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  1. Hi friends, I recently got a Hyperlite set to replace an outgoing Warrior G3 set. The pads and blocker are great, but one thing I can’t get used to is the glove. I have narrowed the cause of this down to the cuff on the back of the glove - On the warrior, well there isn’t one really - so you have superb mobility. On the Bauer, the cuff extends on the back of the glove to cover a portion of the back of the wrist which I’m finding is interfering with my movements. The question really is simple - how hard do you think it would be to remove the cuff piece and the wrist strap without hacking the glove to bits? Cheers!
  2. Trip report – I've ended doing a cheap experiment which was to get a couple of the new lower end V2E+ sticks, one with a Mrazek and one with a Bishop curve. I've found that the Bishop (for me) is easier to play the puck with as I have a bit of a pull > push motion with the stick as I pull the pull the puck into the curve before shooting so the bit of extra curve of the toe seems to help with that compared to the more open face on the Mrazek. Now to work out if I prefer the M1 or V2 line of sticks... 😂 😂
  3. Ah - I didn't mean to refer to the stick being balanced, but rather I meant that for the Warrior made me feel balanced in my stance and in my movement compared to the other manufacturers that I've used. I'm not sure if that is down to the sizing, the lie, or the curve itself and so I was asking if changing curve from the Quick to a Bishop or Mrazek could change that - if so, then maybe I'd be better off just staying with the Quick as movement and control are way more important to me than puck handling.
  4. Hi friends, I have a long and arduous relationship with goalie sticks - I'm like Goldilocks (this one is too stiff, this one is too short...). I have finally settled on Warrior being the right brand for me. I'm currently using a 26" CR1 Quick curve, the size is great and it seems to put my body in the right position when skating to make my mechanics feel nice and balanced and in control making stick saves. The problem, however, is that the Quick curve sucks for puck handling (yes, yes I know its my technique...) - I just can't get any zip on passes and forget lifting it or clearing the puck around the glass. During my stick odyssey, I've tried P31 and Price curves, with better success in this aspect of the game. So where my question lies (heh), is if I were to switch to the Warrior equivalent of the P31 (Bishop) or Price (Mrazek), are the lies/balance for these curves different to the Quick and would I be putting at risk the happy place that I've found with the more important aspects of skating and making saves? Unfortunately due to my location, I have to buy things unseen and untested so I need to find out as much in advance as possible. Many thanks xoxo
  5. Any idea when these will be released?
  6. A quick question on the pads - does anyone know if these come bundled with knee guards?
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