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  1. I'd ship your mom back for factory reconditioning. It's clearly her fault.
  2. I bought one of those. It never worked. The one I got that came with my Passau pads works much better, IMO
  3. meh. he wasn't the first to come up with using elastic based stuff in lieu of skate laces or leather. Brian's smart strapping predates him. All he did was say "hey, I can use "military grade shock cord" and upcharge a lot." And some of his stuff was just flat out stupid, IMO.
  4. cucumbers have almost no nutritive value. a salad is a good idea, but throw in some salmon or something for protein and healthy fats. If your only exercise is a hockey game, then yeah, it's not ideal. I lift heavy a few times (4 if I can) a week and play hockey twice. Lifting is anaerobic, so is playing goalie. If I don't have games I'll do interval training once or twice a week. And trying to lose more weight now. But that's a lifelong struggle.
  5. I use a MOLLE system water bottle carrier with the top ripped off. I use a carabiner to attach it to the top of the net. Boom. No broken water bottle.
  6. what exactly is patented that you think Passau stole?
  7. serious question: do Canadians spell "check" cheque always? or only when it refers to a negotiable instrument like a bank cheque? Because I'd think a poke check is more like "hey, check her out" rather than "I'm going to cash the cheque." Pardon my ignorance and no offense intended, I've just never seen it written as "poke cheque".
  8. Lefever and Roy (to rhyme with Toy). Pisses off the Francophones every time.
  9. no, but those are the fluky, off-speed, wobblers that sneak in because you're expecting something good!
  10. that depends. For higher level, sure. But for low level beer league, they can't raise the puck too well.
  11. I'll be heading there when my knees and hips decide that butterfly is no good any more. I'm 48, so probably a few more years. If you find yourself wanting to buy old style, but lightweight, Glenn Miller makes those pads. He's on Facebook.
  12. Exactly. Every time I open up this page, it's in the latest, which pushes a more useful thread off the front page. But hey, it's your site. I'll just go on hiatus for a while. At least on other sites, they don't pretend it's not just advertising.
  13. I'd suggest either changing the format of the site so the default page isn't the Latest which constantly shows this thread, or locking threads like this one. Sure, I don't have to keep clicking on it, but it keeps a more useful thread from appearing on the landing page. @TheGoalNet
  14. So @Joe Messina reads the words of praise, but not the criticism. Hmm.
  15. I had a Gen 1. I'll be honest. I hated it. Couldn't get rid of it soon enough. But I loved my Gen 2 and my Pro Pack.
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