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  1. @TheGoalNet when you closed your blocker for the first time did this happen? Is there something wrong with mine? FDB703E3-7108-4A08-805E-3A1F8AC36B85.MOV
  2. Peter36

    2S vs 2X Sizing

    Holy crap! 6'3" and only 14?!? Where does he play?
  3. @Puckstopper What other stores have demo programs?
  4. Peter36

    R GT/2

    Can I see your new setup?
  5. Where are you playing juniors?
  6. Why did it say the website was "updating" today?
  7. So when you use the machine if it fits you for supreme is it really a vapor for goalies, or is there a separate setting for goalies.
  8. Does anyone know if the Skate Lab works for goalie skates too? Do the vapor and supreme player skates fit differently vs the goalie ones?
  9. Peter36

    2X Pro

    I find it weird that both the S29 and S27 skates are more expensive than the X2.7 and X2.9, but the 2X Pro Skate costs more than the 2S pro.
  10. Peter36

    2X Pro

    I have felt some discomfort in the S170s (feels kinda tight in the middle). On GoalieMonkey the X2.7 is $199 and S27 is $299
  11. Peter36

    2X Pro

    @TheGoalNet are you going to make a video on the 2x skate?
  12. Peter36

    2X Pro

    I'm outgrowing my S170s and am looking into either 2.7 or S27. I'm thinking of trying vapors. The thing is, I live in Kazakhstan, so equipment takes about 3 weeks to get here. If I try on the vapors and they just don't feel right, can I return them? (Probably would order from GoalieMonkey). Also, I have flatter feet.
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