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  1. Was watching the Islanders/Pitt game and Murray's chest is super bothering me. It looks HUGE! Especially at the shoulders. They seem rounded like a footballers. Look at this photo. Wasnt the shoulder floater supposed to be cut down? Geez, his jersey if folding underneath it.
  2. Pekka in some new gear. Finally, some colour for the Finn
  3. Chester

    2X Pro

    The set is for a Left handed goalie, they're already off kilter. 😜
  4. The "scales" of the beast are shamrocks. And the houndstooth is mixed in on the lower back bottom. I give props for the green elastic straps actually colour matching.
  5. Love love love these jerseys. Should wear the entire month of March. Wonder if Seattle is looking at these?
  6. Ive got a pair of used Maltese. Cant wear them anymore 'cause of the DonJoy knee brace.
  7. Chester

    Homemade neck guard

    Small update. Havok sent me the red neck guard. Used it for a few skates now. Ross made a very good neck guard. Works great for me. Wanted to Thank Havok for sending it to me. Wanted to Thank Ross for making it. Cheers Boys!!
  8. Chester

    Superfast Wear?

    Ive had my Passau set for coming on 2 years. But, last May sustained a complete ACL tear. I didnt have it repaired with surgery. 3 Orthopedic Drs later, im in a massively expensive, but completely functional knee brace that i use when i play. I was off for 6 months. So, my equipment has about 18 mnths of use on it. The palm heel of the glove seems to have the plastic of the wrist cuff pushing through the pleather. Im also experiencing, to me, a strange ripping of the edge lacing in the stick notch. Funny thing is, i dont play the puck much. And its much worse in the notch than on the ice contact points of the finger tips. Thoughts?
  9. Great looking set. But, that Kenesky logo on the trapper cuff drives me CRAZY. IMO its upside down. If you hold finger ups, its the wrong way. If you do "T" up its opposite of the left pad leg. Youve got 3 fonts facing left (blocker, right pad, catch) and only 1 right (left pad). Symmetry man. (Im twitching...............)
  10. I tried this. Rub Alcohol/Water in a 50/50 ratio and added a few drops of essence oil. Lemon. Works well. And cheeeeeeaap.
  11. Is it me, or is his 7-hole gap fairly large. Look at that gap. Like his stick paddle length is too long. Toe of the stick up in the air also.
  12. So i need to fly to Florida for Panther/Coyote games. Got it.
  13. Chenner, thanks for the breakdown. Good advice everyone Are there specific offsets to ask for?
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