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  1. I wish they wouldnt but banking and medical industries still love the damn things. In fairness troubleshooting them lets me listen to modem noises.
  2. I think its more of a murphys law situation, bonus points if the sound gets stuck in a loop too.
  3. Some pictures from Dennis' build for folks not on the facespace.
  4. According to Dennis who runs goalieparts.com and is in the process of getting his mask made right now. 18 layers of 10oz woven fiberglass mat
  5. Same for me. Lucky for you I have no luck!
  6. Yes quite back on track... When I play the puck I imagine it is a live grenade covered in an eggshell, full of angry bees. Is this the correct approach? I have some price curves, which would be a wedge in warrior. The wedge has actually enabled me to sometimes clear the puck competently, when I am not shooting it directly to at my D legs/chest. I checked out a Ritual V1 yesterday, since I still live in the dark ages of stick technology most of the time. The twist was a bit wicked, but I may want to try it out, looks like it would make clearing real easy even for someone like me.
  7. I joined gsbb in 2006 under a different name...but I was a full on lurker with 64 total posts.
  8. So a different curve wont help me with shooting the puck directly into my defenseman, or directly to the opposing team? I feel like the kid at the store lied to me...
  9. Black foam is eva foam, closed cell so it wont absorb sweat. Apparently people think highly of it, even over the more exotic maltese foams. Once you go black foam, you wont go back.
  10. MangoRhinehart


    You are a bold one.
  11. Here is the start and finish. I may wrap around the edges but went with a matte black instead. Only thing left to do is pull out the foam and bake it for 20 minutes at 140. The cage fits lengthwise but the sides werent working so I went with the top and bottom screws. May have been a difference in molds since mine is a 99 with circles for vents and they had a triangle.
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