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  1. Any civil action is a waste of time. Jeff will just declare bankruptcy and that’s the end of that. What will stick is a criminal probe. I’m sure I’ll never get my money back, so I want to know that guy spends a little time in the poke for what he did.
  2. Jeff took money - a lot of money - and ran away. That’s theft. That’s fraud. How is he not in jail?
  3. I don’t want it chopped up or rotting. I want to see it on the ice doing what it was made for. But, yes, if they buy it and their products sell, more power to them.
  4. I didn’t buy these because they were too big for me, at least right now. I thought it would be silly to stash in a closet for years. I was hoping another goalie would use them. And that doesn’t mean I want to buy a wallet that says HAP. I don’t think that was the intent of HAP. I’m not mad, but I am disappointed that these Team USA pads got shredded. I don’t want Jim Craig's 1980 Olympics pads made into a wallet either.
  5. Minus the stitching, which causes friction.
  6. When I compared pricing, I didn’t think Dennis charged too much. I got 100% custom pads for about 10% more than a nice set of Brian’s pads right off the showroom floor. To me, that’s a good value.
  7. Talked to Dennis a fair bit about sliding. He uses a certain material to help with that. Also, the single sliding surface helps with efficient use of power. When I used his demo pads, I get like I could slide much better than with my Brian’s.
  8. Saw these pads on Sideline Swap. I was going to buy them. Now they’re going to get shredded.
  9. I was really surprised how light the whole set was. I picked up the box the set came in with one hand. It was amazing. I also did a demo test of a Proto set with no rolls. I didn’t even notice they were gone. What I did notice was better rebound control and no funky bounces from shots hitting the rolls on the fly. That was great. I’ll try to post some photos of these in action as soon as I get them on the ice. Also, Dennis was great to work with. He delivered my pads exactly when he said he would.
  10. My new Factory Mad setup arrived from Dennis today. What think you?
  11. I can’t stop watching these videos. Amazing. Some parts of the goalie game have changed a lot. Some not at all.
  12. What a surprise, the product from Monster didn’t hold up. Shocker.
  13. Again, we generally don’t like Warrior gear because we also have struggled with durability, but the double goalie jock seems to be an exception. It has held up well. We recently bought a replacement after 2 solid seasons, but we bought the same jock. Replacement was only because it was time, not because of any issues. The Warrior double goalie jock is a tank and the design makes a lot of sense.
  14. You should add some duct tape to the inside of the foam where the Velcro is cut in or else that area will start to tear.
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