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Recommendations on how to treat wear on leg pads.


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So my Don Simmons 586 pads just turned 5 years old. They've seen a lot of action. A few years ago I was playing 5-7 nights a week. Naturally they're showing wear in the areas you'd expect.

I've been applying Shoe Goo to the affected areas. I'd like to know what you all think would be a good option for addressing this wear. Should I continue to apply Shoe Goo as needed? Should I use Pad Wrap or PadSkinz? How about duct tape or electric tape? Or should I contact Sara from PAW to see if there's an affordable option for repair?

I like these pads and I play well in them. Aside from the wear spots shown in the pictures, they are in good shape.






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If you don´t decide to get it profesionaly repaired, I will use black colour for leather and very small brush to cover wear, this makes wonders on areas, which are not much in contact with ice (eg. front side).

Then padskinz on areas that contact ice (colour will not last for long on that spots).

Can´t recomend to use ducktape or any other "normal" tape. Made that mistake years ago on pads - it is good for little time, but after a while, it get a lot worse, tape starts to peel off and damages jenpro even more...


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Yep, mik is 1000% right.  No matter how you fix it, Willy, don't use any tape of any kind. Also avoid using Shoe Glue or anything like that. The adhesives break down the material onto which you apply them - your pads - as the adhesive degrades and can lead to brittleness affecting an area near by.

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Ok so it sounds like I should cease using Shoe Goo. Duct and electric tape is out. Padskinz is an option. Probably too late to get a repair job going because the fall season is about to start. I don't need new pads. I like longevity in my equipment. I think if I address this wear these pads will last a while longer. 

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