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  1. I let Michel pick the mold. I think 961 mold with triangle vents looks good.
  2. Nice, I ordered 1 in November, got an extra bonus and ordered a backup in January.
  3. Lucky! I am still waiting for mine, should be any day now. When did you order?
  4. Good luck, if you have any questions lemme know. I have been brewing for around 14 years.
  5. Neat, have you brewed beer before or first time?
  6. Nice! Is it an all in one unit?
  7. Ended at 185 minutes... Which is still a personal best by about 120 minutes.
  8. @BadAngle41 how are the pants working for you? I was looking at redoing my base layer, which currently consists of Coreshorts, a pair of cheapo ace knee sleeves and then knit hockey socks. I am thinking core shorts, then compression pants, then a knee sleeve over top. Think these would hold up well for this application?
  9. Nothing like landing on a block of melted Velveeta cheese.
  10. I would look at replacing the cracked foam as well, since you already have the block out. Glue likely wouldn't hold for very long and eventually those are going to break completely through.
  11. The Lions Head Deluxe Pilsner shut out streak is now at 180 minutes! Also pictured: Chocolate Cherry Mead Not pictured: Rum+Fresca
  12. Did you apply clear coat as well? Let us know how durable the paint ends up being.
  13. Yes. They are replacable. about 50 bucks
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