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  1. Ok - so what are the 3 then?
  2. Any idea of price point for the Mask?
  3. Maybe, but the boy has used the Extreme steel for years. He’s just used to them. He just doesn’t want to lose the height. That’s what I’m asking about. I can find the steel, that’s not the issue.
  4. Did you go to the 1X or 2X? Are the 2S skates similar in height?
  5. Compare stock 2S Pro’s vs NXG/One.100 skates with Step Steel Extreme. Similar in height?
  6. I’d get step steel for an older pair with vortexx cowling. how would that compare to, say, stock 2S pro’s?
  7. My son needs larger skates. He’s 5’8’, 125lbs and playing elite level hockey. He’s worn Bauer NXG skates with Step Steel Extreme blades since he was under 5’. ive heard that more modern skates rival the Step Steel in night based on the holder design. My son wants all the height he can get. Am I best off looking for a used set of NXGs with SSExtreme blades, or are modern Bauer’s going to give him comparable height? Anyone know? Any help is really appreciated.
  8. I love the set Dennis did for me.
  9. Of Monster ripped you off, file a complaint with the PA attorney general’s office.
  10. TheWall0211

    Tucker Tydan injury

    The update said his artery was not cut but that his quad was completely severed. I don’t think regular hockey socks would have done anything for this injury. The skate cut him above his pads. You’d have to be wearing cut proof long johns - and that would be really really hot over the course of a game/season.
  11. The 20-day reply period for the Laums has passed. Anyone know if they bothered to reply or put up a defense? I still assume they just declare bankruptcy and skate on all of this. I hope I’m wrong.
  12. Any civil action is a waste of time. Jeff will just declare bankruptcy and that’s the end of that. What will stick is a criminal probe. I’m sure I’ll never get my money back, so I want to know that guy spends a little time in the poke for what he did.
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