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  1. i think @seagoal used to wear one of those gloves. he’ll have some input.
  2. big mac still in a SLR chesty
  3. pretty sure they knew it was used with my SLR. it was also thoroughly cleaned. i’m not sure how i got my money back with that though. you ask them lol.
  4. i’ve used it like twice so it’s barely used.. i’m returning the all black one. i bought an slr from goaliesplus and used it twice then dad returned it and got all my money back. i’m actually surprised they can do that lol
  5. southpawtendy48

    Vaughn V9

    they’re lighter than my pro v elites, but i don’t really notice the weight between the two when playing.. also got my pads from goaliesplus so it included the quickslide and it’s amazing.
  6. southpawtendy48

    Vaughn V9

    Senn and Blackwood switched to vaughn, but both wear ccm gloves.
  7. southpawtendy48

    Vaughn V9

    i understand the disappointment with the pads, but i actually love the strapping and the quickslide is an added bonus. it is pro though and there’s been some slight wear but nothing too bad. i’m really excited about the v9 pads though and the chesty... just as i get v8 pads and a v8 chesty..
  8. Eamon McAdam’s setup for the devils as well as his mask 🔥🔥
  9. southpawtendy48

    Vaughn V9

    honestly, i wouldn’t get ccm even if my life depended on it. except for their skates of course, which i own, and their sticks are pretty good
  10. not NHL but Mundinger’s setup for Maine is amazing, from the mask to the stick to the pads and gloves..
  11. for sure. i tried a pro carbon SLR and i couldn’t get used to it. i liked the chesty but just not for my playing style. i had someone at monkeysports tell me i should try and go for the slr. personally i think you should go with what has good protection but also is what you prefer.
  12. yeah i played pickup in it but took a bad angle shot in the upper arm and it stung a bit. gonna play with it again tomorrow. stingers do happen i guess. i’ve gotten worse stingers with my optik lol
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