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  1. I LOVED all my Itech pads. To me, the Vamps had the best soft knee channel ever. Been searching for the feeling in all my pads since. Ahhhh, memories. Great looking pads. Congrats.
  2. Edmonton changing jerseys? https://ca.sports.yahoo.com/news/edmonton-oilers-alternate-jersey-leaks-for-upcoming-nhl-season-230427353.html
  3. Chester

    Sore Knees

    Hey, folks. I play about 3x a week. My knees are getting sore. I have Gen 1 Passau knee pads. When i ordered my Passau pads, i originally got Maltese insert knee stacks. I found they made the knee area waaaay too bulky. Removed them. Fast forward 1 1/2 years, post ACL tear (not repaired, playing with a brace) and ive gone to the last strap hole, angled elastics to open the knee area for rotation. This last month ive been finding both my knees are sore the next day. Are the knee pads "wearing thin"? How long do knee pads last? They are taking 200lbs of up and down everytime. Or is it my knee stacks? How do i tell? Cheers mates. Tom"Chester"
  4. Coffee out the nose.
  5. Pads are great. Gloves........not so much.
  6. Love the signatures on all 4 pieces. Puckless practice i take it.
  7. Not had it repaired. Playing with a massively expensive carbon fiber DonJoy brace. Had to open up my knee and leg channel to accommodate the bulk. Some straps are at the last hole. But it works.
  8. When i got mine, i ended up with a complete ACL tear 2 months later.
  9. Thought id start a thread for the amateur prognosticators. Those individuals who can try to out guess each other and predict which teams will land what players, PRIOR to them signing. Yes, "free agent frenzy" will start on July 1st, but not all sign on that date. So get your guesses in while the players are still unsigned. My thoughts, Bobs and Panarin to Florida. Reimer bought out. Lehner to Columbus. Mike Smith to Pitt as a stable backup for Murray. (And this new "load management" theory) I think we will see backups getting more games this year. Mrazek to stay in Carolina. Carolina will buyout Marleau (he will ask for it) Then he'll sign with San Jose. Varlamov - Calgary With Orpic retiring, they'll throw some money at Jake Gardiner. With the leafs losing Zaitsev, Gardiner and letting Hainsey walk, throw some money at Tyler Myers?? Im on the fence with Matt Duchene. Stay in Columbus (theyll have $ when Pan/Bobs walk) or will the Canadiens attempt something. Thoughts and predictions??
  10. Wanna swap? Got a pair of Oneiric goal pants that are too big for me.
  11. Chester

    Superfast Wear?

    So, Ive sent my glove into Passau for the repair. I get an email back saying do i want a full lacing re-done? I said, i sent it in for the cut repair and the notch lacing. Now, they want to charge me more. What the hell?!
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