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  1. Peter36

    Help with Sizing

    I currently wear what bauer says is the equivalent of their old 31+1 pads. I'm looking into moving into 33+1.5 Vaughn pads. However, I heard that bauer pads tend to run smaller than other brands, up to an inch (can anyone confirm this?). I'm about 5'6" and I think getting 33" should give me enough growing room for next season, but I'm not sure. Could anyone help me out? I'm in a place where there aren't any stores or places to get sized.
  2. Peter36

    Vaughn V9

    They are pretty flexible and yes I do. The only part I would want stiffer is the thigh, and the only reason for that being I think it would contribute to better deal and durability. However I'm a little hesitant because it says it adds weight. It's not a huge deal to me so if it adds weight I'm not sure that I need it.
  3. Peter36

    Vaughn V9

    Hello all, I am getting my first ever custom set of pads, and I'm looking to order within these next upcoming weeks. I'm seeking help with what specs I should get based on my play style and preferences. I'm on the shorter side (5'6") but still growing. I play a very athletic style. Right now this is what I'm thinking about going with. I currently wear a size medium intermediate bauer pad, which is listed as 31+1, I'm thinking I should go with a 33+1.5. Stock knee strap, mid knee (I wear the strap behind my knee.) Stock boot strap through skate (I wear the bootstrap going through the back hole) Standard toe bar with skate lace (planning on putting in Pro Laces) Single break (undecided on what stiffness I should choose for the boot/thigh. Not sure what is the best for my style.) I'm also thinking of going with a tapered toe (but what are the benefits?) Thanks in advance. Edit: If there are different specs that you guys think would be good, let me know please.
  4. Peter36

    Vaughn V9

    I don't really like stiff pads. I was trying to decide between just the stock stiffness, soft boot with stock thigh, and soft boot with stiff thigh. I would only want stiff for a possibly better seal and greater durability.
  5. Peter36

    Vaughn V9

    Do you guys think it is worth getting the stiff thigh rise option over the stock, even though it says it will add weight? The only reason I would want it is because the thigh rise on my 2x has broken down so quickly.
  6. I'm not a G4 user, but I would just leave it in. The added protection is worth it, especially if you think it closes fine already.
  7. Peter36

    Vaughn V9

    They only weighed in at 4.3 lbs? I switched from Vaughn to 2x from the reasons mentioned above. The 2X pads feel way lighter. Edit: It says on Pure Goalie that VE8 Pro Carbon weighs 5 lbs and the Senior model weighs 5.25 lbs.
  8. Peter36

    Vaughn V9

    Same here, my only complaints with the VE8 pads were they they were a bit on the heavy side and they didn't have any sort of sliding material. These check both of those boxes.
  9. I'm American so I literally did not care the slightest who won this game, but Russia got screwed at the end. There is no way they wouldn't have score on a possible 6 on 3.
  10. You could wait until the V9 "pro" pads come out, or check out the Pro V Elite senior pads. They are both soft (the pro v elite uses the ve8 core), and they will both offer quickslide. (I'm assuming the v9 seniors will because the pro v elite ones have it.)
  11. Peter36

    Vaughn V9

    I really like the graphic
  12. I tried every single adjustment type and that was the highest I could get it.
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