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    Vaughn VE8
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    Vaughn Ventus LT98
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    Vaughn Ventus LT98
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    Vaughn VE8 Pro Carbon THS Spec w/ Optik2 arms
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    Vaughn Ventus SLR2 Pro Carbon
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    Custom Warwick
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    CCM Eflex 4
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    CCM Jetspeed FT480
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    Passau Pro
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    Aegis Interceptor Pro-G

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  1. i'd recommend vaughn for a softer pad. the slrs and slr2s aren't that stiff of a pad if you prefer a flat face.
  2. Haven’t gotten the chance to try it yet. Eventually I’ll go full custom and asked for beefed up arms on either a brian’s or vaughn but for now it’s for experimentation
  3. valid question. i like the body on the ve8 just fine and as far as i'm aware there's no optik2 in stock that's xs. i'll probably get a custom optik2 eventually.
  4. Frankenchesty alert!! As you maybe might’ve expected, I was pretty disappointed with the arm protection on my v8 pro carbon, so I had an idea to pick up an optik2 chesty as they had velcro adjustable arms and also noticed added protection on the arms compared to the optik, so I took off the arms in the optik2 and sent it out to a local guy to get velcro attached to the v8, was $20 total plus buying the optik2 chest ofc. It isn’t absolutely perfect but he got the job done and I’m very happy with it!
  5. I heard the PP41 is similar to the Quick curve, I also tried the Quick curve on a warrior stick but saw no improvement in me elevating the puck along with the PP41. Been using the Crawford curve on an eflex 4 and can elevate the puck a lot better and easier now
  6. southpawtendy48

    Vaughn V9

    single break pad, stock stiffness on the top and soft stiffness at the boot
  7. The passau pro knee guards are pretty comfortable, although i'm biased since i own them myself lol
  8. wow lol can't believe i just saw this. i think i played against him in a tournament. what a name
  9. southpawtendy48

    Vaughn V9

    If it helps I ordered custom ones that should be here in december, I'll probably do a review of it
  10. I’ve had an orange, light blue, teal, and currently white cage, gonna change soon depending on what team i end up on. didn’t affect my tracking at all. i’d personally not go with black just for personal preference.
  11. thanks, i dug through and saw the preorder but asked anyway to see if any other websites have em, guess not
  12. where am i able to order these? can't seem to find them anywhere except on ccm's website..
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