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Free Warrior Ritual X Pro knee pads


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My brand new Warrior Pro + knee pads showed up today so now I have them with my backup pair of last gen Pro +. 

I have these older Warrior Ritual Pro knee pads that I want to get rid of.  Honestly, I was just going to throw them away but I figured somebody might be able to use them. 

They are the first or second generation of their knee pads and they are well worn, but not damaged at all.  Maybe a stain or 2 here and there.  No tears or cuts at all, all the straps are fine, velcro still works, and they are in good shape, just a few years old.  All my gear is unpacked and air dryed with a fan after every skate, so they do not smell like death, either. 

If anyone wants them and is willing to pay for shipping from Seattle, let me know and they are yours for free.  I can take a PayPal transfer, only




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