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  1. Not saying you can’t do it however, they are less than ideal for skating around compared to a player skate. The smaller wheels will wear out faster, be slower, and be a rougher ride than a larger wheel on a player or recreational skate. Pretty sure you can put them on any pad you like and I’m not sure on install. I would contact passau or kenesky about that. I’ve never used them personally because I don’t like slide plates.
  2. Depends what you want to use them for... inline goalie skates have much smaller wheels and a longer wheelbase. They wouldn’t be suitable for skating around your neighbourhood. If you plan to use them for just practicing goalie specific movements(t-pushes etc.) on a decent surface they would be fine. Or if you want to play online at some point. If you just want to skate around for fitness I would get a player skate or just recreational in-line skates would be fine. As others mentioned get outdoor wheels they will last much longer.
  3. Yeah, I think it’s partially the design of the one90/total one gloves that causes that problem. They have a bit of an awkward shape the fingers curl towards the palm more than other gloves I’ve used. Wish I still had it I’d take a comparison photo with my one75 and rx9... Other than that it’s a decent glove. I just used my stick to flip the puck into my glove If I wanted to pick it up lol
  4. Looks like the total one or one90? I had a one90 for a little while And I couldn’t pick the puck off of the ground with it at all... it was super annoying
  5. Tough choice... leaning towards #3
  6. Kenesky and Passau both make slider kits https://passauhockey.com/en/boutique/dek-hockey/ensemble-de-iceskin-2/ https://kenesky.com/proddetail.php?prod=001010
  7. I agree with TGN, looks very similar to warrior's quick curve. Pretty mild mid curve not very open. Maybe the p30 in Bauer...
  8. You can look on sideline swap to get an idea for pricing. It shows recently sold stuff as well, but I'm not sure if they're the final sale prices or not https://sidelineswap.com/shop/hockey/goalie-leg-pads/bauer/reactor-9000-6/l8107?recently_sold=1 Not to be a downer but you'd probably make more turning them into wallets I'd guess $300 bucks if you're lucky. I sold a set of subzero 2 pads earlier this year for 325 I think and they had cool vegan elastic straps Might not be a bad idea to use sideline swap or something gives you a much larger market. I personally still use craigslist, but it can take awhile to sell stuff even in a decent hockey market
  9. Nice lid, the chin looks super thick though is it heavy?
  10. @BonesDT Any consideration for Vaughn? If mobility and light weight are your priorities? Some of their senior level units are pretty decent or get a used pro one for cheap
  11. I'm not surprised that karlsson has his like that he wears his pads super loose per ingoal mag https://ingoalmag.com/interviews/ask-a-pro-with-henrik-karlsson/ funny that he's wearing rbks too For the smart strap, I have mine pretty tight but that's just my preference. The only issue I could see with ditching it is falling off the knee block, which would depend on your other straps. Why not try it out at home or in the dressing room? You could tuck the strap out of the way or fold it up and tape it to itself. It would save you from having to put it back on if you don't like it
  12. Sounds like someone wants to be showered in plastic snakes 😉
  13. No problem! I've been considering doing the same, I tend to destroy the back wheel much faster than the front ones. And those are a classic haha I used to have the player version for road hockey
  14. Two things: 1. That wheel is meant for outdoor use(ie rough surfaces), so if you're using it on a smooth indoor surface it will have no grip. 2. You need two bearings per wheel. One goes on each side of the spacer.
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