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  1. Guess we’re on the same boat. In one of my games the guy didn’t even count the goals as shots.
  2. Some shots from my teams Halloween tournament.. 🤡
  3. I try not to focus on either. The scorekeepers in this league either don’t count shots or are horrible at it and hardly pay attention.
  4. Blackwoods new mask. I actually really like this one, but a missed opportunity on not going with “Big Mac” on the front of the mask
  5. Has Bauer really run out of ideas? yes I use Vaughn, yes you’ve probably called them out for their hockey stick graphics, but I’d rather wear that than an essentially re-used graphic
  6. Got a few things as of late... Got the pads about week and a half ago, the skates a few days ago and just installed the Kenesky toe ties and RC straps yesterday
  7. No, it’s not. Better look at his mask, also says “Bobs” on the glove.
  8. Blackwood trying a ccm retroflex.. also a new mask design
  9. only decent picture from last night. season debut didn’t go like I wanted but at least my setup looks nice
  10. Dunno how this hasn’t been posted yet. he also got a shutout with this pretty setup.
  11. +1 for the SLRs. I had them for a while then recently got SLR2s which are essentially the same. I don’t tuck or use suspenders so they’re perfect for me
  12. thank you! I’m thinking of doing a more personalized vinyl with it but still deciding whether to go color neutral or have hints of teal in there.
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