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  1. I'm having this issue with my knee falling off the block due to the elastic stretching too much on my 1X's. I'm thinking of adding a professor strap to keep my knee on the block. My be an easier/cheaper solution than adding a leather strap.
  2. @BonesDT Thanks for this comparison of the senior models. You don't often find info on units at this level so it's great to see this. Have you had any issues with stingers in your G4 Senior unit? I haven't had any in my G4 Senior yet but going into my second season with it this fall and if I find the protection lacking (specifically in the arms is what I'm thinking), I'll be deciding between replacing it with the GT2 Senior or beefing the biceps/forearms with D30.
  3. Awesome, thanks for posting this. I have a G4 Senior and tuck my chesty. In reference to your 2 loops in the stomach area, I use those to attach the G4 chesty to my RBK 11K pants. The pants have internal ABfit clips and when I attach my chesty to my pants, the connected feeling helps keep everything together which is how I like it. Nothing feels loose or floppy. The stomach loops are a little small for my ABfit clips to fit through so I've gone as far as to tie a skate lace loop to the stomach loops and now I run my Abfit clips through the skate loop to tie them all together. I can't wait to hear about how it feels after a few skates.
  4. Deltadre

    R GT/2

    @motowngoalie Where is it??? haha
  5. Sorry, I thought you were comparing GT1 Senior and G4 Senior. Gotcha!
  6. @coopaloop1234 Can you elaborate on what you mean by plastic components? Where are they and what differences did this make between the G4 and GT1? I have the G4 senior unit so I'm curious.
  7. I'm certainly interested to see how you make out with this. I've been eyeing this stuff for goalie skates for a little while and there's very little information on it. Can't wait to see how progress goes.
  8. @goalieThreeOne I have 1X pads as well and was wondering if you had any issues with your pads not rotating back completely when you stood up? After playing with strapping all season, I think I'm to the point where it's the best I will get with them. I really liked the freedom around my knee guards by having the knee strap down to the calf wrap as well as the rotation going down to the butterfly however not having the pads rotate back very well forced me to place the knee strap behind the knee. According to The Hockey Shop's 2X review on their website, Bauer fixed this by adding elastic straps to attach the bottom of the calf wrap to the pads to help the pads rotate back. I'm just wondering if anyone else has had the same issue I've had. I wonder if I could add an elastic strap to my 1X pads in that same location. Here's the quote from the site: Elastic in Boot Channel The 2X Pro leg pads have added in a bungee feature in the lower boot to allow more ankle/leg mobility as well as create a more reactive pad. Another reason for this interesting feature is to allow the pad to fully rotate and come back to its original position when dropping into the butterfly and standing back up. This is a major improvement over the 1X that had some complaints stating they don’t rotate back fully. https://www.thehockeyshop.com/blogs/goalie-gear-reviews/bauer-vapor-2x-pro-leg-pads-review @TheGoalNet How did you find the 2X to rotate back?
  9. What size do you wear? I have Bauer Reactor 4000 with step steel. Maybe we could exchange for a little while and if you like it, we could work something out. I haven’t tried cowlingless yet but would be interested. Just a thought.
  10. When I ordered mine from Michel, I asked for the extended chin and his suggestion was 8.5” as well. He said anything longer interferes with the C/A from his experience. When it came to packing my mold, I stuffed my box with crumpled newspaper. I was concerned as mine was a little flimsy but Michel said it made the trip just fine. Hope this helps.
  11. Hey, my protechsport mask came in yesterday and I can’t say enough about how great it feels. I didn’t adjust anything and it fit perfectly the moment I put it on. It just feels like a solid mask when you hold it or wear it. I contacted Michel to let him know I got it and his first response was, “How is the fit?” Goes to show how much he cares about his masks and our satisfaction. Not only that, he thanks you for placing the order and your patience for waiting so long for it to come. Just all around great to deal with and to be honest, I didn't mind the wait seeing as I was getting an awesome mask. So here are the details: Full fiberglass Thibeault mold Hidden backplate straps (sorry for the bad quality pic) Extended chin Chin sling (So comfortable!!) Also, a side profile pic for the fellow who wanted to see how the extended chin looked.
  12. How have you been enjoying the G2 classic C/A? How is the protection? I have the G4 Senior so I’m curious what you thought of the arms in comparison to the G2 Pro classic.
  13. Deltadre

    2X Pro

    I saw that. I tried to get a closer look to see if Bauer removed the binding from the inside of the pad to help with durability but I couldn’t tell. That is always an area that concerns me on my 1x’s. Did anyone happen to notice?
  14. I played in a tournament this weekend using my G4 senior c/a for the first time. I must say I was very happy with the unit. So mobile from the minute I began playing with it and protection was not an issue after 4 games. I didn’t have any slap shots to test it though I still faced some hard shots and I don’t have any concerns with this unit. I’m coming from a 2009 Reebok AB Pro-spec chesty that I couldn’t move in so this is a nice change. Depending on the level you are playing, this may a good option for an all around unit at a good price point.
  15. Thanks! That’s what I was wondering. I may have an opportunity to get a cheap original E flex Shield Pro. So it would be between the Senior G4 and the E shield Pro. I’m concerned with mobility in the E shield which is why I’d prefer the G4 but the stingers concerned me.
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