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relief for bauer bumps

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I purchased a pair of ccm 9380 skates before this past season of beer league after coming from an older pair of bauer one100 se for the past 5 seasons. I loved the feel of the new cowlingless skates in comparison to the old ones but after the season I noticed I developed the "bauer bumps" on the back of my heel. I am not sure if it is because I went from a pro level skate down to a mid level skate and there was a difference in materials and construction or if perhaps the skate just didn't fit my feet right. I am wondering if anyone else has experienced the pain of the bumps and had any recommendations on whether there is a skate out there that offers more padding/comfort for this type of ailment or if I should look at potentially getting my skates punched or purchase some gel pad inserts or bunga pads? Any recommendations are much appreciated, thanks in advance.

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