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  1. Any of the standard spec units would work for you. Brown does every unit custom now, so they can build it exactly how you want it. Probably the 2200 or 2000 would be best.
  2. Generally speaking I dont think you need to wipe down your pads with lysol after every game. Maybe spray with diluted alcohol or vinegar afterwards. The virus has a life span of a few hours to few days living on surfaces, so id just say wash your hands well after handling. Im in PA too, and wayyy too many people just seem to have given up with dealing with the virus.
  3. Richman, I tried a few cages out. CCM looks like itll fit. Protechsport cateye for a theodore mold also works.
  4. Hi Rich, I have a Reidic and a CCM standard cage, I can see if the fit is good for you.
  5. PAW knee pads are very slim and protective. I have a set of first generation ones from 2006 that were still going strong, I only swapped them out to get the gel version Sara offers now. They stay put with just a lace in tab, unlike some other brands I tried.
  6. https://sidelineswap.com/gear/hockey/goalie/goalie-gloves-blockers/1906235-orange-and-green-used-regular-pro-stock-used-1-2-season
  7. One rink opens back up in August. The private rinks are having pickups tonight, with two of my teams starting back up the week of 6/15. I am going to skip a few of those games since I have asthma, and had my baby girl spend 50days in the NICU earlier this year.
  8. This is a good instructional. I have taken apart and rebuilt pads, but never a catcher so good information for me.
  9. If you can, open a case with the site before it releases funds.
  10. This can be done yourself if you have the cage and foam on hand. If not contact Ray at New Image and he can take care of you.
  11. Its Halfoween. So I busted out an isolation movie marathon, some pumpking and weyerbacher imperial pumpkin. Movies, with themes of isolation : Beetlejuice The Thing The Shining
  12. The wait times are long and only getting longer. My wait was around 9 months total. As far as was it worth the wait, I will say yes as I have had a hard time finding a mask that fits me properly. I put my Protechsport on, and it had no wobble and felt glued to my head. In terms of protection, I took a slapshot to the head from a former college player first time out from the top of the circle no ringing whatsoever.
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