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  1. Thought it might be a warm up glove that he's beefed up, but theres plenty of pics of him using it in game on getty images - attached a couple that show it most clearly. Looks like a mold with neoprene on top, must be IIHF approved as it doesn't exceed the perimeter of the glove. I'm guessing he's either got an injured hand or preferred to use an old glove / couldn't get a new one in time for world champs as its old model (he must be the only pro left still using legacy Zero G's!)
  2. If he'd broken his collar bone he wouldn't be able to move his arm - my old work manager who was a Krav Maga practitioner told me the easiest way to stop an assailant was punch out their collar bones! 🤣
  3. UPDATE: I gave this a go last night, the freedom in the shin was initially a bit strange, but after a while I really began to like it: removed any sense that the pads were working against me and transitions into VH / RVH seemed easier. I think the key is having the lundy loop, the tighter Brians knee strap and even the taughtness of Prolaces to maintain a sense of control of the pad. Probably not for everyone, but for a guy like me approaching 40 with ever reducing flexibility and hip mobility it seemed to help!
  4. Oddly enough thats what I did as soon as I made the post! G/F is out the house so I got the skates (w/guards on), pads and knee pads on to try it out - even though my smart strap was loose, there was still a notable difference when it wasn't there at all. Its all tucked up now (pic) and will give go on the ice tomorrow without them and see how they are. I also run a lundy boot, pro-laces and because the Brians knee strap is quite short I'm hoping that the combo of those three should be sufficient to hold with a bit more freedom in the calf. Don't know if you've seen the thread, but this forum has also helped sourcing your other goalie Hrachovina with a new glove!
  5. As the title says really; has anyone with a Brians smart strap equipped pad ditched the calf strap completely? (retaining the outer calf strap that keeps the external wings together) Despite having an ugly hybrid stye, I used to have P4's which I kept pretty loose and because of that they didn't place much torque on my legs / ankles / hips etc. Currently run my gnetik2s smart strap as loose as possible, and since I've had them i've routed the s.s around the calf wing instead of round the inner wrap (I've posted a pic before, but its similar to how the gnetik4 strapping is now set up) to create a bit more space in the leg channel. Only pro I've seen ditch completely is Henrik Karlsson (pics), but I thought I'd see if anyone on here had any experience / pros and cons before I yank them out!
  6. Not sure how i feel about these - bit too much going on...
  7. Black icebergs if I remember correctly?? I think this board need to see those!
  8. Watching the Leafs - Hawks game last night I noticed that Sparks has changed up his 'alien from District 9' design to include more white (generally not a fan of more white, but this looks better I think). Also enjoyed watching Delia play, and his Brians set reminded me of the old Bauer Supremes from the mid-2000s - anyone know if these are actually Heritage pads or Optiks / Gnetik4 with knee rolls?? [EDIT - Looking at the pic I posted, the thickness of the pad + lacing in the front would indicate they are actually a Heritage pad.]
  9. Merzlikins in his 'gate of Lugano' set in the NLA playoffs. With Bob looking likely to leave CBJ in the summer, I'd imagine we'll see Merzly in the NHL for a least a few games next year.
  10. Just reading back through this thread, made me think that its kind of strange that gloves are almost universally referred to by break angle these days instead of model type - especially given that theres so many build variables that go into each glove. I remember reading a few years back (maybe on the GSBB) that the original Koho / Lefevre angle designation of 60/90 degrees was actually to do with how they saw the goalies arm in the stance, rather than the mechanics of the glove - i.e. if you held your glove arm at a approx 60 degree angle in your stance then the 590 glove was better for you etc.
  11. Cam Talbot is starter number 8 (?!) for the Flyers tonight in his new 'impending free agent white' gear:
  12. I wear Bauer sweats, Passau kneepads on top and then an XL set of UA that i got cheap over the top in lieu of socks to keep the knee guards in check. Despite the size of the Passau's the UA isn't significantly permanently stretched out (even after a few years use), but stretching the UA out over the knee pads does mean that it does get blown seams where it contacts the knee lock, holes where velcro snags or pucks hit etc.
  13. Just to update my own experience with the 1X - I've ended up flipping mine. My not-far-from-40 year old knees just couldn't take the beating from the thin landing area, so I stuck with my gen2 Passaus which have a much plusher landing pad.
  14. Finally got mine out on the ice for the first time tonight - like them so far, consistent rotation back to the centre (with the original Brians smart toe they often wouldn't pull the pad back to centre), and felt like they pulled the pad down a bit more securely on the skate too. Definitely an upgrade on my homemade version of shock cord + plastic hooks!
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