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  1. was gonna buy one of these on icewarehouse since that was the only place i could find it with full right but had to cancel since sherwood isn't selling these at all in full right. pretty disappointed with that.
  2. Schneider appears to have switched over to the Bauer supersonic glove and pads IMG_0694.MP4
  3. and then theres me with the high thumb angle almost no one likes except me in the lt98.... i can't get used to anything else now.
  4. i’m not sure how much more padding it has, you can’t really tell from the outside as i’ve tried regular pro carbon and the THS pro carbon but didn’t try both for long enough to tell the difference, i think it could be higher quality materials in those areas. personally i would go for the THS, better safe than sorry, and i’ve had it for about a month and there’s been little to no signs of wear (as far as i’m aware) and again, i only feel the really hard shots in the upper arm for just a second and it happens rarely.
  5. i got the pro carbon THS spec, the THS spec has a little more padding in the sternum and arms than the regular pro carbon, but it's not too much of a difference. it's very mobile out of the box so it doesn't take much time to break in compared to other chesties, other than the stingers in the upper arm once and a while its very protective and very mobile. arm padding has been an issue with vaughn for a while now but for the most part i have had no issues with that.
  6. Gilles Senn’s new mask 🔥🔥
  7. picked up this gem a couple days ago at a used gear store for $100 because why not. never thought i’d see one of these beauties again
  8. That’d be so sick if you got it done. can’t wait till it happens
  9. Those are some sick looking skates, nice pickup
  10. couple of jerseys i got over the past week. red one i got myself and the blue one is a vintage 90s jersey my dad got for me off of ebay
  11. idk the two other games so i’d be on board for the twd mask.
  12. I still need to play through the 2nd season... way better than the actual show lol.
  13. a game new to me, just started playing a week and a half ago, very addicting
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