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Here we have a Warwick Mask (Montoya style) 2014 build. This customer wanted a complete refurb to bring his old mask back to life.

This being the first Warwick mask that I have worked on in a while, and under my own branding, I was very impressed with the quality of this mask! I have handled and refurbed plenty of Bauers, Itechs, and CCMs, but this Warwick far surpasses any of those in terms of quality, protection, and durability. While this mask has been loved and well used, it has held up very well for being 9 years old.

These BEFORE pictures show the condition that the mask arrived to me in.

I will follow up in the next comment with completed AFTER pictures.

Warwick Liscio 10.jpg

Warwick Liscio 11.jpg

Warwick Liscio 12.jpg

Warwick Liscio 13.jpg

Warwick Liscio 14.jpg

Warwick Liscio 15.jpg

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Completed refurb AFTER pictures of this Warwick (Montoya style) 2014 build Mask.

I was tasked with repairing and reinforcing the cracked chin, replacing all strapping and hardware, all new paint (with Clear Coat interior to keep the exposed Carbon Fiber look), and all new foam with the same current fit. I typically only 'stock' the Bauer Profile style cages, so this customer ordered a new cage straight from Warwick, and had it sent to me to complete this mask (super quick shipping from Warwick).  

I like to keep refurbs as 'original' as possible, so I was able to recreate the 'WARWICK' logos and reapply them over the Clear Coated Carbon interior. The cage also fit the mask perfectly, even though it is an 'older' model mask. I added the extra 'tubing' on the cage to protect the paint a bit as well as dampen vibrations. The customer also wanted his last name somewhere on the mask but did not specify a location. I thought the open style Outsider Straps by Doug Wager of Weasel Head Customs gave me a visible yet discrete location on the backplate for this request. 

SAVE YOUR old reliable mask and give it new life with SAVIOR Goalie 

Warwick Liscio 1.1.jpg

Warwick Liscio 3.3.jpg

Warwick Liscio 5.jpg

Warwick Liscio 6.jpg

Warwick Liscio 7.jpg

Warwick Liscio 8.jpg

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