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McKenney Selling Direct


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Interesting update from McKenney. I haven't seen/heard much from them in a while. Hopefully they can resurrect themselves a bit. And I hope their prices are in-line with Passau and Kenesky and not Lefevre. I think I looked at some McKenney gear a year or 2 ago, and their prices were kinda high. But maybe if they now sell direct, they can cut out the middle-man and drop the price a bit. Let's see...


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Good to know. Clearly pressured to do so as of the pandemic issue and fewer stores were choosing to sell their gear.

As for prices, they have gone up a bit, especially with the new line, which could be expected to compete with the other boys.

I'd love to get a first hand account of their new chest protector.

I hope they won't try to make a killing with Canadians given how low the dollar is right now, they are a Canadian company after all.

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