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G5 Sr+ Full Right colors?


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Can someone confirm whether or not the G5 Sr+ Full Right gloves will ever be offered in any other color other than all white (and tan for the classic version)?

The catalog doesn’t specify but I can’t find white/black or all black gloves at any of the online stores right now. 

Super disappointing if they got rid of colors for full rights this year. Bauer did it ever since they released the ODIN (1S) line. This is the kind of stress that makes us southpaws have a shorter average lifespan!

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My buddy who used to sell used guitars would only buy a lefty guitar after checking with other lefty customers including Paul McCartney if they was intersted which was about ten minutes on the phone for him. Theres just fewer of yall. But most of the last few US presidents were southpaws and that should make you feel good right Warrior will do righty in colors if you custom order, right?

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I really wonder if I’d be a full right if that type of gear was common at the might / peewee league I played in. I do prefer stick handling with a left handed stick though so who knows. I’m super left dominate in every other way. Lefties are just better :)

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