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  1. A full set of Smith Gear back in 2007 was $1,315. $875 pads $255 glove $185 blocker Vortek VK7 bundle was $1,190.00 in 2007 Passau full stock kit 2020 - $1,112.53 Passau full custom 2020 - $1800 List prices for Vaughn V2 in 2007 Pads: $1400 Blocker: $290 Glove: $430 Vaughn VE8 in 2020 Pads: $1675 Blocker: $365 Glove: $520 Generally looks like a 12% - 20% increase over the years.
  2. Ray at new image goalie masks does excellent work.
  3. I had SP5000s back in the day. G3s feel real close to them, as do the GT line. The G4 is a bit stiffer but still close
  4. Only one thing to do: throw more money at the problem
  5. Just got my masks back from JF Aumais. Turn around was super fast once customs cleared them.
  6. Never had a goalie fight. Only once did I really want to fight either. Opposing goalie did a full wind up baseball style, but decided to check his swing and lightly tap my teammate instead of swinging for the fences. I almost started a post game brawl though. We won 4-1 or something and I went to the wrong set of locker room doors while their goalie was chirping me, about not being able to stand up, I am 6'3" and he was maybe 5'7" so I just stood there, looming over him not a care in the world, everyone is waiting for a punch to be thrown, while I was waiting to get into the locker room and thinking post game tacos.
  7. Merry Christmas to everyone! May your holidays be cheerful and your GAA zero
  8. I do not have any experience with them aside from a CCM vector chest from way back in the day.
  9. I have had it for about 16 months. Pros: super protective, mobile once broken in, custom made to your measurements. Cons: heavy, can run hot, very stiff at first. Ive was previously in a Battram unit that was 10 years old. The brown is on par with the battram with mobility. i have also tried Simmons, Passau Gen1 and Gen2.
  10. I have a 2400 russian spec. stiff at first but once it breaks in, its pretty mobile.
  11. Contact brownhockey.com They switched to a direct to consumer model. Pretty quick turnaround time and they ship worldwide.
  12. Out of curiousity, why can you only buy via goaliemonkey?
  13. I did, but I got a 2 minute penalty.
  14. They'd fit me, I live in Pittsburgh, and my dog would get along with his dogs at the meet and greet.... Alas I don't have 5k laying around.
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