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  1. Seems to be the norm for goalies to have decent style then go to mr. trademark super-fx. Wtf is this
  2. wow, well I wish you the best. props to you for still playing with that.
  3. Gilles Senn in his new PVE2s at dev camp
  4. Ducks prospect Garrett Metcalf’s new Vaughn setup. Absolutely love the vintage logo on there
  5. holy shit, that's gotta be painful. are you still in recovery from it?
  6. Mat Robson’s setup for the Wild #Creasekid
  7. Here’s the article on his decision of retiring: http://bit.ly/LuongoLetterToFans It’s so sad hearing after he told his kids he’s retiring they cried cause of how much they loved to see him play, and of course he made the right decision by listening to his body, but still.
  8. wow. you’re so funny trav 🤡🤡
  9. I’d probably look into upgrading your neckguard, preferably to paw or eco, I wear an eco and it’s excellent, haven’t worn a paw but have heard nothing but good things about their neckguard. I’ve been out of a dangler for almost a year now and I’ve never looked back for your issues states above. Unless you have a ridiculously short chin on your mask you should be okay with a higher level neckguard. Some shots do sting but I guarantee without it I’d probably be seriously injured
  10. I’m my experience I haven’t used a warrior glove with a removable liner but I wear a senior glove with an intermediate palm and the closure is fine.
  11. these just came in along with 2 extra pairs.. dad insisted i can never be too careful 😂 customer service is second to none, can’t wait to try these out!
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