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Need Hockey Net For My Boys


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With Christmas fast approaching, I want to get my boys a new net and backstop for them to shoot at. They currently have a 'USA Hockey' net and backstop that looks like hell. I assume it was made for ball hockey and me and my kids have beat the thing silly with pucks. All the posts are flattened and the crossbar is concave now. It's terrible.

I've seen ads in the back of USA Hockey Magazine for Acon brand. They have a nice net, backstop and shooter tutor combo for $360. Looks better than the one we have.


I also see Pure Hockey has the EZ Goal set for under $200 (also local, so no shipping fees). I just am concerned with this net holding up to puck abuse.


Anyone have any suggestions? My sons are 12 and 9. They shoot almost daily. It's in the street in front of our house all year (we're the last house on dead end street), so it will see the elements.

I'm leaning to the one at Pure for the convenience factor alone. Plus I could buy 2 of them for what the Acon set would cost me in the end.

My only concern is that the EZ goal folds up. That can be a weak point on the net. We have a pitch back net too that we use for soccer, baseball and lacrosse that's an EZ Goal brand and is great. It too adjusts for rebound angles. No issues with it so far after a year on my lawn.

Just seeing if there's a better combo out there.

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I used to have the EZ goal w/the attached backstop just like in the picture.  Its pretty stout for what it costs, but would definitely recommend storing it in a shed or garage or possibly throwing a tarp over it when not in use.  The stock netting isn't the highest quality so the sun will eat it pretty quick if its exposed constantly.  The only issue I had with it was the shooter tutor coming loose from hard shots.  Some zip ties fixed that though.  For a 9 and 12 year old, I think it will hold up just fine.

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So shopping around online - I found the EZ goal with targets (not the shooter tutor) for $119 at Target with free shipping. Target? Killer easy returns if needed I guess.

I'll buy a separate shooter tutor now. One that is better than the EZ Goal one that breaks.

I'll pick up better rope to attach the netting to the goal rather than the stuff they give you that seems like it dies in the sun.

Thanks for the help.

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