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Helmet protection


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There are dozens of threads about this, but I'll sum up the general consensus for you:  No 2 heads are exactly alike.  Something custom molded will fit better than something custom foamed but will be more expensive.  Off the shelf will probably be the worst fit, but who knows you may get lucky.  Off the shelf can be the most cost effective way to go, but not necessarily.  If you're looking at off the shelf masks you're better off to buy less expensive mask that fits well than a top of the line mask that doesn't fit you well.  Playing AAA means you'll need something with HECC approval, which narrows your options somewhat.  The best thing you can do is start at your local store for a fitting and research custom mask makers who make certified masks.

edit: It may seem like I'm being vague, but if you spend a couple hours bouncing around here you'll be able to find your answers and learn quite a bit in the process.

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