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  1. I'm not surprised that karlsson has his like that he wears his pads super loose per ingoal mag https://ingoalmag.com/interviews/ask-a-pro-with-henrik-karlsson/ funny that he's wearing rbks too For the smart strap, I have mine pretty tight but that's just my preference. The only issue I could see with ditching it is falling off the knee block, which would depend on your other straps. Why not try it out at home or in the dressing room? You could tuck the strap out of the way or fold it up and tape it to itself. It would save you from having to put it back on if you don't like it
  2. Sounds like someone wants to be showered in plastic snakes 😉
  3. No problem! I've been considering doing the same, I tend to destroy the back wheel much faster than the front ones. And those are a classic haha I used to have the player version for road hockey
  4. Two things: 1. That wheel is meant for outdoor use(ie rough surfaces), so if you're using it on a smooth indoor surface it will have no grip. 2. You need two bearings per wheel. One goes on each side of the spacer.
  5. Those are indoor/outdoor wheels so they might not work for you depending what type of floor you are skating on and how much you weigh. You will need standard 608 bearings for your wheels. And you'll need whatever axles your skates have. Should be one of these https://www.inlinewarehouse.com/Tour_Roller_Hockey_Wheel_Axles__/descpage-TWA45.html Yeah they should work. I would assume they're 608 bearings... it would probably say if they weren't.
  6. You can probably get the hardware(axles,spacers) at https://www.inlinewarehouse.com/Roller_Hockey_Axles__Spacers/catpage-SKRHAXLES.html Bearings really depends on what you want to spend. The bones reds are pretty good but a bit more pricey. You can probably just buy any cheap bearings, you can get them at inline warehouse, amazon, or a local skateboard shop. For wheels I need more info... indoor/outdoor, how much you weigh/what durometer? And if you're in the US or Canada would help as well
  7. Goalie month at PHL https://www.prohockeylife.com/pages/goalie-month
  8. Depends on the curve p31 will be an inch or two taller. My 23" 1s is around 25" iirc The second part is the best advice go to the store to determine proper sizing and what stick you prefer. @Peter36 if you like the s190 the 2s will be the most familiar for you because of bauers paddle shape. However, I'm sure the ccm would be a good stick, never used one myself though
  9. https://mobile.twitter.com/ingoalmedia/status/1093035607708692480?lang=en pretty sure they're talking about this...
  10. I would think they would hold up fine. I play ball hockey and roller hockey and I've had my pads for 9 years or so and they've held up fine. They're jenpro but I'd imagine any new material would be just as durable, probably wouldn't sell well if it wasn't. What type of floor do you play on? As long as it's smooth you should be fine. You could also put something on the sliding surface to protect it if you're worried about it. Slide plates or even duct tape would probably work.
  11. My Bauer one75s and I resent that. Oh and my olie ma2000 does too lol
  12. 50 bucks is a steal for that thing! You got me beat I paid $60 for mine. I think it's a pretty solid chesty. I play roller hockey and the only issues I've had with it are some stingers to the arms (mostly bicep and inner elbow area), but that's a pretty typical complaint with Vaughn. The rest of the unit has been perfectly protective and it's super mobile. Only other complaints I have is that the mesh isn't super durable, especially on the arms where it rubs against the body. I also dislike the Velcro adjustments for the wrists and back, but I've done a few hacks to make it work. Let me know if you've got any other questions!
  13. I prefer to size my stick to my butterfly, it might be worth a try to help eliminate pucks going under your arm. This article is extremely detailed and will explain it much better than I can: http://modsquadhockey.com/forums/topic/62566-how-do-i-select-the-right-size-of-goalie-stick-paddle-height/
  14. So I cut my second stick over the weekend. This is an nxg dressed as a 1s. The paddle is too tall for me so I wanted to take about 2.5" off. Here are the cuts I made Unfortunately there's a hole in my stick now lol. The stick is hollow all the way until the R in Bauer for anyone who's curious and this is the top of the paddle for reference. I'm not really too worried about it since my blocker will be over this part anyways. I applied some 2 part epoxy over the exposed foam and fibres. I thought about covering the hole but didn't bother as I don't think it will matter much. Here's the finished handle with grip tape.
  15. Isles12

    work outs

    Jeez 8-10 reps! Might want to try powerlifting those. I'd suggest 1-3 reps. Wouldn't want to tire yourself out before the game...
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