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Vaughn V6 2000 glove info


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Can anyone help with info on a V6 2000 glove?

I've watched the videos and things to be found online. But I just don't have enough experience with equipment to figure out if I will like the break or not.

Different manufacturers seem to be all over the map about how to define "break angle", and I don't really have access to local shops with a wide selection to try.

It makes it near impossible to buy used stuff online (and my budget doesn't allow for much else).

I believe what I prefer is a "baseball style" closure (since I played a ton of baseball as a kid and didn't pickup goal until I was 30).

I'm currently using a TPS XLite which I love. Will the V6 be anything like that?

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No idea how it compared to the TPS but here's my input.

The Vaughn 2000 will close like a CCM 600 break. This is like hitting your index finger to your thumb. This is also called a 75 degree. 

This will close extremely similar to a fielders glove. In. contrast, a 60 degree glove break will be sort of like what a 1st baseman's mitt is. 

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