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Current glove similar to Agatone


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Hey all, 

Actually my Agatone, which I know I was lucky to get (and in only 4 weeks at the time!) is still going pretty strong but I'm toying with maybe getting a new model. 

Does anyone have any suggestions for a glove with a similar break angle and closure? And who could tell me what those should be?

I have no brand preferences really. Have worn everything pretty much. 


Calderon Catch front.JPG

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7 hours ago, daffy said:

Just bringing this topic back up.  Agatone glove was one of my all time favorites.  Any other gloves out there that might have same feel?


Cant speak to an Agatone directly, but Ive been loyal to Vortek gloves my entire career. Warrior gloves with a 90 degree break are my goto now.

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