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The Chestie Thread


The Chest Protector Thread  

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  1. 1. Which brand of chest protection do you use?

    • Bauer
    • Brians
    • Brown
    • CCM/RBK/Koho
    • Passau
    • Simmons
    • Vaughn
    • Warrior

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I've checked and there is no definitive thread for stand alone discussions about chest units, brands, sizing, pros/cons, etc... So I thought I would start one. (Mods if I'm wrong please move this one).

The main reason for this is that I'm on the hunt to change up my chest unit.  I'm currently in a Large, V6 2200 Pro, that was beefed up/rebuilt by Dennis at Factory Mad.

Ive previously used: Eagle Fusion, Vaughn V2, McKenney 870 & 890, Boddam JPB Pro.

I love the Vaughn for its mobility but would like something beefier in terms of look and protection.  I'm currently trying to score a Brians Sub Zero:


The reasoning for this is that I'm heavily favouring the Brians Optik when it rolls out and want to get a feel for their product before I make a purchase.

I was able to hook up with a buddy (I sub for his team for pick up sessions every now and then) today that works at one of the better stores here in Regina (But by no means is it in the same category as The Goalie Crease, The Hockey Shop Goal, Goalie Monkey, etc) but I got to have some hands on time with the following units:

CCM Premier - TOO BULKY... How any shorter/smaller goalies can wear that thing and still move at all is beyond my comprehension.

Bauer 1S - Again, bulky.  He mentioned coming from Vaughn I would feel most units would be bulky, plus they need break in time.  The floaters on the 1S also seemed to really extend the vertical profile of the unit.

CCM Eflex - I preferred it to the premier.  Still a little to much of a blocking style C/A for my style.  He did mention (as has @TheGoalNet) about how much more improved the 2nd Gen Eflex unit is.

Bauer 1X - Much more my style.  Likely a very mobile yet protective unit, ONCE ITS BROKEN IN.  Off the hop some of the Curv composite areas are very stiff.  Very light, and feels great off the shelf.

Vaughn SLR Pro - I almost prefer this unit to my own V6 2200.  Seems to add some extra beef and profile, where the V6/V7 lines are more contoured and streamline.  I would definitely opt for the Pro Carbon/Beefed up version.

The only unit I wanted to try but they didn't have stock on was the RGT Pro.  He had great things to say about them, and it speaks loud how they're out of stock right now.

What are you wearing?  What do you like/dislike about your chest protector?  

Are you also in the market?  If so, what are you thinking of getting?


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