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Deep Dive: 2021 CCM EFlex 5


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It does look like they've trimmed down the foam at the heel of the glove on the finger side of the break.  Hopefully that helps out with the little bit of resistance I feel when closing my 600 Axis the final couple inches.  They say a pic is worth 1000 words, so here's a 6k word treatise comparing the Axis to a VE8:






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I'd say they trimmed down the area under 'CCM' even more. That area was the famous problem that "needed to be crushed" to work properly. The Eflex5 seems to be really flat and streamlined, as it should be and the Vaughn is too.

The white stiching goes straight through the break line on EF5 while on Axis it makes a curve at the heel end.

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