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  1. old but slow


    Gap control and timing. It would appear that he retreated too far too early giving the shooter enough space to shoot around him. And it appears he pushes late keeping himself square to the shooter instead of the puck.
  2. old but slow

    R GT/2

    I don't believe this is accurate. Although the break angle is the same (both 75 degree) the thumb angle is different. This will make the break feel different because your thumb is now in a different position. As @Kirk3190 stated above,
  3. In my experience, the higher attack angle in stance only reeks havoc if you take advantage of it and widen your stance. Otherwise the benefits while down out way the negative while standing. Keep in mind, I'm vertically challenged and don't have to widen my stance to drop quickly.
  4. @Max27, I get it , just having a little fun with semantics. which is why I added recommendations. As for the "pro's wear it "debate, pro's wear a lot of things that aren't what they appear. Schneider actually has 2 bibs sewn together, but it looks like just 1 and that would be sufficient in the NHL... It's not. or he wouldn't do it. Rask and others use a game ready palm, Rask also uses padded batting gloves under it...but a game ready palm is sufficient in the NHL? I Guess? Any way , sorry for poking fun at your wording, best of luck finding what works for you. I personally wear the bauer supreme bib and tuck my chin and shrug my shoulders like a turtle to protect the important parts
  5. so wait? You believe that because it is used by a pro it's good enough for you... but... you wouldn't use it BECAUSE a pro uses it? um ok?! I'm no expert but my belief is that most "PRO'S" aren't wearing stock anything. my guess is that Rask's 7000 is modified to perform a particular way. If you're worried about protection, Paw, Roughneck, EPF, Brown. If It's comfort and heat, keep trying them until you find what works.
  6. So I pay in a 35+ league that each team is comprised of 2 lines. 1st lines are guys that grew up playing; Prep school, NCAA D1,D3, Juniors, some retired professionals( the Leach brothers played a few seasons). 2nd lines are primarily guys that learned to skate after age 30 and the older guys who don't move so well any more but still love the game.Teams do a really good job of line matching during the game and rarely will 2nd liners get abused by 1st line. So every couple of minutes the game changes completely. Most challenging hockey I've ever played.
  7. oh I completely agree. I';ve been playing in my various leagues long enough that everything is primarily friendly or done in a joking fashion. If someone is crowding the crease, they'll get a little tickle with the toe of the stick somewhere near the anus, followed by inappropriate comments that should require time with an harassment councilor. Or maybe a soft breath to the back of an ear. Maybe I should seek professional help
  8. I might freak out a little if the stick is coming down on the back of me leg/hand, perceived intent to injure, vs a stick coming in horizontally, perceived digging for loose puck. But I'm more of a "what the hell is that shit" guy than a get in your face/ throw punches guy
  9. I have the NG elite pant and never had an issue. just can't find a spare/ replacement
  10. Serious question to those that don't want to "soak" their catcher; how long will you have said glove before you replace it?
  11. This in the pant version with the sock tabs , with or without inner thigh padding.
  12. I believe it's the construction of the nylon/cordora that causes the issues, for me. My stitches tend to pull/open the fabric unless I use a denser material as a backing on both the top and bottom of my stitching. But then again, I may just not be very good at executing.
  13. That's in the cordora? I'd probably stitch then glue then throw a nylon tape over the top. I never have much luck stitching cordora.
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