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WGD Glove and Blocker


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Here we are with my review of my WGD X-Lite glove and R12 blocker. I'm coming off of a R8 blocker and OG X-Lite glove.

Build up: About 2 months ago I decided to come off a 3 year hiatus and start playing goal again. Opened up my bag and realized my gloves were shot. With no TPS to fall back on I went to the local Hockey Monkey to try some on. This is where I  got nervous; i hated everything they had. Nothing closes like a TPS and that was what my hand was made for. I started searching around for what others did when they made the switch and stumbled apon Dave Wilcox. As most of you know Dave was the designer for TPS for a number of year ranging from what I can tell the Bionic series to the R12s. He was also sometimes making gloves.

Ordering process: An email was sent right away to check availability. Replies were quick and it seemed like I was finally going to get the set I had always wanted. All details finalized then radio silence. During these two weeks I stumbled into this forum and learned that this wasn't an unusual occurrence for Dave. Once he read what people were saying about hm he came back to me and the ball was going. A 3 week turnaround was quoted with a very reasonable price ($531USD shipped). One week delay due to a supplier sending a regular palm for the blocker.

Design: Went with the black on black pinstripe based off of Lundqvist stadium series pads a year back. Instruction were if you could make it black, do so. 



Glove: I my opinion the X-lite was ahead of its time. I believe it was one of two one piece gloves on the market (CCM blockade) and was overshadowed by its competing line; the Xceed. This is a catching glove. There is a natural curve in the fingers that prevents pop outs with a meaty T pocket to absorb the shot. 



Interior of the glove was exactly like the old one. Two tension straps across the hand and one on the wrist. One thumb and one pinky loop. Took a day to adjust.


As someone that spent maybe 1,000 hours with the original the only thing that seems off is this slight triangle. Its suppose to be cut out. Positive it doesn't effect anything but maybe made the x shaped T stand out.IMG_0603.thumb.JPG.85bb035aa233e9cccbf17587ba6516e6.JPG

Blocker: The only thing I really ask out of a blocker is to be bindingless. I haven't notice it getting in my way and its rock solid.IMG_0604.thumb.JPG.debd4e8cdf6bd376766c0f9aa6d184de.JPGIMG_0605.thumb.JPG.ac3ecbc5729206b196f2f4b09adc97f2.JPG


Conclusion: If you've been dreaming of feeling a TPS glove again, please contact him. If your just wanting to try something new I wouldn't waist my time. I have been contacted by another goalie on instagram saying he can't get ahold of Dave. But I will be making the same desperate plea when this glove dies.



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On 6/26/2017 at 11:26 PM, mik said:

It is amazing, what can be done with all black design. It look realy good DonPost. Have matching pads?

Not yet. Paying for my upcoming wedding so it might be a while too. I'm thinking Factory Mads.

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