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Brian's Gnetik Pant sizing


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Am looking for some info from the members here about the sizing on the Brian's Gnetik/Gnetik 2 pants. Am going to be placing an order for custom pair to go with my Halak set and  am trying to find some info on the sizing. 

Right now am wearing a pair of 6 year old Brown 2400 pants and Brown pants sizing is a little odd then most brands. My pants are size 56 which in his sizing is your waist size plus 10". He put extra in because I tuck my chest protector in. Am trying to find out if a 2xl would work with Brian's or do I have to pay the extra for 3xl ?

Now are Brian's pants more of Euro fit or more normal fit pants ? I know Vaughn pants are done more a Euro fit and CCM a more normal style.  As  much as love Brown goal pants, I have been toying with the idea to go back to Brian's goal pants again after seeing the original Gnetik pants 5 years ago. I would love to pick up pair of the Halak returns that are online but am 2 to 3 hours from any place that stocks goalie equipment, let alot Brian's. If you can help me that would be great, thanks

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