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  1. I believe goaltending was the deciding factor in the Tampa - Columbus series. Bobrovsky was the main reason for their success.
  2. @TheGoalNet if I am currently in VE8 intermediate, but feel that they are too soft, do you think these would be a good option? I want something stiffer, but not something that barely flexes. I’m on the ice practicing about 5-6 times a week during a season.
  3. Sorry, last thing... @TheGoalNet Can you add a bootstrap/does it come with one?
  4. Also, @TheGoalNet what is the glove most similar to, a 580, 590, or 600?
  5. What is more similar to Bauer's P31, CCM Price or Crawford? (EF4 only comes in these 2) Also, which of those is better for shooting?
  6. What is closer to P31, CCM Price or Crawford. (The EF4 only comes in those two) Also, which one of those is better for shooting?
  7. What is closer to Bauer P31, CCM Price or Crawford... the EF4 doesn't have Luongo... Also, which is better for shooting, Price or Crawford?
  8. Peter36

    2X Pro

    Are these stock color?
  9. How flexible are the pads? Also, do you have any idea what the stock colors will look like? Are the pads/glove similar to vaughn at all?
  10. Also, his pad seems really far off his leg in the second photo (left leg)
  11. Sorry no experience with Brian’s, but just wanted to say it’s cool seeing my city’s goalie on a thread here!
  12. Peter36

    CCM EF4

    Can you do a Youtube review video on it?
  13. Peter36

    What Slides the Best

    Does the Optician's-Slide/QuickSlide still slide really well even when the ice is beat up?
  14. Peter36

    What Slides the Best

    I agree, but also disagree. Sliding is a big part of the game today.
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