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  1. Is the boot angle going to be more that of a true pad?
  2. What pads are you in currently and what size? Just got an email that my True pads just got in way before the estimated date!
  3. Thanks for the response, glad to hear the two are very similar, and I ordered 1” less than that on the thigh rise so hopefully it will be fitting just like I want it.
  4. Response from retailer: “I cannot confirm sizing. That is your call solely and we are not responsible for any issue with sizing once placed”
  5. Ok so I measured my Senior small HyperLite, the knee to top is 11”, I am ordering 32+1.5” L87. However I’m looking to down size in the thigh rise a bit as my pads often hit each other. I’m confused though because I saw this picture on here of a Bauer thigh rise vs 1.5 true. Will a 1.5” true thigh rose be smaller than Bauer?
  6. So would soft foam be more like what is on the Vaughn V9 pads?
  7. Hello all, looking for some help in understanding all the different options. I am a little confused with all the different choice of the "knee zone" 1. What are the differences/benefits to "recessed" vs "soft foam" 2. I am looking just for standard velcro behind the knee like the photo I attached below, what option would that be?
  8. I just got one from Goalies Plus, excited for it! Hopefully the wait times are accurate
  9. This is what I got from the store I asked. "The True L12.2 in that 32+1 size will sit about an inch shorter in the thigh rise and a half-inch shorter at the knee than your Hyperlite Smalls. The True 33 matches up as close as you could find to that Hyperlite 33 so unless you're looking to size down and gain a bit of mobility, I'd go for a True 33+1."
  10. It would be completely stock as I found a pair online that's stock. I don't wear a bootstrap with my hyperlites, so maybe if I wore the bootstrap on L12.2's it would ensure they don't sit too high in the knee?
  11. Of course I'm pretty much in between sizes lol. I'm just worried cause Bauers run small that Bauer's 33" won't be the same size as True's 32" in the knee
  12. If I'm in a senior small bauer pad, would a 32" L12.2 work? My FTK is a bit over 18.5
  13. Peter36

    Vaughn SLR 3

    Does anyone know when we will start seeing SLR3 Pro and pro carbon available for purchase?
  14. Yeah I noticed that, however on the customizer you can actually order 31". Unfortunately looks like they won't offer that as a stock option.
  15. Does anyone know if 31" will be available for stock pads? I'm in a bauer senior small pad, but worried a 32" in True won't work considering how small Bauers run and how large trues run.
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