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  1. I believe Vaughn still offer all their older models - even at retail - if you request it. I'd imagine you would pay a premium for them to dig out the Bryz specs and the V3 dyes, but from what I've seen in the past they'll do it. I'm sure any retailer that has a good relationship with Vaughn will be able to sort you out.
  2. I know no-one cares about euro goalies - especially in white! - but these must be the last Zero G / Pro Stock pads still being made (Leonardo Genoni - Swiss NLA)! He was in Gnetik 4's to start the season (last pic) but it would seem old habits die hard. Also has a weird thing going with the knee blocks - think his knee elastic only attaches to the inner cradle rather than through the block, which leaves the block flapping loose
  3. There was a video posted in the 'whats in a pad' thread where a Finnish guy takes apart some 1x's and I think they had the same problem in that the boot section just fell off once the skin was off the pad! They must either have a really deep boot break to facilitate flex or be completely detached from the main core of the pad I'm guessing? Although, as I've just typed that out I remember Brian's saying that they'd stopped working with Lehner (Buffalo era) because he wanted a completely detached boot and they couldn't do it without compromising the integrity of the pad...
  4. I think TGN dropped a hint on instagram with the picture of Wedgewood in his new Lefevre's - maybe the possibility of a licensing agreement with True isn't dead yet??
  5. From what I remember, the story there was that when he joined the Kings org he tried some of Quick's old pads and loved the specs, so kept a pretty much identical setup. Here's him with the Stars with what looks like a stock (and pretty loose) V5 strapping setup, and then with the Quick set in LA: They mentioned in his first Leafs game that he likes his pads to be really broken in before they see game action, so he might be in the wrapped set for awhile.
  6. Francouz has a nice stadium series set up:
  7. Here's an action shot, pad wrap with the remaining silver detail works surprisingly well - gives a early 2000s Leaf goalie look like Tellqvist and Belfour!
  8. Didn't hang around with this one, Campbell's new Leafs mask:
  9. Couple of practical things that have definitely helped me when I've been feeling shitty about my game: Get a GoPro / similar camera up behind the net in practices or games (if you're allowed). A camera is the great equaliser - if you have a bad game you'll probably see shots that went in that you didn't have much of a chance on, and if you have a great game you might see that the D helped you a lot. In my last training session I had a guy who isn't much of shooter come down the wing and rip a shot from the face-off dot, over my shoulder and into the top corner. When I watched the video back I realised that I probably could of stayed up on the shot, but the D man covering the guy stepped in front just as the shot was being released and ramped the puck up off his blade! These are things you don't necessarily see in the heat of the moment, so I went from the 'bad goal' mindset to a 'eh...played that as well as I could...nothing much you can do about the deflection 🤷‍♂️' mindset instead. Get ahold of either one of the Justin Goldman books ('The Power Within' is a good one) or Ken Dryden's 'The Game', its always good to read about how even top level pros struggle with these things. Definitely gives you a 'not alone in this' perspective, and from my experience just reading about the game reminds you that it should be fun again.
  10. Thought this might be a bit more complicated than it first looked - especially with CCM still producing the Eflex line which is based off of a Lefevre design. A constant theme from the GSBB days (circa the original Premier series) was how Lefevre didn't mod and didn't change their designs for anyone, until the Smith / Turco breaks came along on the P2's. So I've no doubt that CCM pushed them to open up and introduce the bits like modern velcro strapping, D30, weight reductions etc to the Premier line to make them more saleable to the younger market. Trying to pull apart who owns what design-wise out of all that is going to be a mess; I'm sure the Lefevre case would be that their original design hasn't altered much and the CCM updates are just 'add ons' to their original design. E-flex could be even messier - that model was most likely conceived by the CCM team (can anyone confirm for definite?), but is also essentially the original Lefevre core design modified for flex. So who technically owns that? CCM would have a strong case that a Lefevre-style flexible core marketed as a modern hybrid pad is ultimately their idea, which is why they can continue to sell it without Lefevre being involved.
  11. Prices now on the L87 customiser: - Pads: $2200 CDN - Glove: $650 CDN - Blocker: $540 CDN
  12. Eeeshhhh those graphics and logo placements are awful....heres hoping for custom options... Wonder if the logos have been done like this (i.e not on the shin roll and without their own set space on the design) because they're anticipating them being logo-less in the NHL?
  13. I believe this is a design feature to some extent On my G-netik 2's you can push on the jenpro on the shin and definitely feel an air gap before you hit the solid core foam of the pad's main structure. From what I recall, as a hybrid line they were made like this to keep the rebounds close, and come from there being no lacing running through the front of the pads. Wouldn't say the gap on mine is as pronounced as an inch though. I think on the G-netik 4's they've ditched this as theres not as much ask for dead rebounds on pads anymore.
  14. raucebyalien

    Vaughn V9

    I'm still shocked that some companies are like this with social media, especially now other brands are doing such explicit 'social marketing' and gaining interest and traction on their new gear lines in conjunction with other instagram accounts. I get it, they want to portray that the Velo line has a great heritage etc, but #notestingneeded just looks petulant and arrogant - especially now the goalie gear market is more oriented to innovation than its ever been! Get a young intern / graduate to run the social media accounts who has at least some clue on how to read the room with social media criticism - best way to deal with that magnets jibe would have been to turn it into a bit of friendly 'banter' and treat it as an opportunity to outline everything that is different on the V9s, rather than look like a complete douche to prospective customers!
  15. Going to amend my earlier guesses somewhat - the pads in the article's pic have got to be the 'heritage' line as they've got the B in the logo, and they look a lot like the Hiller Koho's too. They also look similar to Roy's alumni game Koho set from a few years ago.
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