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  1. I play ball hockey and roller hockey goalie. Only tried ice a few times so can’t help with the transition part. As far as playing style I would say I play a pretty hybrid/butterfly style, I do challenge aggressively which leads to diving head first to cover back door passes. As far as standup I try to stay on my feet as long as possible before I butterfly, but I don’t have much trouble moving across the net once I’m down. Our league plays 5v5, on sport court tiles the arena isn’t full sized. I have played in full size arenas with the ice out and small gyms very similar to what you describe, but I don’t really change my play style at all. For gear I’m in full ice gear at this point, I did use player pants and jock until I started playing roller. Hope this helps!
  2. Looks like the ma2000 to me, I’ll post some pics of mine. It isn’t quite as old csa sticker is for 2008 which is around when I got it new I think? It’s a solid helmet I like mine. Olie cages are soft as butter mine is super bent. Goalieparts/otny sells replacement cat eye cages for the ma2000. If you need anymore pics or measurements let me know
  3. Goalie month at PHL https://www.prohockeylife.com/pages/goalie-month
  4. Nice pickup! I used to have a 95, it's now my dads. I currently have a 95 4Runner both 5 speeds with the 3.slow
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