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This is my year for getting new gear, specifically pads. And Iv narrowed it down to 2 pads that I like for custom. But it already chaps my ass to think that there would be a situation where I paid thousands of bucks for a pad that let a puck squeak by as a result of it being constructed a quarter of an inch to half an inch narrower than the competition.


What I'm asking is a lot. Those those who own a Warrior Ritual goal pad from the G4 line onward, please take a measuring tape and measure the width of your goal pad and kindly post the results here.


Please and thank you kindly.

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Not to be an ass but...even when 12" (and sometimes 13"+) were the standard, you could still get scored on, trust me, I know first hand. You could have cricket pads on ( I know it's exaggerated) and it all boils down to being in position and being square. Where your argument is most relevant was when most of us wore 12" pads and the next guy had 14" pillows from the calf down and that made a huge different on kick saves and on PLU plays.

I understand you wanting to maximise your gear and your money's worth within the rules though. I'd hate to end up with intermediate looking pads while my pants and c/a make me look like an upside down pyramid lolll

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I used to work for a hockey retailer as a second job to feed my gear whore addiction.   Over the last 15 years I've used 2 different pairs of retail Brian's leg pads (Sub Zero and Gnetik of some flavor) as well as full pro custom sets from CCM (EF4, Axis and EF5)  Warrior (in the thread linked) and Bauer (Hyperlite/US mix and match).   Of all of the full custom sets I used, only the Eflex 4 set felt like it made me a worse goalie.   The pads were too tall, slid poorly and the 590 glove and I just didn't get along at all.  Most of that was me learning what worked for me, as I ordered my Axis and EF5 sets in 34" instead of 35" and with a 600 break and loved them.  

In terms of how much I liked the various sets, only the Bauer and Warrior G5 have stood out from the pack for me.   I absolutely LOVED how light the G5 set was and the flatter blocker made rebounds much more predictable.   Even if the pads were .5" smaller than full allowed spec, which they were not, I honestly believe I'd have stopped more pucks due to the mobility and rebound control I had in this setup than I would have lost due to shooters managing to put a puck in that missing 1/4-1/2".   

If I were ordering Warrior today I'd be going with a R/G7 blocker for the flat face, R/G7.1 glove with a sewn in 60 degree break and single T.    That would allow me to combine all the features I loved in both Warrior sets I had.  

Edit:   Feel free to hit me up with any more questions.   I really liked both of my Warrior sets and recommend them highly IF the glove works for you.  

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1 hour ago, ZeroGravitas said:

@Puckstoppermeasured his GT2 and G5 and they came out the same - pictures on his post -


No wonder I couldn't find the old thread. Looking through the breadcrumbs on that showed me that the thread I was referencing had been deleted. Mods always trying to silence the little guys. 

Though, at least that thread had the G5's and GT2's measuring at a steady 11". 

Hopefully Netminder @ChippedWall this answers your concerns.  

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