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under rotation of pads


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Additionally, note the tension in where you are strapping, especially in the butterfly.

If you can, take them inside and strap them up with your skates (and pants, preferably) on. Do them how you normally would, then get into a butterfly. Note each straps tension and adjust singularly as much as you can (I would start with the boot and work up to the knee). It's become more-and-more common to omit the bootstrap and make the fulcrums of your pads the toe-ties and the knee strap (whether over the knee or just below it as a professor strap is).

You will likely, regardless of what you do, still experience some under rotation when leaning in an RVH, but that's normal and not necessarily a bad thing. I personally have my pads on really tight, but in a way such that it doesn't limit the pad's movement because I only have three straps (I could post pictures if desired from various models of pads I have on hand).

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