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  1. @TheGoalNet Any chance you could play us a clip of installation of the TuneFit Connect strap on the pads and also connecting it when you’re wearing it?
  2. So @Punisher Goalie what was the verdict on this? I just bought a brand new 1X glove so I’m interested. Haha. Way to bring back an old thread, right?
  3. Thanks for the suggestion. I’m going to try to get my break one the green line as you suggested and see what happens.
  4. Yeah at this point, I’m trying to decide if I should keep it or replace it. Convincing my wife that a new glove is needed won’t be easy...haha
  5. Did you have any issues with your T looking like mine?
  6. Yeah it’s a one90 and like yourself I ce been having a hell of a time trying to pick up the puck. I honestly thought it was me until I figured out that T looks like the pics above. Basically I’m just pushing the puck because my T doesn’t wrap around the puck to pick it up. I broke it in and love using it but this issue is making second guess if I can fix it or should I get a new glove.
  7. @dualshowman sure thing. Here you go. IMG_0961.MOV
  8. Thanks for keeping this thread going. You have my full attention. Haha. With all this free time, I’m definitely interested in repairing the break in my glove. My biggest issue as I mentioned is that the T closer is so offset. I’d like them to close together so I could pick up a puck off the ice or hold my stick in the Turco grip properly. @dualshowman thanks for all this insightful info.
  9. @thebigm How long have you been using it and how is it holding up? I'm very interested in this product as well.
  10. I added one as well to my 1X pads for that same reason. I'd love this option because I'm not 100% comfortable attaching my professor strap to the cord that runs through the pad. My strap is nylon and I'm worried it's pulling too hard on the cord. All that to say, if these were included, that's a great option to have much like Brian's did with the Optik 2s.
  11. Are those tabs for a professor strap (or rotation strap) I've circled in blue? Sorry for the yellow color, I tried to highlight it and it didn't work so well with the red backdrop of the pads.
  12. Same here!!! It’s pretty disheartening to know such weak materials are used for a product that cost so much money. However...I love the performance I get from my 1X pads. 😁
  13. @redrook I've got the same issue with my glove as you mentioned. So my glove closes fine but the top of the T are offset when I close which makes me think I made the break in the wrong place. And in reference to wavy palm, I fell like the crease in my palm is wavy if that makes any sense. I'll try to post some pictures when I get home from work. I'm not sure if my glove can be fixed either. I'm hoping so as I love it but I can't pick up a puck off the ice to save my life because of the two sides of the T not closing together.
  14. I'm using Bauer 1X and love them. Very comfortable. I wear mine under socks and they're great. I use the garter belt that was included and they've never moved.
  15. @Drew37 Any stingers? I know there's curv composite (I'm assuming in the palm but I can't find much info on this glove) but without the Poron XRD, I was curious if the 2X would be fine protection wise. What did you upgrade to? If your glove is still for sale, let me know.
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