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Passau Maltese Knee Pad Inserts *SOLD*


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14 minutes ago, IPv6Freely said:

They felt great as far as cushioning, but found they made my knee pads slip down, which is a problem I never had before with my Passau knee pads.

$40 USD shipped within the US 

So do these act as additional cushioning on the knee landing of the Passau knee pad or additional protection behind the hard shell against the thigh?

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13 minutes ago, BadAngle41 said:

Thanks... I guess I could have also just looked it up on Passau's site. I like the idea, but pretty sure they won't integrate well into my frankensteined knee guards.

Their site doesn't explain it well. I actually guessed on how they actually go in and had to confirm with Tim because I had no real idea. 

They may not integrate well, though maybe you could take them apart? I wish Passau would put maltese right in the knee pad rather than having an extra layer in there. 

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