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  1. i for one am pretty excited about this... now i have to decide whether to get this or roughneck.
  2. not working because i'm jobless and an incapable teenager...playing video games, binge watching shows, and exercising a bit before bed. also it's been raining so gives me a lot more reason to stay inside lol
  3. the biggest difference i can think of is that the SLR2 has an inner belt, whereas the ve8 doesn’t. i guess if you do tuck your chesty the ve8 would make it easier to do that edit: saw someone’s response about this a few replies ago but i hope i helped anyways
  4. At least you actually got a few wins..
  5. They’ve been doing this for a while, they try to use “well the customer asked me”, excuse. They don’t have common sense.
  6. i’ve also heard speedskin isn’t really that good. i don’t even think price uses it on the inside of his pads.
  7. wow interesting. I saw in a video of someone reviewing matt murray’s team canada slr2 setup and apparently he uses an lt98 internal on his glove, so no wonder. thought with the higher thumb angle that it’d be essentially the same thing, I didn’t know they changed it that much.
  8. it’s an acquired taste. i wear the lt98 which i assume is gonna be almost the same as the slr2.
  9. closest would probably be the new v9. if you wanted to go custom you could probably order that older model.
  10. notice how two ccm goalies have switched to lefebvre..
  11. i don’t mind it as much as some people but it’d definitely look better that way
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