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  1. I subsequently bought a Roughneck. Used both. Sold the EPF. Sucking it up with the mullet.
  2. how do these slide compared to the G3 or G4? Same question with regard to rebounds? I'm in the market for new pads but can't decide between the G4 or the GT2. I'm more of a hybrid than a strict butterfly, but I do slide and I love the big rebounds off my G3s. I should note that I have a very narrow bfly (really a Jiggy fly) and while I love the G3s, I can't quite close the 5 hole on them. Not sure if the GT2 would help.
  3. truth. A hammer fist to the collar bone is highly recommended. Of course, it being Krav Maga, you then kick him in the nutz to be sure.
  4. Wayne Gretzky was great. But a ton of his goals would be stopped by the average beer leaguer these days. He skates in and takes a hard shot with nobody in front of him. (I'm probably exaggerating about the average beer leaguer, but you get the point). There's no east-west movement. It's embarrassing how many goals the standup guys gave up. If that worked, they'd still be teaching it. I agree that the better goalies realize that butterfly is a tool, not a style, but I'd rather watch goalies stop shots than look at the old footage and go "how the hell did that get by that sieve?"
  5. Fine, throw in McIlhenney coming in relief for Mrazek playing crazy aggressive and nearly out of the crease. Carey Price doesn't play anything like Holtby and Lundqvist. Every goalie in the show has a unique way of playing. Sure, they use a lot of the same tools, but the idea that all goalies are "drop and block" is nonsense.
  6. Do you watch any of the games in the Metro Division? Holtby and Lundqvist couldn't be more different in terms of style. Other than that they will both butterfly on low shots, they play completely differently. I think that each goalie is different. they may have similar tools, but they each have their own approach. When I watch the Rangers or Capitals (my two teams) I can tell within a few shots who is in net, even without knowing or seeing their numbers. So, I call BS old man curmudgeon on this. (And I'm an old man curmudgeon myself).
  7. I think the SaniSport ones are well ventilated. I've seen them used in a store and I react badly to ozone (I have asthma) and can walk near it without ill effect. The small one I use in my basement, I'll start it right before bed, it goes for three hours, and then just dissipates over the next number of hours before anyone goes down. That one is pretty small though.
  8. they work. I use a small one near my gear in the basement and it definitely helps. And the big ones are great for de-stinking.
  9. You don't lose points at the Bridge of Death. You get cast into the Gorge of Eternal Peril. Jeez.
  10. I'll let it go. Are you in the US or Canada? (Judging your name, I have a guess, but want to confirm . . .)
  11. Here's my comparison. If I were to update it, I also fine the Roughneck to be more comfortable than the EPF. That said, if you get your money back, PM me. If you don't mind red, I'd sell my barely used EPF at a discount. It was $170 new plus shipping. I'll let it go for substantially less. I have 3-4 of these things and only one neck.
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