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  1. https://www.goalieparts.com https://www.wallmask.fi/
  2. monkeysports.eu is one retailer. Shipping might be a pain, but Otny/Sportmask will help get you into the right mask and their prices are within your budget, but not in Europe, so it may take a little longer to receive, but it will be a great quality mask for you. the X1 or X1 Elite are 399.99 USD to 499.99 USD
  3. MangoRhinehart

    Chin slings

    Ecopro is the way to go for a sling, if you are allowed to use one. Stands up very well to beards too.
  4. Anecdotal evidence is the best we have to go on. User A reports no issues with an NME3. User B has 2 concussions in NME3. But whats the fit like? Were the shots similiar grade? What is the thickness of skull and surrounding brain fluid? How old is the padding? Comparing materials, the fiberglass\carbon\kevlar materials are seemingly less likely to experience a catastrophic failure than say a polycarbonate or ABS mask. Reidic and Wall W4 have had masks used in the NHL.
  5. WallUSA is also kicking around as Victory Masks.
  6. amazon alexa enabled pads. Alexa, make this save for me.
  7. @aircanuck Thanks that helps. I think I have pretty average feet. I am not looking to shave every gram, but definitely want to switch to cowlingless. Currently in a set of Ribcor 50ks, so I could save a lot of weight, and now some pain. I bought a pair of very used 1x Vapors, but that was a rough experience for me. True seems to be the go to for comfort and I was looking at just picking up the stock setup and baking them, though their durability seems to be an issue. I do tend to push off the toe when down so the Jetspeeds may have some promise for me. I guess I am off to the local hockey shop to try stuff on, once I sell a mask.
  8. @aircanuck I am curious about your impressions between the ccm ft480s and true 2piece. was looking at some Trues in the near future.
  9. Just received my new lids! Theodore Full Kevlar.
  10. Gorgeous setup! We will need detailed pictures and a review!
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