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  1. It sure looks like Bauer is trying to run Sparx out of business with a copy-cat product (and no doubt predatory pricing and/or inventory policies). Let’s hope instead they are offering something uniquely different/better. The guy who invented Sparx is an old teammate who had a great idea and took a lot of risk to create a great product and a growing business. His heart, and that of his colleagues, is really in the right place. It would be awful if they get run off by a corporate monster. I look at all the great independent hockey companies (and innovative people and products) lost over the last decade and it doesn’t look good.
  2. Agree with Chile57. As a last resort you may need to drill it out. Use a slightly smaller bit than the diameter of the bolt. The idea is to avoid damaging the surrounding area but remove enough metal so you can break the remaining pieces free and remove them. Usually the remaining metal starts breaking into little pieces as you work to remove them.
  3. Great post! The photos were really helpful and I think you chose well. In case this helps anyone else, I also wear a size Medium SportMask Pro 3i and found the medium size Bauer NME to be a great fit. If I was forced to go with a Bauer 960 I would have needed a size large too. For now I’m very happy with the Pro 3i, mostly because of the great fit but also the use of strong and vibe-dampening innegra fiber, and great vision. So far, it’s also been very protective for me. Very sorry you got a concussion. I had one long ago from a player impact and it took a while to recover. Definitely take your time coming back. A few weeks lost now while recovering is nothing compared to the complications you can suffer from another hit if you’re not fully healed. It can last months or years.
  4. Nice bucket!!! Mine is (partially) wrapped using Do-it-yourself Game Face Graphics by Mario design.
  5. Rogie

    Baselayer thread

    Bauer Core 2.0 compression pants, which help prevent muscle pulls, and has a built in pouch for an additional cup underneath the goal jock (if preferred) matched with loose fit, long-sleeved, moisture-wicking under armor or Bauer top. This combo stays light and warm even when wet and doesn’t get stinky.
  6. Phoenix Copley’s Kenesky PP1 is now for sale on the King’s game-used equipment page: https://lakingsgameused.com/collections/pheonix-copley-gear/products/pheonix-copley-game-used-kenesky-chest-and-arm-protector It’s got nicely done custom graphics and the listing features some great photos showing details of this unit. It only costs $350 and funds go to a great cause —the King’s Care Foundation.
  7. It seems that way to me too. I have an old Bauer XXL player jersey from early 2000s that fits fine over my chesty but a goalie cut 58 from today barely fits. I think this is a result of player jerseys trying to be more “aero” to assist in faster skating. It could also be poor consistency. I have a 56 Addidas (stock) practice jersey which fits fine over my player gear but an MiC Addidas 56 practice jersey I got from the La Kings is way too tight. shout out to @chenner for hooking me up on some 60Gs for my goalie gear.
  8. I found the T3 and Pro 3i to fit the same. The only mask I could try on in-store was as T3 and from that I was able to figure out that I needed a size Medium even though I thought going in that I would need a large. The Pro 3i Medium fit just like the T3 once I got it. Pro 3i is designed for a "long cage" with a larger face opening top-to-bottom. I feel it provides more air flow and better vision down by my feet but Sportmask has another Pro 3 model with a standard cage length so check that out if that's your preference. I also mentioned in my previous post that the backplate is longer on the T3 so that it can be "certified" but which tipped the helmet down over my eyes when I crouched into a low-ready stance. The Pro 3i has a slightly shorter backplate which eliminated this problem for me. I don't know what the weight of the T3 is, but I just weighed my Pro 3i which has a white painted Pro "Cat Eye" cage and the attached back plate and it all weighs 1270 grams = 2 lbs 8 oz. For sure it's at least as light as the T3 (if not lighter). Weight was a big consideration for me (along with fit and protection) when choosing a mask and when playing, I feel the mask just disappears on my head when I'm wearing it. That's about the biggest compliment I can give a mask in terms of fit/weight. I also prefer the short chin to avoid interference with the shoulder floaters and find the Pro 3i does the trick here too. The chin on the Bauer masks were just too long for me and always seemed to hit my should when I turned my head. Hope this helps! Let me now if you have any more questions. Happy to answer as I know not many people have these masks.
  9. Maybe that’s why he only lasted a few games with the Sharks! He couldn’t seal the ice. Lol.
  10. Great comparison photo. I think you’re right. Pros probably found this design too flexible and they made the change when they went into production. I initially thought it might have been a 12.2 skinned as PX3 too, but that wouldn’t explain the thinned out knee which is the defining characteristic of the model. Even so, while it’s more flexible, it doesn’t seem any more flexible than the 12.2 so maybe that was their baseline. The production PX3 certainly takes thigh board stiffness up a huge notch. I do wonder if and how they’re going to satisfy goalies who want the flex / S-curve from the 12.2 since they’re not making it anymore. Seems like a huge gap for everyone they got into the 12.2. Or, is this how they’re planning to differentiate their line away from eFlex as they go forward? In any case. Man, are these high quality pads. I encourage anyone who has the opportunity to take a look at a set in person to check them out.
  11. So the Sharks had their end of season equipment sale this weekend and I was pleased to pick up a pair of PX3 pads made for Eetu Makiniemi who played just a few games for them this year. I didn’t expect to find these and had recently purchased a new stock set of 12.2s but it’s nice to have both to compare. These have a non-recessed wraparound knee and under-the-heel leather strap, but otherwise standard FRS strapping, soft boot and soft shin just like stock pads. For anyone interested, the weight of each pad is identical. 5.29 lbs The thinness of the Px3 thigh boards is immediately noticeable when you strap them on. It feels weird now to go back to the 12.2s which suddenly seem chunky. Also immediately noticeable is that the thigh boards have an S-shape curve in them. I’d swear there’s a second break where the board starts to thin. You can see wrinkles in the Jen pro there. Thank you Eetu for breaking these in. I had been hesitant to go with PX3s because I have a narrow butterfly and thought the thigh wouldn’t close the five hole. With these, no problem. I’ll be curious to hear if others with these pads find the thigh boards softening up and holding a curve over time. Since these have already been used for a while, this might represent a look into the future on how they break in. Another completely unexpected find was a set of Reimer gloves. But the surprise was that the catch glove was a legit True 580 (game ready) made for him (his name is stitched into the glove). It is almost new. Only a few puck marks on the palm and pocket. it matches his 2X-dressed-as-Mach blocker graphic pretty nicely. Interesting to me that he had tried a True glove. Hard to imagine him leaving Bauer. Maybe they were trying to lure him away—or was he just curious?
  12. Although they make them in numbered sizes, the royal blue “three stripe” Adidas practice jersey was listed as “senior Goal Cut” with no size number. It is not the same version as the “pro” practice jerseys Chenner29 is selling that have the dimpled shoulders.
  13. +1 to that @johncho! Quality and fit of these jerseys is excellent. I picked up several from @Chenner29. If anyone is interested, I put this chart together comparing sizes of a bunch of goal cut jerseys from various places.
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