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Fixing my glove


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I recently saw a picture of me in goal, and immediately saw something wrong with my glove. The side almost seemed to sag in on the rest of the glove. I've tried to put a stick in the glove to stretch it out, but that didn't seem to work. And yes I know I need a new glove, currently saving up for one.

Try not to chirp my old one to hard.



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10 minutes ago, CCSH said:

Do you know any good places to buy a used glove/blocker?

Do some digging on some Facebook groups.  There's a few buy/sell/trade communities for goalie gear.

Not being able to prop it open might be a sign of very crusty internals (salt buildup from sweat).  You can try giving it a bath with clothing detergent and Oxi-Clean.
It could also be a sign of completely cracked plastic inside the glove.

I don't think it would be worth it to repair that thing, you can get a used one for less than the cost of repair.

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