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  1. Really there isn't much they can do other than try and recognize and anticipate when an attempt may be made and react to it. It will be used more commonly now but still less than a full wrap around or pass out. I haven't noticed it in my end but I did see a chance at the other end when I thought my player might try it as he had the time and space. I asked him between periods and yes he thought about it but didn't think he could pull it off. Us beer leaguers may not have the practice time to play around and practice those moves as much as the minor hockey kids where all the good players will have that in their bag of tricks just like they all have the between the legs shot now too
  2. We use a Facebook group for local Shinny Hockey with about 500 people and have a pool of about 30 goalies it seems. It's worked pretty good since 2013, anyone can post when they are in need of a goalie and it's usually filled unless there is not enough notice. Few of us have each others numbers too as we want to try and guarantee quality replacement.
  3. That's my last resort, posting here is second last lol,
  4. Need some help! My beer league team The Blues is getting the Adidas Retro jersey with the red. Trouble is I can't find it in a large enough Goalie sizing. If anyone has any knowledge on where to order one that would be great, even if it's blank without the logo. I don't want to keep wearing a navy practice jersey and not matching the team lol. for reference the Athletic Knit 4XL G is perfect sizing. Thanks!
  5. It must be that you're lifting your leading leg a bit as your sliding. If your leading knee is on the ice then your blade shouldn't be catching. I could maybe see if you have zero slack in toe ties and it's forcing your foot to angle up and your heel is catching the ice. The bungee style toe ties your waiting on will help with that and allow your foot to get flatter on it's side and relieve stress on your hips which you may not feel yet.
  6. Almost Hip

    Vaughn V9

    Not at all inspired by the graphic. Looks ok on the pads but on the gloves it looks pretty week compared to how good the VE8 graphic looked The thining of the pads and updated strapping look promising but once again. Vaughn needs a greater demo program or if it exists the word needs to be spread. As a beer leaguer I am not about to drop 2K on pads without being able to test them first. I think that is another reason Bauer has gotten stronger sales with 2S and 2X. You can walk into almost any store and take a set home to try. I really wanted to buy a set of SLR2's because I loved the look of them but I had free access (brother's gear) to 1X and 2X Pro to try out. I ended up in the 2X mainly because of getting them for a good deal slightly used. So the product may not need testing but the market for looks should have been and there are a lot of potential sales out there that would be swayed with being able to test it.
  7. I used padskinz material to patch up the cracked boot areas on the 1x It took me two skates to get the 2x dialed in, swapped in the longer straps and adjusted all their lengths etc as well as toe ties. I strapped everything in the same location but fresh straps compared to well used stretched out ones is probably why it took the few skates rather than just put it on and go. I don't think I would have ended up in Bauer pads if not for the opportunity to try the 1X's. I only did it while I was getting some Velcro repairs on my Vision 9500. When I put them back on they felt like boat anchors and I immediately went back to the 1X's, it's a shame Vaughn doesn't have a trial program like Bauer does with stores.
  8. There are upgrades but the overall performance is very much the same. If your 1X are in good shape then your really just doing it because the deals are good and or style of the pad looks better. I have 2x pro's I wear for games and a set of beat up 1x that I'll throw on for pick up and no issues going back and forth.
  9. I think you said it when you said you feel like you are pushing out towards shots. It's not an easy position on the body. Be mindful of stretching properly before gearing up and even again once on ice. Practice your butterflies during warm up or even when play is in the other end standing on top of crease or another line and compare where you end up when it works and when it doesn't. You may also need to widen your stance. It's not the end of the world if you can't end up getting it to work, just make sure your knees are protected and keep having fun.
  10. I had a good black Friday last week. VE8 Pro Carbon mits and Sportsmask helmet from London Source for Sports. Glove feels so light compared to my Vision 9580 set that I've been in since 2013.
  11. Are we forgetting Threat Level Midnight.
  12. @Peter36 I have noticed the same issue with my 2X pads. I have it as tight as I can and the outer half that is not attached to the Velcro is constantly folding in. I only notice it visually and not by feel so i am not bothered by it. Though I think there could be 2 fixes here. 1) adjust the strap on the knee block so that the strap itself is as short as possible or swap a shorter strap and then the attachment point would be the outer edge and not be able to fold under. 2) attach a piece that is more rigid to the flap keeping it's shape. Or make a new flap that is more rigid.
  13. Ready to part with a set of 1X's that I've had for a bit. They have been tried on briefly on ice for sizing purposes but have never seen pucks or more than 10-15 minutes of ice. I acquired them after that and haven never managed to find puck free ice to try them myself so they stayed home. I have since landed some 2X's in L which I was comfortable already with that sizing. Pads did not come with toe straps or extra strapping sizes when I got them. All white, no name tags. Located in Southern Ontario. Can meet in GTA area or price out shipping upon request. Asking $800CDN
  14. @MTH Was that from the famous Firestone tires? Mine, the running boards fell off while driving (only 80,000km on it), Sync did not work and caused a glitch with turn signals until I changed Stereo head unit, too many other issues to list but enough to not want to buy "Big 3" ever again
  15. Currently own the first 2 cars and they share goalie gear carrying duties. All of my previous vehicles share a common theme. I've never had to worry about snow :) Main Family car 2017 Subaru Outback 3.6R - Pros: power tail gate, heated steering wheel and H6 power 2006 Subaru Legacy Wagon 2.5i - Mainly driven for hockey as my work issued truck is too dirty for hockey gear to go in. Pros: Sedan like handling, excellent hydraulic steering feel compared to new electric steering, only 130,000km The fastest and funnest way to get to the rink used to be my 1993 Subaru Legacy Wagon L with full STi drivetrain swap and a ton of other work. Saw dedicated track car duties for many years. Car lost it's battle with rust and was parted and scrapped few years ago. Pros: Ripping 1-2 gears was enough to take any worries away, best used for Summer hockey with windows down drive home. Previously before the Outback I had this 2008 Exploder, worst purchase of life but I needed a vehicle capable of towing above car to/from track and did not want my gear in a truck bed. We traded in this 1998 Legacy Outback Limited which was really a great car aside from head-gasket issues common with those years.
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