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John Brown 2200B Goalie Bag


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For a good while now I've been eyeing this bag for the main reason of space, meaning fitting through standard doors for all the older less modern and less accommodating rinks out there. 

You can find the details at the following link: https://brownhockey.com/products/ac/b/2200

I tried to find reviews online everywhere and anywhere with no luck. The only option I had left was to give it a shot myself. So, yes folks, this is a world premier review!! :D 

This is a heavy duty quality product. It feels like it and weighs like it. John and his team put quality work and materials in everything they create. This bag is no exception. I'm sure you could save a little weight if he would put out a canvas or nylon version of it, but you would lose out on the water repellent option. Not a big thing if you have a closed trunk. Speaking of trunks, as you might notice, the shape and dimensions of the bag can mean a little adjustment in how you will load it in the vehicle. I put it in the back seat. It sits a little high but not enough to obstruct my view when looking into the rear view mirror.


In this pic, I'm showing the side end pocket. I decided to pack it with my skates, emergency/shower bag, laces, water bottle and shower flip flops. There is room for more like jersey and socks. You could put in your gloves instead or whatever else you think makes sense to you.


This is to show the width of the velcro shoulder strap.


This is giving you a perspective of how large it is. It's thick enough as well that you can feel the cushion on your shoulder when all is set and ready to carry.


This is a quick look at how I set my gear in it. For reference, my c/a is a TGC P1 in Large and my pants are McKenney 855 in XL. So c/a on the bottom left. Within it is my jock, garter belts and my mask. Over top of that are my pants and withing them my knee pads. On the bottom left is my jersey, socks, skate towel, bag containing my under gear clothes and shower towel. Over top are my gloves. Of course you might pack it another way, I'm still figuring it out, but this is the simplest on the fly method i came up with for myself. Important note: If I were to put in my GT2 Pro c/a, which is bulkier than my P1, I might have the c/a on one side and the pants on the other and work around that. The depth of the bag when laying down is not your standard 18"-20".    


No, this is not my new foot modelling job portfolio picture :P ... It's simply to further show you the depth of the bag while laying flat. Note the large grommets enabling ample breathing of your gear. Great for you bad stinkers out there lolll. 


Finally, here is a so so shot of the bag empty. I adore the fact of the very large U-shape opening, which has a strong split 2 way zipper (unzips left and right respectively).


Done. If you have any questions, shoot away.



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Forgot to mention this...

I'm 6'2. Carrying the bag feels better in the sense that I don't have to slightly lean/bend to the opposite side to keep my balance like with a traditional bag. It does feel a little awkward walking with it but I still need to figure it out. 

If you're a shorty, I suggest talking with John as he might be able to customise the bag to your proper height/size so you can also take advantage of this product.

Also, I do not pack my pads in my gear bag. I find it takes up too much room (mine are 35") and makes it even heavier, especially after a game. It might be different for you smaller goalies.


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