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  1. Only a few were taken this tentative camp, first one from coach, second one from dad
  2. Good question, I’ll ask him about that. I know with some guys there’s an up charge on certain paint finishes Not exactly sure yet, thinking of mostly elements from whitechapel and possibly korn, with #77 and #80 on the backplate, the ladder is a for sure thing for me right now (#77 was the kid around my age who got hit with an attempted dump in in the back of the head, i know some people may have forgotten about that)
  3. If you want my opinion I thought his immortan joe mask was pretty sick, but I didn’t see it on here. Any one of those choices would be nice
  4. God, the more I learn about what happened the more devastating it gets. Hearing what Elvis said along with what Legace said about him in the service just makes this all the more heartbreaking. RIP to a true hero. Praying for his loved ones
  5. Peks pissed me off as a ducks fan but he gained my respect, always had the best masks and was a great tendy and a better person. Congrats to him for an amazing career
  6. Thank you! I tried a lot of new to me things with this set. I’ll be playing this fall. Not exactly sure what date. And no, my last set had quickslide. Slightly annoyed they didn’t have navy quickslide but it still looks pretty nice For the specs: On the pads, soft boot, stick stiffness the rest of the pad, tight leg channel, and a strap below the calf strap like in the SLR2. It looks like they’ve added an extra one for top of the calf which wasn’t exactly what I wanted but they did it with my last pad and it works fine. For the glove INT size palm, beefed up pro palm, stiffened t top and velcro strap over top of fingers. For the blocker INT palm, no forefinger protector, extra backhand padding, and full carbon sheet on the blocker face. Spec wise they were pretty much spot on and cosmetic wise they made the inner lacing of the glove navy instead of white but it doesn’t bother me too much. Really excited to play in these. Actually already got a skate in with the blocker and glove and they felt decent for being brand new FYI, the light blue is only seen on the third jerseys but it’s one of my favorite colors so I tried to add it somewhere and I think it compliments the rest of the colors nicely.
  7. I had some used ones without the gel and I can definitely say it provides a lot more support with it and also gives a softer landing in the butterfly. You almost forget you have knee pads on
  8. Absolute knee savers. Viscoelastic gel is a must too.
  9. I was rooting for the islanders until they started pulling dirty shit lol. Kuch isn’t a saint himself. If you’re talking about the slash by Weber and cross check by Chiarot you might wanna look at the replay on those, both blatant dives but whatever. Refs also missed a cross check by Sergachev. Every team has at least one punk but tampa has a buttload of them it seems
  10. Pretty insane. We're gonna have an amazing goalie duel in the SCF
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