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  1. Markstrom’s set for the reverse retros
  2. I couldn't even play a single game until this weekend. aren't you on like 2 teams though? lol
  3. most good pics were taken in the black jersey 😔
  4. some ccm foam core i believe nah their mlb team. i actually like the purple though but the colors for the hockey team were great.
  5. better look at the new orange padwrap. also when i said i’d add more stickers to my mask, i wasn’t lying
  6. that’s a fair point. i could’ve reworded it better by saying things won’t go back to normal and ad free right away, like i said it probably won’t be for a while. Also the mask could be for the orange third jerseys they wore, correct me on that if they aren’t wearing those ones, i just haven’t heard anything on that. he has a contrasting black mask that i like better anyways
  7. I honestly don’t see the ads being a thing after fans are allowed to refill the arenas, but it may not be for a bit. anyways, here’s Stolarz’ second mask for the Ducks
  8. not a photo but, i think i’m breaking in these new pads well. still have yet to play a game though 😔 FullSizeRender.mov
  9. ahaha people will claim a lot of things are cultural appropriation these days... like Holtby’s mask.
  10. WTAF is the blue on this mask? not sure if it was his choice or the artists choice. either way it doesn’t match with the preds navy AT ALL. rest of the mask is alright but this just pisses me off. it just doesn’t look good
  11. Yeah i think things have gotten a bit busier for them compared to when i ordered so it may take longer, but hopefully it isn’t too bad! as long as you know what specs you want they nailed it with mine
  12. Yeah due to covid the waits are gonna be longer especially now. i believe mine took around 16 weeks. edit: correction, it took around 11 weeks
  13. Used to only use the wheeled bags, but have had to adapt to using carry bags for travel since they won’t allow my sumo one on the plane. I own the true ‘17 model. it works well enough, the carry straps are wearing out but they still work fine, although the bag was pretty worn as it is when i got it from the store. and they’re not too much money so if anything happens i’ll just grab another one. i had a teal one before and had no issues with it, had to change b/c of my team colors
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