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  1. The 20.1's are supposed to be a completely new model - I'm guessing what the OP meant was that, if Lefevre knew that CCM was still running with the EFlex line, they'd market some value / distinction into the Lefevre 12.1 / L87 by saying something like "we've reduced weight and added X and Y to the 12.1" or "the L87 is how we originally conceived the EFlex line" etc so there'd be a justifiable reason for someone to shell out the extra $ that buying Lefevre entails. For the dispassionate doesn't-care-about-brands or where its built customer, there wouldn't seem to be much to persuade you to get a set of 12.1s over a set of Eflexs - Lefevre appears to be content relying on their historic reputation to pull people in. That said, Lefevre seem to be doing pretty well on reputation alone so far and pulling over plenty of pros! Certainly will be interesting to see how next seasons NHL looks with the numbers of Lefevre vs Axis.
  2. Price and Fleury are the only G's left on the 'pro' section of the CCM website, so its probably safe to say they're the only guys left in the league as CCM athletes as TGN says. Over the past few years (from what I remember) theres also been: - Bernier in his Toronto days, when he was still considered a solid prospect - Giguere in his Toronto days - Luongo, mainly when he was in Van - Crawford up until this year - Miller when he was a Sabre and they were pushing the Larceny line All saleable guys (at the time) and in big hockey markets. First I ever saw of Saros in Finland playing for HPK he was in P4's, so he's been Reebok-CCM guy ever since he's been a pro - like a lot of pros he probably just sticks to what works.
  3. Lets talk about the real implications of this.... As of Monday night I took over first place in my fantasy league after being bottom most of the season, and as of yesterdays games I've got a 0.4 point lead over 2nd place...this might be the best fantasy comeback win via a technicality ever!
  4. Practice video from the flames - looks like Rittich is trying out a set of Lefevres too. <CCM sweating intensifies>
  5. There are a few factors in play in terms of total height, but from my own experience of moving from Vaughn -> Reebok -> Brians between 2011 - 2015 was that they were all fairly 'true' in terms of the shin sizing. I.E. my 33" base size Brians have a 1" lower knee block that my 34" base Reebok P4's did. However, there a number of other things to consider: - Companies that have a bindingless top on their pad (Brians for example) measure as a bigger thigh rise as the + size stops at the actual edge of the pad rather than at the edge of the binding. - Pads with a stiffer ankle break (CCM P1s) will have a taller overall feel - Pads with more breaks / pre-curve in general won't feel as tall From my own experience in the 33"-34" range, Brians +1.5 was probably equivalent to a Reebok and Vaughn +2, maybe even a bit bigger. Learnt to live with my +1.5 but wish I'd only gone for a +1, in fact I believe Brians used to dissuade people from ordering anything over a +2.
  6. Yeah, gotta wonder whether the CCM's new parent company will ultimately regret their decision to not re-up with Lefevre - theres a lot more pro guys moving over than I initially expected, I though most of the Eflex guys would just carry over to non-Lefevre CCM made Eflex. I guess we'll know for sure when the Axis line is fully rolled out.
  7. raucebyalien

    New Team, Old Gear

    2020 trade deadline bump of this thread: Lehner in Vegas, with green pad wrapped grey - looks pretty good, but wouldn't of hurt the equipment manager to get some gold on there too!
  8. Well here's one of the Lefevre surprises - Andersson testing the 12.1s:
  9. Pretty sure Quick's glove has always been a stock V3 / V4 model (wasn't a lot of difference between the two). I had a V3 back in 2010 and it definitely had a 590ish feel to it, without being an out and out clone of a 590 like the new XP. So, good news - no need to pay Vaughn $600 for a rebuild, just go and find a used V3 / V4 in good condition off eBay / sideline swap for a fraction of the price 👍 Here's his V4 retro set from 2011 vs a set from last year - glove is exactly the same:
  10. The 70 grand year must of been the year he ran through various Itech / Reebok Xpulse / Brians Focus and probably a couple more sets - not to mention a variety of combinations of each set together 🤣 EDIT: just did an images search - season was 06/07, starts off in TPS gloves & unbranded Smith pads (few pairs different colours / graphics) -> then to Itech again in a few colour ways -> then adds Xpulse gloves -> then moves to Brians Thief pads w/ the Xpulse gloves! Next season he started with V3 pads, Itech glove and one95 blocker, shifting to one95 pads and glove eventually too
  11. I believe Vaughn still offer all their older models - even at retail - if you request it. I'd imagine you would pay a premium for them to dig out the Bryz specs and the V3 dyes, but from what I've seen in the past they'll do it. I'm sure any retailer that has a good relationship with Vaughn will be able to sort you out.
  12. I know no-one cares about euro goalies - especially in white! - but these must be the last Zero G / Pro Stock pads still being made (Leonardo Genoni - Swiss NLA)! He was in Gnetik 4's to start the season (last pic) but it would seem old habits die hard. Also has a weird thing going with the knee blocks - think his knee elastic only attaches to the inner cradle rather than through the block, which leaves the block flapping loose
  13. There was a video posted in the 'whats in a pad' thread where a Finnish guy takes apart some 1x's and I think they had the same problem in that the boot section just fell off once the skin was off the pad! They must either have a really deep boot break to facilitate flex or be completely detached from the main core of the pad I'm guessing? Although, as I've just typed that out I remember Brian's saying that they'd stopped working with Lehner (Buffalo era) because he wanted a completely detached boot and they couldn't do it without compromising the integrity of the pad...
  14. I think TGN dropped a hint on instagram with the picture of Wedgewood in his new Lefevre's - maybe the possibility of a licensing agreement with True isn't dead yet??
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