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  1. Man, I didn't realise that the V8 glove was so close to a 590 - the backside, cuff and internal strapping is almost identical! Thats not a knock though, I loved my old 590 and thats a beautiful glove. In this 590-ish style glove the way your hand is positioned in the glove means the cuff angles away from your arm, so your wrist isn't near those knots on the rear of the cuff.
  2. Every other brand: 'We have two separate lines of gear' Vaughn: 'We also only have two lines of gear...each with their own separate sub-category of carbon / non-carbon / pro / overseas pro / non-pro helpfully explained by a detailed set of prefix letters and/or numbers! Oh and actually we also have a third line thats not even on our website...'
  3. How about a visual diary aka a GoPro (if feasible in your league)? Couple of years ago I was pretty pissed off and playing badly, then as chance would have it, my girlfriend got me a GoPro for Christmas - it was a real revelation in terms of assessing how a session / game actually went. Over the last few years I've had countless sessions where I've got off the ice feeling bad about a certain goal, or just the sheer volume of goals and then watched the GoPro footage back to realise that it actually wasn't as bad as I thought. On the other hand, I've had sessions where I felt like I played great, and then when I watched the video back I realise that I had a lot of help and most of the 'great' saves were pretty routine! Just having the video as an objective record really helps in terms of evening out your self assessment / perception of your play.
  4. Awesome! Knew I'd heard it somewhere! I'm guessing the reason Scrivens had to have the strap was because he doesn't otherwise have a knee lock (being reliant on his own 'professor' strap) that'd keep the stack from flaring out. Back on to sitings, noticed the other night that Driedger had a unique V8 setup:
  5. Fair enough, must just be a comfort / tradition thing for some guys then EDIT: Just scouring the memory banks, I think my impression that it was an NHL reg came from some gear rundown where whoever it was being interviewed said 'I've got the leather strap on there still so Kay doesn't think I'm cheating'
  6. I might be wrong, but I think its in the NHL gear regs that pads must still have the leather knee strap to make sure the knee block doesn't protrude beyond the overall width of the pad (not that it makes a damn bit of difference in most cases as the guys wear them so loose anyways and its primarily the knee lock doing all the work!)
  7. Depends where you are in Europe, but I've used hockeymonkey.eu a lot and they're a good service although they mainly just have the 'big' brands, Hockey Office (hockeyoffice.com) and Hockey Corner (hockeycorner.de) in Germany are also good. Puck Stop in the UK also has a Wall and Victory (formerly the Wall USA) masks in.
  8. Just posted in the Gnetik IV thread as theres a discussion about prolaces there too - I got an email back saying that the promo code is only for standard, custom and armour models
  9. Yep doesn't work for the hybrid ones either - I was going to get a hybrid set on the code to road test and potentially move my regular set to backups, but will just wait until these break down now
  10. ^ This is similar to my guess; I think CCM will push Axis as their 'high tech' line to compete with 2S/X whilst EFlex and Premier will just be collapsed into one 'Lefevre' range for the traditionalists. The Lefevre range will probably ditch knee rolls and then you'll be able spec out the flex, calf wrap etc so its generally closer to what you had with Premier or Eflex. Either that or its the Larceny 2 that we've been waiting so long for...🤣
  11. All change for Jake Allen - just popped up on Blues' twitter:
  12. Yeah I'd say this is closer to the truth - it depends on league / team sponsorships (more prevalent in Sweden / Finland / Switzerland) but its its mainly CCM and Bauer that dominate still. A couple of years ago it seemed that a few of the Finnish teams had Vaughn deals and there used to be a noticeable amount of Brians in Finland 5 or so years ago I think via the Goaliepro school.
  13. Simple yet cool setup from Spartak Moscow in the K, only pro I've seen using the original Brians smart toes too: [Just as aside - Brians seems to be doing really well in Russia at the minute, I've had three KHL games on in the background today whist I 'work', five of the six goalies had Brians pads on, with only one of those five having a different manufacturers gloves.]
  14. That was the debate when the Wall ProActive (now W4) came out - Wall suggested that the plastic/rubber mix it was made of was better than a stiff shell as it dispersed some of the impact and shock throughout the shell, rather than straight to the head. A lot of European pros (including Rask & Rinne) have used the W4 at high levels seemingly without serious injury too. In fact, if I remember correctly Wall only started making their other kevlar / composite masks because so many pros were just used to a stiff shell and couldn't be tempted into the W4.
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