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  1. I wear those bauer elite knee sleeves under my paw knee pads but they don’t make them anymore, would you say the mcdavids are relatively comfortable, and did you have to go a size up? weird question I know but I ended up having to do that for the bauers because the smalls squeeze my legs
  2. Yeah I’ve listened to a few of their songs, but can’t get into them for the life of me Megadeth on the other hand is pretty good.
  3. Let me guess, you like metallica? 😂 I don’t hate thrash but I find that every vocalist sounds pretty similar.
  4. Meshuggah is pretty damn good. I need to listen to more of their music, so far my favorite of theirs is Future Breed Machine, those riffs man. Heard their newer stuff isn’t as good, though.
  5. Im into some death metal, but I'm more of a deathcore, metalcore hardcore, and nu metal fan
  6. Finally, a decent picture of Bernier’s setup. I really dig it. Not too boring and not too busy
  7. Logan Thompson’s new set. Love the watermarking in the black colorways
  8. I'd probably still be wearing toe hooks if they didn't break half the time. But this post gave me something to consider
  9. Yeah so… not good by Gibby’s artist. Didn’t even ask to use the design. Very disappointing
  10. That is Mrazek, but Campbell is cool too 😂
  11. FINALLY! A TML goalie that doesn’t have a boring as hell copout white setup!
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