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GoaliePro Gear

Jukka Ropponen

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While GoaliePro acts in Finland as Brian's and McKenney distributor, we also have our own product line of goalie gear and sticks. During the past we have been disappointed in the quality coming from China, Korea etc areas and started to look for an alternative source within Europe to add to our line of Canadian made gear. We ended up cooperating with Czech company that makes quality gear and let's us doe the design work + they also turn custom jobs around for us in 3 weeks. We are now entering into 2nd year of cooperation and most of the design are now were wanted them to be. We have developed a lot of new things like our own strapping system et.

We have several resellers in Europe and also first ones in Canada (like Finngoalie at Halifax) selling our gear. Line also includes European made sticks (foamcore, wood and abs). In 2 weeks we will have sessions with manufacturer to make some new designs, new catch glove model etc..

2017-03-26 19.50.04.jpg

Finngolaie butterfly gloves.jpg

2017-02-08 21.13.20.jpg

2017-02-07 14.43.34.jpg

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We have actually more than 1 supplier. On top of that we have our own designs and improvements, which help us to make our gear our own, even we don't own the manufacturing facility.

Yes, we make our gear available to normal users as well. Preferably via resellers, but we have also shipped directly to end-customers to areas where we don't have dealers yet.

Here's a few more pics showing some custom color options for our foamcore sticks (min order 3 pcs), coming accessories and packaging (goalie suspenders etc...) and int sized custom set made for a customer at Canada.

20160504 Custommalligrafiikat.jpg

20170317 Final GP-1 FC design.jpg

2016-09-30 19.39.00-1.jpg

2016-09-30 19.38.28-1.jpg

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