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CCM Extreme Flex 2 760 Leg Pads Review


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Dont really see a lot of review for entry level gear very much so here you go, if you're interested in getting them

Starting with specs, they are 34+1, all stock as you cant customize specs on this price point, single outer break and a single internal break, color scheme is White w/ Black accents, which you can see in the picture. They are fairly heavy, weighing in at 5.7 LBS, but i never felt like they were weighing me down when I played in them. The stock strapping is 2 calf straps, 1 double elastic knee strap, that you can wear across the knee or below it, i choose to wear it below, but that's obviously just personal preference. There is a nylon strap that runs through the knee stack and has 2 spots you can clip it thru, but i didnt like the strap, i felt it was annoying and didnt really do anything so i removed it. The seal is alright, it has some torsional flex above the knees which have resulted in 5 hole goals but it doesnt happen often at all. Could be from the way I broke them in but nonetheless it is a problem with them, not a big issue but its still a little issue. They also have 1 velcro calf strap which i wear super tight, as i wear everything like that in hockey.

Being brutally honest, the sliding sucks on them. Takes a lot of effort to get a good push and i found there is space between the actual peice that hits the ice and the foam that your knee lands on when you go down and it just plays sloppy. 

When I bought them, I was told they were an updated version of the ef2s and they play more like the premiers do in terms of the rebounds. Other than the rebounds, they play just like a typical eflex pad. They have good torsional flex, good boot flex, good feel, and i feel the weight is very balanced in them.

Ik if youve followed my trilogy of bs, youve heard me say i feel theyre too soft, i havent really felt that way in a while. and im not ¨just saying¨ that bc i would be honest if i felt the flexibility was an issue for my style of play.  I was trying out a taller stance and i felt the softness didnt let them sit high enough on my legs, but as i switched back to a lower stance and I really like the flex they have to offer. 

Overall, id give them a 9/10       

Underlined are the cons, didnt want to mix up the tight fit channel as a con                     

Pros- Good feel                      Cons-

Good flex                                 Poor Sliding

Good mobility                         Torsional flex above the knee has resulted in 5 hole goals

Good rebounds                      Discoloration on the internals developed pretty quick

Tight fit leg channel provides optimal control of the pad

So if you are a lower level goalie who likes a softer style pad, with a lot of flex, a tight fit leg channel, all at a very affordable price the ef2 760 leg pads are for you


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