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Ultrasonic Pads - Current Users Help Review Them


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I can some basic info:



+Technology is undeniable

+No one else that I have tested in Bauer's league with the rebounds or sliding

+Stabilislide makes a perfect seal. Over or under rotation is impossible 

+ Stiffest pad on market

+ Professor strap is a huge value add


- still find myself frigiditing with the strapping more than anything else on the market I test

- Stiffest pad on market  



+ New palm is unreal. No bunching in the palm material

+Rebounds have wicked velocity

+Market leading sidewall stiffness aka protection


- None



+ I am not a 600/5500 person and I love this break

+ Pucks retained in pocket well

+ Game ready closure is great

+ Like the extra palm padding


- I can't seem to hold the stick well for shooting

- As with the pads, I fidget with the internal strapping too often

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