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“Under” Gloves for Added Protection


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Sorry if I missed another thread - the one “under” glove topic seemed to be more about grip and sweat management - but does anyone who wears a batting glove or similar under in their catcher feel like it helps with stingers?  

I’m in a Bauer 3X, and it’s decent from a protection standpoint from the break up to the thumb, but not so great below the break on the fingers.  In addition to a batting glove, I know there are some gloves at Goalie Monkey and THS that have some additional padding and am wondering if anything helps.  I am contemplating picking up a Pro level glove, but would love to save the $.  

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My decade plus old Simmons 998 glove was not cutting it for B league which has a lot of A league players playing down and some of the shots were leaving my hand sore for the next week.  My glove was custom ordered with tightened internals for my tiny hands and I found this glove I ordered to be too tight when wearing with my new inner padded glove.  I got a 997 glove on sideline swap for cheap to keep as a backup a while back, but it has the regular senior sized hand internals, so I didn't like it that much as it was a bit loose. But, with the inner padded glove, now it fits perfect and it's my main game glove.  The 998 is now only for Geezers and C league.  So, of you have some room in your glove to work with, then i suggest this: 


I've been using it a few weeks and have felt much more confident again snagging pucks.


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