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Current Gear + Planned/Dream Upgrades


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I'm interested in seeing what everyone's current gear is, and what their planned/dream replacement/upgrade is to each piece would be. The latter could probably reveal some interesting trends.


Helmet: Primary helmet is a 20+ year old 960/961, refurbbed by the fine folks at OTNY (while Ron Slater was with them). I also have a Shark 933, maltese padding, painted by Ron.

Helmet Upgrade: My ancient Jerry Wright relic is still kicking ass and protecting my brain, but my dealings with OTNY and Ron (now of Coveted Mask) have me leaning strongly in their directions when the time comes for a new lid. The fact that they're both local (Greater Toronto Area) is appealing to me, as I know I'll be supporting a local business, and the quality of both masks seems to be top notch. Ron has invited me to stop by the shop, and I'm really looking forward to setting a time to do just that.

C/A: Passau gen 1, with added rib protection, extra shoulder caps laced in (from my old Brian's Alite), and custom elbow caps made by Passau

C/A Upgrade: I mean...probably a Passau gen 2 (pro pack, this time). Familiar build, but with upgraded protection. I love my gen 1, but what really sets it apart is the customer care from Passau. @GoalieTimmy33 is, without exaggeration, THE MAN. That being said, I liked the feel of the Brian's Sub3 C/A, and, uh... I may have seen the Optik C/A, but that's about it.

Glove: Brian's GN3Tik 3

Glove Upgrade: I dunno. The GN3Tik is a great glove. I'm OK with CCM gloves, tried Warrior and found it wasn't for me... Optik, I guess. Don't like the feel of Vaughn gloves, really dislike Bauer's offerings.

Blocker: Brian's GN3Tik 3

Blocker Upgrade: A blocker is in many cases a blocker - hard to really mess up. I miss the light weight of the Halak retro DX2 blocker I had... I'm guessing the Optik will suit my tastes.

Pants: CCM Blackhawks pro return.

Pants Upgrade: Probably another pair of CCM pro returns. Love the barrel fit, though the stitching and buttons could be a bit more robust. I am curious to try Brian's, and the Bauer 1X pants were unbelievably light (seriously). If Passau ever makes pants, I'd be VERY interested in trying them.

Pads: Brian's GN3Tik 3,  33 + 1.75"

Pads Upgrade: These pads are GREAT. That being said, I had a set of Sub 2's previously, and have found that I prefer the stiffer feel. So, the Optik FLY seems like a logical choice. I've tried the Vaughn SLR Pro Carbon, and liked them, too.

Skates: VH custom on Bauer Vertexx 2 cowlings, Step (standard) blacksteel - though usually in Step Extreme blacksteel, switched to rehab an ankle injury.

Skates Upgrade: Here's where things get tricky for me. VH is the upgrade no matter what, but I argue with myself over 1 piece or 2 (no cowling). @GoalieTimmy33, sway me, brotha!

Stick: CCM Premier, 26" Price curve, shaft cut down 3-4"

Stick Upgrade: Pretty happy with the CCMs, though I also like the Warrior Pro/LTE sticks in a Quick curve. I can't shoot the puck for beans, but I like the feel.

Etc: I'm pretty good with my jock (Bauer Supreme), base layers, etc. Bag is a TRUE - great quality so far.

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Helmet: Dremask Sparta "Combo" - Double kevlar layup with SM50 cage, and maltese. Also a very beat up Bauer 960 in need of refurbishing. 
Helmet Upgrade: SM90 Cage for my combo. And a refurb for my 960 for times I want to wear a traditional mask again. Otherwise, looking at a Coveted Mask. 

C/A: Warrior Ritual Pro Gen 1 w/ CCM AB500 arms. 
C/A Upgrade: Ritual GT Pro 

Glove: Brian's Subzero 6.0
Glove Upgrade: Brian's Subzero Pro 3 / Optik 

Blocker: Simmons UL5
Blocker Upgrade: Optik (Realistically Subzero 7.0). 

Pants: Vaughn LT88
Pants Upgrade: Optik / Bauer 1X

Pads: Bauer Reactor 4000, 34+2 Heavily modded.
Pads Upgrade: Optik/Bauer 1X/Warrior G4 Sr (when out)... realistically Bauer X900/ Warrior G3 Sr/ GNetik 8.0

Skates: Bauer S190's w/ Tydan Stainless steel blades
Skates Upgrade: Just bought Bauer X900's, will use w/ Tydan blades. Obvious answer is TRUE if had money. 

Knee Pads: Ritual X Pro
Knee Pads Update: None. Love these so much. 

Stick: Sherwood T80 25" / Simmons PL29 26"
Stick Upgrade: Would grab more of the Simmons. 

Etc: New jock LT98. Nothing else really. 

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Helmet: Reidic

Helmet Upgrade: Wall mask, either W4 or W6

C/A: Mckenney 870

C/A Upgrade: Either Mckenney 890 or Passau Gen2 base model or maybe Brown 2400

Glove: Smith 1000

Glove Upgrade: Looking into the small guys (Passau, Mckenney, Factory MAD, Boddam), curious about the Warrior GT, or go with a big one but still built home Brian's

Blocker: Same as glove

Blocker Upgrade: Same as glove

Pants: Mckenney 855

Pants Upgrade: .Mckenney 870 or Tackla 6600 pro

Pads: Same as glove/blocker

Pads Upgrade: Same as glove/blocker

Skates: Bauer X700

Skates Upgrade: Bauer X1

Stick: Warrior

Stick Upgrade: Not sure really

Etc: Brown 2100 knee pads (currently ReasonY), a new Maltese clav combo, Pro-lace toe ties (currently sliding toe), my Vaughn cup is fine, Passau or Brown or Sumo bag, and a vehicle...so I can haul all of my shit on my own wherever my hockey heart pleases :)   

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