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  1. Its Blue and White. From his Tampa time. Thats why i dont understand why they cant seem to paint it when they do the mask.
  2. How can they paint the front, but not the back plate?
  3. Reimer putting some graphics on his Bauers.
  4. Passau does a removable professor strap. It’s leather with Velcro. Loop it thru thru the heavy duty rectangular clip and fold it back on itself velcroing down. Velcro lets you adjust your tension and doesn’t slip in play.
  5. For me, fill the front CCM logos with orange. But I did dig the orange toe bridges of the past.
  6. More gold and extra black accents. Neither of on pads or blocker.
  7. A collection of the Jerseys to be seen this season.
  8. The nostril holes on the big blue nose is............ interesting...........
  9. Is he gonna do the opposite white ones with the white jersey too?
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