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  1. southpawtendy48

    Vaughn PVE 2

    I mean, I don’t NEED new pads, but...
  2. This is literal crap put onto a mask
  3. idk how this wasn’t posted yet, but Hutton’s main mask, just as good as his anniversary mask if not better
  4. Hutton’s new anniversary mask 😍😍
  5. Jones’ new mask design 🔥🔥
  6. Pics are from late August where I played first half of a preseason varsity game. Thought I played pretty well
  7. Nice blue dangler, massive style points
  8. Similar thing happened when Mrazek used to use Warwick then switched to Vaughn... guess it’s a marketing type of thing..
  9. Quicks new mask. I actually really like this a lot
  10. Ducks prospect Roman Durny’s new setup
  11. I never denied his technical skill, I do actually like the bottom of the mask more than the top to say the least
  12. The color play is really nice but is too christmas like for me
  13. another swing and a miss... lol
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