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Cooper Sk2000 Sr M/L with Sportmask SM-90 Cage **SOLD**


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Location: Winnipeg, MB

Price: 325$ CAN Plus Shipping. Will Ship Wherever.

White Cooper SK2000 Size M/ L

Sportmask SM-90 Cage

New Sturdy Beige Bumpers Made on a 3-D printer by Brent Smith

Brand New Die Cut Dual Density Poron 1/2" Foam Kit by Resilient Goalie Foam for a Large fit.

Brand New Camel Ching Sling by Kennesky and Used White Ching Sling by Kennesky.

Original White Stock Bumpers, original cardboard foam supports, extra hardware, velcro & sweat band, neck guard for SM-90, jenpro scraps, chin strap ect.

Tried the helmet in a few scrimmages & just couldn't get used to it after so many years of playing in a mask. Great combo with some superior contemporary upgrades.
Helmet has been washed and has brand new Poron foam and a brand new chin sling that have never been used.IMG-0079.thumb.JPG.fba0a8cb764d71f0f40d2ad7337345d0.JPGIMG-0078.thumb.JPG.f66c451087cfcc9e6bdc10afa3d734fc.JPGIMG-0080.thumb.JPG.1c521d6fc97d03948b9755b6a47f4131.JPGIMG-0084.thumb.JPG.d8184233e86c50b273684e95614c62da.JPGIMG-0082.thumb.JPG.fe1782f70cdd526f0b74bf931d794592.JPGIMG-0081.thumb.JPG.849621d9fcc6feccd33520a16190ab8f.JPGIMG-0085.thumb.JPG.f43f1ec2d7a8115b56844126056f757c.JPGIMG-0086.thumb.JPG.ac9eea649a9aafe3d30e4395c88c0019.JPG

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On 5/1/2019 at 3:38 PM, SaveByRichter35 said:

Not my cup of tea but man is it sweet the way you upgraded a classic.  GLWS!

1 hour ago, MTH said:

Sorry man. I joined the mask brigade. My sportmask mage is pretty nice.

Still hold combos dear to my heart.

I can't really say anything as I'm currently spec'ing out a Protechsport 🤷🏻‍♂️

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