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  1. Uh, no. Simmons folded. Someone bought them and relaunched. I despise them for the same reason people piled on Battram. They steal other companies' ideas and then pretend to take the high road because "our stuff is made in North America." Ok. By a company that is as bad as China when it comes to stealing other people's intellectual property (I'm using that in the lay sense, not in terms of actual patents.)
  2. thanks for the recommendation, I bought some Scenturion to try out. I've given gear the full on ozone treatment (even hit it twice) and it helps but doesn't totally eliminate the funk in my experience.
  3. How so? Simmons is a blatant ripoff of the big boys. And their products are mediocre that break down quickly. If you'd like to counter that, other than saying what you did, do they do R&D? (Spoiler alert: they don't.) And I've owned pretty much every type of gear Simmons made -- and bought from the website, not used -- and they broke down quickly or gave sub-optimal protection. That's my experience. Yours is apparently limited to ad hominem attacks.
  4. Simmons cuts costs by knocking off the big boys' stuff. They are NA made but they're essentially serial intellectual property thieves. It's easy to keep costs down when your R&D costs are "buy a pair of Vaughns. Cut them up. Replicate." They also weren't the quality of the big companies. I had a pair of Simmons that went floppy by the end of the first season. These were senior quality at best. You get what you paid for.
  5. what's the big deal about wearing socks? I wear compression pants, the knee pads on top, then socks and I tape them in place. They're comfortable and don't move at all.
  6. man, there's a lot of whining. They scored. It's not fair. I'm not one of those old school goalies who say you have to stand up for everything, but yeah, they're scoring because goalies are using RVH for everything. Stay up. They won't score. RVH is being overused. And tell the D that if they see someone going behind the net and doing that crap, check him. They can't score if the puck isn't on the stick. And stay the hell off my lawn you damn kids.
  7. I'll second and third Jim's Sham Sweatbands. They're high quality and very reasonably priced. He makes an extreme thin that might be the solution. I think I gave my last one of those away, or I'd give it to you. I like his blue "thin" ones. Vogel's bamboo ones are also very comfortable. I'm having some durability issues since the material snags a lot, but they're super comfortable, not that thin though.
  8. I think the safety issues are overblown. Goalies get hit in the face during games all the time even when these goals aren't an issue. These are also relatively easy to defend. Goalies: Stand the F up. Done. And the example you gave is an even easier one. Stick check him, either up or down. He can't maintain control of the puck. I think it's kind of cool, but I'd also be surprised if there are many more of these, simply because everyone is going to get wise to it.
  9. I'm not understanding the hate on this. Sure, it's showboating, but so is every between the leg dangle, toe drag, whatever. He's using his stick, so it's not like he's throwing, kicking, etc. And it's clearly not banned or the goals would have been waved off. There are two simple solutions: Goalies -- stay standing when he's on the ice and going around the net. Defensemen -- clean his clock. Good clean hit and he'll lose the puck. If you can catch him. Why take something fun to watch out of the game? (And that's coming from someone who hates hates hates the shootout at the end of tie games).
  10. I think we have to also accept that this was a completely freak accident. How often does this happen? That we're all focusing on it points out how weird it was.
  11. Or cause heartburn. It really depends on the individual.
  12. I've had a few. Category 2: Byronic Arts. I've had two done and they're terrific. Great conceptualization and execution. Figure around $850 (between $800 and $900). Absolutely beautiful works of art, and fast turnaround. Pedro Velasquez: in the $500-600 range. I came up with a basic design and he added some terrific design elements. High quality work, I caught him at a busy time so he was a little slower, but I was in no rush so it didn't matter. I'd go with him again in a heartbeat. (He's on both IG and the Facebook).
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