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FS: Total Custom Pro - CCM Axis 2 - 33+1.5 - Full Set


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Hello all,

Selling my Total Custom Pro CCM Axis 2 set. These are built to NHL rules with the lace to separate the landing gear from the pad.

Just didn't like it as much as my Bauer stuff. Gear is used less than 20 times. Some minor wear on the thigh rises, pics are attached. No odor - gear was spritzed with Captodor after every use and aired out after every use. Blocker palm is in great shape. Glove probably isn't even 100% broken in, but still closes pretty great despite that. The original boot straps from CCM were leather but with a red sticker stamped on top of them. That sticker wore and ripped off early on. Leather straps were replaced with brand new leather straps sourced from Protective Athletic Wear. The pads have not been used since the straps were replaced.

All zones are White Weave or Red Weave where possible. Sliding edge is red weave. Certain zones are Speedskin only. My nickname "ODIE" is embroidered on every piece.

Shipped from California.

Looking for $1,600 USD shipped CONUS - sorry, but shipping is expensive these days.
Canada shipping, I'll have to do some calculations.

These will be exclusive to this website for a week or so before I post to SLS at a higher price.

Pad specs as follows:
Recessed foam with removable knee wrap (included, not in pics)
HD toe bridge with bungee lace
3D grip knee landing
Pre-curved / single break core / no break outer roll
No leather strap at knee - 2" elastic only
Tight fit leg channel with QMSS
Shallow soft boot
Under heel boot strap (Removed CCM's crappy leather boot strap and replaced with PAW boot strap)
No thigh protector lace tabs

Glove specs as follows:
Pro stiffness
Regular SR palm size
580 break
Double tee
AX Suede SureGrip Grey
With pinky loop
Regular hand (Catcher on left hand)
Nylon pocket lace

Blocker specs as follows:
Regular SR palm size
Regular hand (Blocker on right hand)
AX Suede Beige with Black Palm
Straight finger protection
Regular fit






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