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  1. @HP29 You just sent me a whole 18 minute video because I said I was joking. Didn't mean to start anything, sorry if my little comment offended you 😂.
  2. Calm down, I'm joking...just thought it was funny how many confused faces I saw under posts 😂. How am I keeping score? I just make a little comment because I saw that and I thought it was a funny. Don't take everything so seriously.
  3. They are definitely the next vapor pad. They are called HyperLite, but it is blurred out on the boot. I'm assuming it is the Vapor equivalent of UltraSonic.
  4. I'm looking into getting a new mask soon, and I was wondering about the possibility of getting a cheater cage. What are the benefits of one? I know they aren't as popular as certified cages, but why? Are they legal to use under USA Hockey?
  5. 1 or 4. Or if you want to go for a white base I think something like these would be pretty sweet.
  6. https://www.sportingnews.com/us/nhl/news/ilya-sorokin-reportedly-to-sign-with-islanders/x53vodhrqrje1wq7wnhpors76 I've had the pleasure of watching him in person several times in the KHL. This guy is legit.
  7. He played more games than Rinne...
  8. @Mroy31 could you comment on how mobile it is out of the box/after it's broken in?
  9. Does anyone have any experience with a 2S C&A? Thinking about getting one, but I saw a review where someone claimed it gets itchy when you sweat, and that it isn't the most protective. Any reviews would be appreciated.
  10. No clue. I love my roughneck though. Only thing I would change is that the velcro is pretty bad. If your dad is concerned about the safety, tell him that the roughneck allowed me to ditch the dangler. Also, whenever I take a shot to it I have never had any pain at all.
  11. If you like flex in your stick I would go with a EF4.
  12. Picked up a 2S Pro from sidelineswap today. Has an interesting mod, the blade is painted white. Any ideas as to how this model is useful? My guess would be it has something to help the previous owner (NCAA goalie) with tracking the puck.
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