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  1. Peter36

    OPTIK 2

  2. Aren’t those different? Also, I don’t see them on there.
  3. If you guys could PM me pic that would be great. I’m most likely not going to buy them unless size and price are right because I just got other ones though.
  4. Another pad I was looking at is EF4. Do you think I would encounter the same problem I have now with the stock version of those?
  5. One pad that I think I may like is PVE 19, but I noticed it says it had a wider SLR2 knee cradle. Do you think I would have the same issue?
  6. All I know is I never had this issue before. On a somewhat unrelated note, is it possible to have a smaller knee cradle if I got custom?
  7. I am wearing G-Form ones now. I think the problem is the AeroLite. It folds into my knee.
  8. Tbh I think it is possible that soon being fast and athletic will be the only way to play goalie at a high level. What I mean is more of a reactive style, and we will be seeing less blocking style. The game is getting faster and faster, and I think slower goalies that get into a good position but just try to block and hope the puck hits them will not do as well. Soon I think it will be mainly about being fast and agile with good reaction.
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