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CCM HPG12A/HPG14A sizing


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Hey guys, 

So im looking to get a pair of HPG's (either 12 or 14) and I'm not quite sure on my sizing. My college team (ACHA D1) is looking into doing a goalie pant order and we haven't spoke with a rep yet, but I was just curious what the sizing is like before we spoke with a rep. I'm a 34" waist and I'm currently wearing the CCM "pro" goalie pants in a medium which I feel are way too big because I have to cinch the inner belt as tight as possible and the pants also interfere with my pads/knee block. Overall, I'm not a big fan of the barrel pant style either because I like to wear my chesty untucked. Anyone have any idea what size I should be in? I would assume a small but I'm not sure and there's nowhere I can try them on.

Thanks for the help in advance!

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Very mixed information all around the internet. After digging around I found this


Found in the comments of TGC’s CCM pro stock pant sale a couple years ago. Presumably this means the other fits line up with their respective sizes.
Fit 1->Small

Fit 2->Medium

Fit 3->Large

Fit 4->XL

As for the model of pants HPG12 is the old NHL sizing with flatter 10in thighs and flatter hips. HPG14 is the new sizing with curved 9in thighs and curved hip protection 




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