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  1. Shawn Schroder of Kustom Composites would be able to give an opinion on if it can be saved.
  2. You could try some marine tex gel coat, its a two part epoxy, dries white. Its sandable and I have used that on a couple of smaller mask repairs.
  3. Not necessarily true. There are images of 960s with straps forward and back, as well as with double snaps for the bottom strap attachment.
  4. I told them it would go poorly, and surprisedpikachu.gif it was. I had no business playing in that league.
  5. This gets me the worst My very first ever official league game was in A-League with some people from work who thought we would be fine. I basically said I am a newbie, first league yadda yadda. We got curb stomped and I got quickly booted off the team. Then I was on another team that I randomly found and we played together for a while, won two championships then they were taking a season off after going winless. What they meant was I am not on the team but they kept playing. I got invited back after a season of them going winless again.
  6. Crypto sort of does whatever it feels like most of the time. There is usually a dip around Chinese new year.
  7. I have some eth, been mining chia since May
  8. It looks like it was made in Nov 2014 based on the HECC cert expiry.
  9. I learned it from watching Tristan Jarry. All kidding, I was playing for two teams this summer, one team is in a "draft" league, and I was picked up by the same team ive been playing with for 3 years just about. First two games we had full benches and we won, then people stopped showing up, and we played a lot of games with no subs, or with two guys in their 60s as our subs. I saw a ton of shots but it lead to some bad habits, where I would be completely gassed, and let up one goal, then another quick one right after, because there was no way we were winning those games and the other team wasnt letting up at all despite the games being out of reach by a lot. This started to bleed into my other league which is much more competitive as I just wasnt as focused or reset after a goal as I should have been. I ended up taking about 5 weeks off since August due to my knee feeling a pressure build up and pop like I felt I was shot in the leg. I play the last game for my competitive team tonight and Ill likely be more focused.
  10. So much this, I have had a few games that just snowballed this summer from being in my own head and not fully resetting from a previous goal.
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