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Anywhere I could find really small sized brians optik or gnetik 4 :)

Jonathon v

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Hey so first off I would like to say sorry I've been posting a lot in the last couple days, but I'm on a roll. Anyways, I am on 2 teams, and one I played on just for the incredible goalie coaching. This goalie is on that team with me, and I have known him my whole life. I still hang out with him sometimes to this day, and hes funny and a well respected goalie. He isn't as in tune with his gear as my nerdy a$$ is, so he was hoping I could help him find new gear. He is also a second year bantam, but there is one problem. He has a growing thing, so hes 15 and about 4 foot 11. I still love him as a friend and he's doesn't care about his height much, but It's really hard to find goalie gear for him lol. I know it would be easy for him to get a pair of intermediate medium quality gear, because hes a 29 + 1 or 2, and that's around int. sizing. But he is looking for pro level gear. Only reason is because hes been using a pair of brains netzeros or something like that since squirts, so they are pretty old. He has told me he knows he isn't the greatest goalie, and especially because of his size, he won't be playing college hockey or high level. He also only goes on the ice about 3-4 times a week. So he wants pro level pads, and glove and blocker because they will last him a long time, and hes been using shitty pads for a long time, and wants to get some pro pads. If he got them they would probably last him 4-6 years or more, because he's not on the ice very often, and he doesn't take the fastest shots. So I totally agree it would be cool for him to get pro pads. Only think is, he is 4 foot 11, wearing 29 inch pads, and the smallest brains optik or gnetik 3 or 4 we could find used was a 32 inch, which I know for a fact would be much too big for him. I know brains can do 30 or 31 + thigh rise sizing if you go custom as the smallest size they will make. Which will probably fit him. But he probably won't be able to spend 1800 on a pair of pads like the optiks, because his dad knows he isn't planning on playing high level (so high quality gear isn't as much a concern to him). I realllllly want to help him get optiks or gnetik 4's, but I don't think he will be able to spend 2600 for a full set. I checked sideline swap for a 30+1 pro level pads, is there anywhere else where they might have that. 

I would greatly appreciate the help, cause I might do something with trying to sell people goalie gear when im older (I love brains so maybe a brains rep) and this could be a good way for me to start by helping him get a set. Also I think he deserves a new set

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