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  1. Found Pat Roy's love child while i was YouTube binging in lockdown.
  2. Seriously? The knee block strap is just held on by a piece of jenpro. Youch.
  3. Wasnt there a company that tried an edoskeleton approach? You could change the height of it as a teen grew, but needed to buy different exterior shells. To the OP, buy used pads. Esp if u end up going thru 3 sets in a year. There's soooo much stuff on the used market and youll end up flipping it frequently.
  4. Demko with new pattern.
  5. TSN.ca (The Sports Network) article. Colour rush concepts for Western conference teams. https://www.bardown.com/hockey-fans-will-love-these-nhl-colour-rush-jersey-concepts-1.1452864
  6. Marcus Hogberg - Ottawa Senators. Out of the black pads.
  7. Glove graphic looks good. Just......... turn the friggin' font right side up on the catch!!!!
  8. Im going to ask a dumb question here. Where's the toe bridge? My first pair of ProLaces came with a toe bridge that i screwed in. The hybrids dont seem to come with one. Whats the rationale? I like the way the first pair interacted with the toe of my skate. My original pair, one elastic snapped after 1 1/2 yrs of use. The toe bridge is also showing significant wear, so when i ordered i assumed a replacement toe bridge came in the packaging. Cheers.
  9. Man that’s some old school stuff. Multiple knee blocks, soft also. Probably shredded foam interior.
  10. Pro Laces....... Those awesome toe ties that I love are STILL 25% Today, Thursday and Friday with the TRAVSUCKS promo code. Get an upgrade and treat your lower body to the toe ties that everybody should have..... I GUARENTEE you'll love them. Link to pick them up are here, I recommend the Armor version A YouTuber Trav4Oilers has a video blog. This is attached to one of his recent video content uploads. He's a goalie out of Winnipeg. Take a gander at his vids if you wish too. No affiliation on my part.
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