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  1. They’re both solid masks with some different technologies. They’re both top end and high quality so the best mask is the one that fits your head better. You could always go for an Otny cage instead of the standard Bauer ones. The bars are thicker. Hinders vision a little bit bit less cages will be dented.
  2. Blades can be contoured in a way to give a forward pitch as well.
  3. Your best bet is that switch the holder to a Bauer Vertexx or CCM XSG. Both are 3mm and both have the option of getting “fat” blades that widen out to 4mm. the XSG may be more up your alley as CCM now owns Step Steel, but if you go the Bauer Vertexx route, Tydan blades are fantastic. side note: I’m pretty sure the True holders are 3mm anyways?
  4. Shame that there’s no lower calf strap elastic option anymore. No idea why...it’s still offered on Axis.
  5. Get the Ventus blocker. I'm a huge fan of any Vaughn blocker, but the Velocity line has recently had a pretty weak sidewall. It's almost like it tapers in by design...(maybe to close in on the arm better but I'm just theorizing, knowing Vaughn it's just a stupid design). The stiffer Ventus sidewall will offer you more blocking surface, especially for a beginner were a habit may be to tilt the blocker out at times. However, I do like the overall shape of the Velocity blocker better when considering the rest. Can't go wrong with either.
  6. I have absolutely had this bottle explode on me while playing. The real "F U" after a goal is scored.
  7. Thanks! It's difficult playing on a Devils, Leafs and Whalers themed team at the same time and not looking ridiculous in one of the combinations. I just base it off the jerseys from my last year of "real" hockey and keeping it white based. Pads I went with Pro Logos and soft boot Blocker has pro logos has the extended carbon (this should be a standard option on any custom order in my opinion) Glove I went with pro logos, skate lace (this costs extra from Vaughn for some ridiculous reason) and the internal finger grip rail that is standard on the two piece
  8. Aquilzz

    CCM Eflex 5

    Oof. I don't even think the graphic is that bad...a little boring but seems okay. But that knee roll design looks like an out-of-season April Fool’s joke. Looks like the old Kohos except worse and even those should’ve stayed in the past. Knee rolls on eflex are pure fluff so I can’t even see this as a performance benefit. Maybe it’s a conspiracy to sell more Axis sets? It’s the only conclusion I can come up with ;)
  9. Yep, it's the professor strap option on Optik2. On Gen IV, it would be something else.
  10. +1. Have been doing this for years on Velo C/As.
  11. For what it's worth, Vaughn will make you a new set of V4s. Big up-charge though. Maybe it's just me, but I would go custom. That way you know you're not compromising anything. But hockey is my biggest hobby so everything working the way I want is important to me.
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