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  1. Aquilzz

    Buy custom or buy used

    For what it's worth, Vaughn will make you a new set of V4s. Big up-charge though. Maybe it's just me, but I would go custom. That way you know you're not compromising anything. But hockey is my biggest hobby so everything working the way I want is important to me.
  2. The Brian's palms definitely stretch out with use. It's actually not a great palm, truth be told. Wish they just continued using the older ones in a better form factor. Believe it's still on Heritage.
  3. Aquilzz

    Vaughn V9

    If you're comparing it to a 2x with the curv breaking down, you should definitely get the stiffer thigh. But why just not get SLR2?
  4. No idea how it compared to the TPS but here's my input. The Vaughn 2000 will close like a CCM 600 break. This is like hitting your index finger to your thumb. This is also called a 75 degree. This will close extremely similar to a fielders glove. In. contrast, a 60 degree glove break will be sort of like what a 1st baseman's mitt is.
  5. You'll realistically adjust to any pad. In my experience, as long as the pad fits properly, they'll be easy to move in.
  6. Aquilzz

    Vaughn V9

    V9 core went on Weightwatchers or something. Looks super exciting. Kind of a shame there's only one calf strap (at least to me). I feel like when you go without a bootstrap, you need a lower calf strap to keep the boot pushed up on your skate. Like how the SLR2 is. Even a bunch of the Eflex QMSS users that don't use a boot strap do this (Markstrom, Rinne off the top of my head).
  7. That's very most likely going to be way too big on you. I'm 6'0 in a 33+1.5" base pad on a Brian's. I find there to be more of an advantage in getting a smaller pad rather than a bigger one. The S curve will also interfere more by design while moving around. Legs are different sizes on everyone. It's definitely best to find a cloth measuring tape (or get one from the dollar store) and measure your ATK and compare it to the size guide on the Brian's website. If you're growing, go a half size to one size bigger (i.e. you can order a 33.5+1 in Brian's).
  8. Aquilzz

    Optik 2 vs Gnetik IV

    Rebounds off a GenIV won't be as hard as an Optik, but are definitely not as soft as Eflex. I personally think a softer "more movable" pad works better with softer rebounds. They are much easier to control.
  9. Yeah even with the Spec'd up foams, you're going to feel a shot once in a while. Never gotten anything that bad (knock on wood). But it's just in the arms. It's pretty bombproof in the sternum where the vital organs are. A bruise won't kill you and personally I'd rather have the mobility of a Vaughn unit.
  10. Have the same THS spec one. Love it, but I'm biased because I've pretty much always used a Velocity c/a. The upgrade is that is has thicker foams/extra carbon in the arms and sternum area. Can definitely tell I'm getting less stingers especially in the arms when compared to my regular retail V7 carbon. It will happen once in a while but stingers are part of being a goalie.
  11. These gotta be one of the new Lefebvre pads
  12. “And another Vaughn bites the dust” ...as Queen would say
  13. Aquilzz

    Vaughn PVE 2

    Best set of pads I've ever used. You'll love em.
  14. Oh that's exciting. The small leaks on the models this year have been killing me. Felt like we knew way more about upcoming gear at this point last year.
  15. Not certain about all the changes, but just judging from the leaked pics: -New one piece knee block (kind of like how the old Vaughns were) - New strapping system (or maybe options between CRS and TuneFit in custom?) - Different core/stiffness options Another assumption is that the blocker board will be thinner and the glove will close much easier.
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