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  1. Peter36

    Warrior G5

    I hope they change their minds and offer Mrazek as stock 😅
  2. Peter36

    Warrior G5

    Only Quick will be stock on the new stick??
  3. Will the protection of a Vaughn "Pro" (non-carbon) unit be better than intermediate chest protector level protection?
  4. I think I remember reading somewhere that it's a scam.
  5. I'm so excited, I live in Kazakhstan and my family is going on vacation to Prague. We are going to also take the train over to Ostrava and watch Russia play USA.
  6. Peter36

    Vaughn V9

    V9 sighting?? The strapping looks very interesting, only 2 straps. Also, they look thinner than VE8.
  7. Pro+ is the top model, The normal Pro (no +) is essentially an updated CR1.
  8. I don't have an Optik 2 set, just inquiring because I am interested in getting one. If I do, I will definitely message you.
  9. I read somewhere that it will be available as an accessory that can be purchased and installed.
  10. Peter36

    Optik 2

    When will the Professor strap be available to buy?
  11. Peter36

    Warrior G5

    Does anyone have a picture of the mask? 😂
  12. Are you going to update this? Looking into this unit.
  13. I'm not sure because I haven't used many other brands. However I just got the 2X pads and I must say they are lighter and perform a bit better, but the build quality isn't there. Also, the new Vaughn's probably slide better because of the new QuickSlide.
  14. Go with Vaughn. If you can wait, the V9 comes out in January. If not, the SLR 2 is a hard pad, slides well and is built well.
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