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Stick Comparison: Warrior RV1 Pro+/CCM EF4


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I recently decided to treat myself to custom sticks from both CCM and Warrior.  After spending some time on the ice with each of them over the last few weeks I wanted to offer a few thoughts on each.  My goal is not to say one is better than the other, but I did want to offer a few thoughts on each stick.

Custom Order options:

There are very few differences between the 2 custom order programs, but there are 2 that may be deal breakers for some people.  First, if you prefer a tapered shape to the top of your paddle, you're buying CCM.   It's not an option with Warrior.  Second, if you want the maximum number of color combos and finishes you're probably going to buy Warrior.  With CCM you're going to pick from 4 base colors and up to 11 decal colors (any base color other than white gives you about 5 options).  With Warrior you get 2 different tones of carbon fiber or 13 different paint options for your base.  Then you get those same 13 colors for the main logo and again for a secondary logo.  This allowed my to create my usual combo of black/green and orange to match my teams.  I couldn't come up with team color sticks I liked, so for the CCM's I went with University of Michigan Maize and Blue both because I'm a fan and to annoy people here in Columbus (Hell) Ohio. 

Length, Curve, Lie, etc:

I ordered my Warrior sticks in a 27.5" Bishop pattern, and my CCM sticks in a 26" Crawford pattern.   My thought process was that I wanted to try a slightly shorter paddle.  A couple weeks after ordering I regretted my decision and was worried that I'd be stuck with a pack of sticks I didn't like.  Fortunately, that was a not issue.  As you can see below, a 27" paddle from Warrior is pretty darn close to a 26" CCM paddle.  This is neither good or bad, but definitely something to be aware of.


The CCM stick sits (very) slightly flatter than the Warrior and the Crawford curve starts more towards the heel and is slightly flatter in the toe than the Bishop.  If you look closely you can see the difference in curve below:



I wish I'd thought to weigh all 3 of my Warriors before taping them up like I did my CCMs.  The one Warrior stick I did weigh came in at 667g, while my CCM's came in at 698, 704 and 699 grams respectively, for an average of 700.33g.  Getting them game ready took them to 716g for the Warrior and 741g for the CCM, maintaining the ~35g difference between the 2.   Both sticks are incredibly well balanced and feel nice and light on the ice.   Between the two you can feel that the Warrior is lighter, but unless you're incredibly picky you'll be happy with either one compared to many previous composites. 

On-ice play:

I have used both sticks for 90 minutes of practice ice.  I've also used the R/V1 Pro+ in two games.  I had been quite happy with the performance of my old CR1 stick from Warrior, but the Pro+ outperformed it in every way.  To be honest, when grabbing the Pro+ I didn't notice a huge difference in weight during practices.  Then I warmed up with the CR1 before my first game and realized how much lighter the Pro+ was.  I'm getting a little extra velocity with the Pro+ and not working nearly as hard to get it.

I'm using the Pro+ as my gamer at the moment because I feel more comfortable with the curve and I get a little better performance when I have time to make sure I load the stick properly.  The CCM paddle is definitely softer than the Warrior and active puckhandlers will notice the difference.  The softness of the paddle seems to result in a little extra pop when I'm just flicking the puck to the glass or playing the puck quickly.  I'm eager to see how it plays with a little time to get used to it.  

My plan is to continue using the Warriors with my Thursday team that is a little more organized and structured.  Usually with this team I have an extra moment to set the puck up and make a good clean play with it.  On the other hand, when I play on Sundays things are a little more chaotic and my puckhandling is a little more rushed.  I'm thinking the CCM will do better in this situation.  Time will tell if I'm correct in these early impressions.

Wrap up:

So far I'm happy with both purchases.  I'm relieved that the paddle length is so close, allowing me to alternate back and forth to compare/contrast easily.  The Warrior V1 Pro+ retails at $289 and so far seems like it's going to be almost as light as the Bauer 2S at a lower price point and should have better durability.  At $199 the CCM EF4 is a fantastic value and is the best balanced CCM stick I've seen.   For me, my favorite of the two is going to come down to durability.  I've had great luck with the CR1, and while I don't expect the V1 Pro+ to hold up as well I'd be happy if I got 75% of the durability of the CR1.  Don't get me wrong, I have no reason to expect the V1 Pro+ to fail, but the CR1 was such a tank that I can't imagine how you trim that much weight and maintain the level of durability.  If Warrior has found the secret sauce that allows this stick to weigh in under 675g and have great longevity this stick will be the best value on the market.  If the idea of dropping over $275 for a stick isn't something you can wrap your head around the EF4 is a great option assuming it holds up.  I'd heard some bad things about Premier 1 durability, but I haven't heard the same complaints from customers re: the P2 stick so I'm cautiously optimistic.    Feel free to fire any questions my way and I'll answer as best I'm able.


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Great review @Puckstopper!  Would just like to add -- In regard to selling price & weight another option for goalies looking to replicate CR1 would be to get the R/V1 Pro model (not +).  Pricing and weight are the same.  I agree with your comment that once you use the V1 Pro+ and then try going back to a CR1 the difference is VERY noticeable! 

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40 minutes ago, Kirk3190 said:

Great review @Puckstopper!  Would just like to add -- In regard to selling price & weight another option for goalies looking to replicate CR1 would be to get the R/V1 Pro model (not +).  Pricing and weight are the same.  I agree with your comment that once you use the V1 Pro+ and then try going back to a CR1 the difference is VERY noticeable! 

Absolutely, I second this. 

I have 2 intact CR1s but was in a hockey shop recently and couldn't resist the temptation of the V1 Pro+.  I got to shift back and forth last pick-up game and it was quite a difference in weight and responsiveness. 

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