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  1. Honestly I was thinking of doing this but the complete other way around. Let me know how this works out though. From the pictures it doesn’t seem to me like it would be too flat. But can’t 100% tell from just pics… don’t quote me on this
  2. Yeah w/ my slr3 I get some issues at times with closing the five hole cause of that thigh padding and it’s not removable unless of course I cut the elastic and surrounding nylon, but also don’t want to sacrifice protection from the weird shots that get through. Wondering if v10 has the same issue.
  3. Joey Daccord has some decent sty. His mask is not great though
  4. Well, yes. But my coordination is better on my right side. Hmm I wonder why…
  5. I guess I’m weird because I get up a lot with my left leg which is a habit I need to get rid of. I also rest a lot with my left leg up and right leg down, sometimes the other way around
  6. Reimer’s Detroit setup. Nothing too exciting
  7. Ok. Finally got the time to fill out specs lol. And I was mistaken, I do have pro logos on everything Glove: INT Palm, pro palm protection, double-t web, stiffer T on thumb and finger side. Pro logos Blocker: INT palm, SLR2 finger guards, no index protector, XP style palm. Pro logos Pads: stock strapping, traditional center toe bar (TGN spec pro laces later installed), stock leg channel, stock knee cradle, single external break, no internal break, stock toe flex, tapered toe, pro logos, no boot strap
  8. Thank you. They’re just transfers. I believe I ordered pro logos but that might’ve got lost in translation somehow as I filled the stuff out on paper due to the graphic I chose, but I actually like how the transfers look better on the gloves
  9. Well besides them going to one piece cuffs over two piece (I just prefer the added flex for my wrist) I’ve tried on the SLR 1 and 2 gloves and the internals just didn’t feel the same to me. I believe matt murray once went with LT98 internals on his slr glove for team canada. It’s also pretty difficult to try stuff on in stores without buying stuff lol. the blocker definitely has more pop to it than the slr2 which i had previously. pads are a little hard to say right now but rebounds shoot out farther for sure, probably because i have one internal break instead of two.
  10. Still a lot more photogenic than me and lots of us when we play, that’s for sure. However…
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