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Rebound Comparisons of Butterfly Pads


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How do Vaughn SLR line pads compare to Bauer Supreme pads when it comes to rebounds? I'm asking, because I'm looking to get a pad set with a higher knee stack (my current Large Bauer 2S Pro are too small), and I'm looking at used Ultrasonic and SLR2 pads. I'd like to make sure that both sets of pads slide well and have hard rebounds. 

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I haven't worn an SLR but its concept and outer glide materials are similar to the Opt1k I had. The rebound of the Opt1k is much less than the 1S and 2X pros I had. I agree with the comment above that Bauer is a completely different level of play

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Joining the chorus - I went from SLR1 to Optik2 to Ultrasonic - each were a step up in rebound velocity. I'm still shocked sometimes at how hot pucks come off my US set even after a year plus of usage. If you're looking for the hottest rebounds - Bauers are the way to go.

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