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Bauer Elite 2023 version: Feedback ?

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  • RichMan changed the title to Bauer Elite 2023 version: Feedback ?

So quick update. I had a chance to try one of these on at the local shop and here's my first impressions:

At 6'2, I was better suited for the Large model. I didn't have my pants with me so I won't be able to discuss tuck or untuck for you.

The body and wings/shoulders are fairly solid in build. I wouldn't see an issue in high end beer league in this. The arms though would worry me a bit. The forearm and bicep are reasonably thick to take a shot. You might feel the shot but I doubt you'd get seriously hurt. Where I have my doubts is at the arm floaters on top and at both inside/outside of the  elbows. It's quite thin and a well placed or simply a heavy shot might make for a very uncomfortable if not painful experience. Speaking of elbows themselves, they are a comfortable like sleeve but very poor in protection imo. They could of made them thicker with better thicker foams or at least some plastic. At near 200lbs, falling there would definitely not feel good.

The adjustment straps or velcros for the wings and traps are straight forward as most units today. Despite my finding a proper setup quickly, the unit was not close to my upper torso as wanted. I've wide shoulders and it sat well on top but it felt like it was floating forward. Mind you it's probably because it's not broken in. 

I'm not a tiny guy but the body did not wrap me the same way my 2S does or what you hear about from Vaughn units. It felt like a boxy barrel fit for lack of words or example. Again, maybe cause it's not broken in.

Would I rock this in beer league? With better arms, yes I'd give it a shot. I can't speak for on ice experience though. 


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11 hours ago, UCLALabrat said:

Where is elite in their product stack? Its their senior line but not their senior pro right?

Middle of the pack between the GSX and Hyperlite/Mach/Shadow. Then there’s the Supreme Pro but that’s a different beast. 

I had the same impressions as you @RichMan - seemed decent, but I had the sense I’d need to beef up a few spots. Looked cool but I didn’t feel like it would improve on my GT2, so I’d rather save up a bit longer and get the top end. 

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