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  1. Thanks! I live near one of their bars, they had a Pumpking Fest. Otherwise all their IPAs are good. It ended badly when we got the 18% Rum barrel aged Pumpking. Thank god for uber.
  2. Thanks!! We finished the season with the least goals for and 2nd best goals allowed. 37 GF / 32 GA. Record was 6-3-1.
  3. Love Oskar blues, Ten Fidy and old Chub are my faves.
  4. Just wrapped up my regular season by handing the first overall team their first loss of the season. We had no subs vs a full bench too. Thus I bust out Warlock a 8.6% imperial pumpkin stout
  5. Heya folks. Need help iding a mask. Any ideas?
  6. MangoRhinehart

    GSBB - Dead?

    https://legendsgoalies.com/austin-legends-camp/ I think they rebranded to LegendsGoalies
  7. If you still have the bauer, take the chin cup out, or order a replacement bauer cup as it may be a design issue. You can also try a chincup cover from under armor.
  8. Buying tip: Always use paypal goods and services for your protection. It costs 3% but is worth it. If someone asks to go friends and family or alternate payment method, you do not have as much recourse in case of a scam.
  9. Just received this 1994 Protechsport.
  10. This. The pads have the same feel as his Smith line, which is why I bought a set. The warrior gloves are an improvement over Smith gloves.
  11. I have both a G3 and a G4. I like going with a 90 break palm on them but based on trying it on in the store.... the GT also feels really good to me and pretty similiar to my gloves. Warrior gloves are close enough to a Vortek for me to use them, as I cant stand anything else.
  12. A blue camping mat works, you can pick one up at wal-mart or if you can find HDPE 80 that would be best.
  13. I spruced up my man corner. My first ever helmet (Mylec) Only custom set. Vortek VK7 and my Armadilla
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