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  1. Ive been going with with 7/16... in between 1/2 and 3/8, perfect medium for me
  2. Yeah, I’m not not a fan of rap in general, I can tolerate some but most I hear that’s played nowadays is trash. I do like shahmen a lot though, and by newer age edm I mean marshmello, chainsmokers, etc. who I absolutely hate. Techno really didn’t become its own genre until later, since all edm back then used to just be referred to as techno, so it’s technically newer. Like you said, gotta weed through all of the garbage lol. Speaking of which, k-pop is literally the spawn of satan
  3. Don’t have really a specific song that gets me going, but I have a techno playlist I made on Spotify that I listen to regularly and before I get on the ice, none of that shitty modern edm and rap kids around my age listen to. I also listen to hard rock on the side as well
  4. setup with the jersey and mask is absolutely phenomenal. well done 👍🏻
  5. way to get after it bunny, it takes a lot of dedication in the first place to get back into goaltending after going through that.
  6. Happens when all of your body proportion goes straight to your legs and hips
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