description of the difference between automatic and controlled processing, and I've definitely found this to be true when playing a division lower. Playing against guys that can really shoot, their shots get more "predictable" as its like a batter facing only fastballs, and all you have to do is focus on the strike zone. Playing down a level, my most feared shot was a shot from the point because that puck has a mind of its' own. We read the shot off the stick as one thing, but the puck might dip, come off slower than we think, or do a million other things. Our body's motor program is not adjusted to the different pace, and thats why you slowly improve as the game goes on. Yay science!
  4. I feel like goalie prospects are just as hit or miss as players, but the key thing is that there is only one of them on the ice and not 5 with 3 lines. That's a really good point about the confidence portion of it. Looking now that Detroit should be coming up from the bottom of the rankings, adding a good young goalie to the mix to help the Red Wings make that next step is critical. All in all, I'm excited with this trade
  5. @Chenner29 Glad to hear Looking forward to the discussions
  6. Hahaha I was wondering if there was an introductions board. Decided to recently fix my log in and got back into my old account. Thank you for welcoming me aboard the board
  7. Hey all, I see a few of you are fans of this thread so I think it’s about time I posted here. Long time lurker of the forums and recently started getting involved. Backstory: my first ever game of house league in novice I was unexpectedly put in goal, and never left the net since. Growing up, I was a huge fan of Brodeur and Fleury, watching them play and their cool set ups always drew me to the position. However, once I got more into YouTube and watching old tapes, Roy quickly became my favourite (hence 33). I played house for 3 years before moving up to A, and never had intentions on moving up due to school being my top priority. My experiences with goalie coaches were never good, so I was taught by my dad who played ball hockey, and watching the pros. Now in university, playing beer league intermittently due to the pandemic - really miss being on the ice. Always been into gear and messing around with my equipment making improvements, as well as spending way too much time on customizers for gear I’ll never get. I’ve always switched up my gear to see what I like (thanks TGC for setting me up), and I’ve pretty much found what I like (although half the gear I’m currently in is not my favourite). I’m also working as a Strength & Conditioning Coach (not certified yet) with the Uni so always interested in talking exercise, nutrition, and the like. Look forward to chatting with you all, Dre
  8. The one thing that surprises me about Detroit is their lack of goalie prospects. The rest of the line up looks promising. I could see that 22nd pick detroit has going to Cossa.
  9. Gary Bettman secretly working for ESPN? HAHAHA, gotta love those name butcherings
  10. Did not see Arizona as a contender for Ghost, but good acquisition considering the status of OEL
  11. Main takeaway from this trade is Reimer and Bernier reunited on the canes hahaha. In all seriousness, great move by Stevie Y, Ned still needs to prove himself long term, but detroit goaltending just got 7 years younger to match the young squad.
  12. That's the NHL at its best hahaha, everyone hyping up the event and then only a few notable trades happen
  13. I wasn't initially sold either, but seeing them at the draft they were sweet. Love the 3 tone blue with the accented red
  14. Those threads are so nice, can't wait to see the dope kraken set ups come out
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