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  1. I’m super happy with my Factory MAD gear. Dennis did an awesome job.
  2. Not a whole heck of a lot of coronavirus in North Dakota. I think there are a total of 200 actives cases in the entire state.
  3. Tournament play went on as planned with no restrictions this weekend. Full rosters. Benches. Box. Open locker rooms. Full contact during games. The only thing they took away: no handshake line after games (which was weird since we all did usual celebrations after goals scored). We did a stick salute instead. It was awesome to get out there and eat up some live shots again.
  4. I have not been on the ice since February. My first time seeing ice since then: a full on tournament in North Dakota in 2 weeks. North Dakota never shut down so there are no rules or limits as far as I know. That should be interesting.
  5. Fit is important, but it’s only one important thing. I can put a comfy watermelon shell on my head, but that’s not a smart thing to wear when the pucks come in hot and high.
  6. I decided not to take chances since it’s, you know, my head. I chose to go Otny.
  7. I took a leap and upgraded my otny x1 elite to an otny 3xi eco. I got discouraged about the lack of a cateye with warriors new mask - and the fact that it’s just a new mask. Between all that and not being able to see or try on the warrior, I just went with an upgraded version of what I know already. Hope it was a good decision.
  8. Hope you wear those lids with some sweet brown pads.
  9. Anyone know if Jeff and Laura are in jail yet? They still owe me $200.
  10. Where? I’ve looked on a couple websites and I don’t see a cat cage for Warrior anywhere.
  11. I love Canada. Why would I hate it?
  12. Geez. Even the $799 Pro model only comes w straight bars and only in white. I can live w white but I need cat eyes.
  13. Anyone know the difference between an Otny x3i and a sportmask Pro 3i.? They seem to be very similar. thanks in advance
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