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  1. obviously no matching gear yet but here’s one shot at a skate in liberty university. plan to get the matching set by fall
  2. I’ve dealt with coaches like this since I started playing at 15. None of them knew how to deal with goalies and our emotions whatsoever. Covid really messed up a lot for me and obviously for a lot of others hockey wise. Have to deal with a shortened season in my last year but even with that a coach found value in me and now i’m signed with a d2 team. d1 is the goal but i think it’s pretty crazy i got that far. for me my only big break was inevitable when everything got shut down. for me i can’t afford to take another break like that, i’m making up for so much lost time at this poin
  3. these look really nice, im loving my paws but might consider these
  4. Get a dremel too and some sort of vices to keep the stick still, and cover your extremities. ESPECIALLY your eyes nose and mouth. Most, if not all composite sticks today contain some sort of fiberglass and when they get into your skin it isn’t fun to get out, and inhaling it/getting it in your eyes is very dangerous. I know it seems excessive but it needs to be done.
  5. Yeah I wouldn't say he's worse than a lot of goalies in the league. it's just annoying lol. Of course they're gonna try to play through minor stuff, but like you said it can get worse. I wonder how that can be prevented.
  6. As for Miller.. it was clear he wasn’t having his best game against a great avalanche team with his team doing little to none to bail him out. He looked broken by the end of it. I wouldn’t like getting pulled either but at that point your confidence is shot, and often times you don’t play any better than before. Not something you wanna do do a veteran goalie... I’m sure he’s been pulled before, but why leave a goalie in at that point? I can’t speak for him but i’d already be feeling kinda down. after the 6th goal i’ve lost a lot of my confidence at that moment, even when my team isn’t playing
  7. Didn't like the fact he kept Miller in for over 6 goals. It clearly wasn't his night. Dude is a bum of a coach and so is our gm. As much as I don't blame Gibson for being frustrated, it almost like he looks like he couldn't give less of a shit, he's had a lot of stretches where he's been like that, and I'm not a fan.. or he's been dealing with an undisclosed injury, seeing as he just got put on DTD.
  8. Had to have been an off night, he still made some key saves. But this team hasn’t been helping their goalies whatsoever this season. They’re awful
  9. Looks like Mac grew a brain and went away from daveart, for now... this mask is sick
  10. yea... waiting on the fellow youngins to actually develop some style tho.. 🤫
  11. I’m a short sleeve person, and I haven’t had any issue with the optik 2 elbow cups.. not optik 1 but still.
  12. i’m 110% she’s real it was probably the light and fact it was night time lol. my phone sucks at taking pictures in general
  13. Here’s some more cat content because why not?
  14. That slash on Bishop pissed me off especially, and getting Clifford pissed off only to back away from the fight. Not gonna lie, dude's a bitch
  15. Rittich’s new RR setup. Literal 🔥🔥
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