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  1. Good spot - I initially thought it was a Miklin with a new logo / graphic set up too. He's normally in a Vaughn blocker, so I'm guessing its a ventus clone. He actually had a really nice set of Optik 2's made last year when the CCM / Lefevre split was happening, don't think they ever saw game action though
  2. Ok, so I can't do NHL sitings with the postponements, but heres some KHL training camp sitings that people might appreciate! - Julias Hudacek (Spartak Moscow) in the Lefebvre 4.1s - Dimitri Shugayev...I think... (Severstal Cherepovets) in the Axis - Ilya Ezhov (Vityas) in the heavily customised Brians - Jan Kovar (Avtomobilist) in the Optik 2's w/G-netik graphic
  3. Given his testing of Lefebvre and now Brians, I wonder if his CCM contract is up at the end of this season 🤔 It'd be highly unusual for him to switch brands on the eve of the playoffs
  4. Personally I'd go for 85A at the very least if you're predominantly outside Since Covid, one of my teams has had an informal roller session. Needing a new set of wheels I decided to get the Labeda Shooters (83A) which are slightly cheaper than the Asphalt model, but even after a few sessions they've got a notable amount of wear on them, to the point that I've already had to switch them around. I'm sure skating in summer heat hasn't helped either (I'm approx 180lbs for reference). Don't remember wear being such an issue when I skated as a skinny teenager in the 90's! 🤣
  5. He left the NHL around the time of the 2nd lockout which, from what I can remember, was the peak of the GSBB
  6. Has Tommy Salo retired!
  7. Kind of overlapping seasons here 🤣 but both Jokerit (KHL) goalies in camp are in Bauer true design pads for 20/21: Red mask is Janis Kalnins and the blue mask is Anders Lindback
  8. As does Bob... (via Panthers twitter)
  9. Binnington joins the ranks of those giving Lefevre a shake:
  10. Here's a cleaner look at Price, interesting that he's in the L20's rather than the L12s:
  11. Carter Hart also in a Lefevre set up today (theres a pic floating around somewhere) Lefevre twitter just posted his set:
  12. The 20.1's are supposed to be a completely new model - I'm guessing what the OP meant was that, if Lefevre knew that CCM was still running with the EFlex line, they'd market some value / distinction into the Lefevre 12.1 / L87 by saying something like "we've reduced weight and added X and Y to the 12.1" or "the L87 is how we originally conceived the EFlex line" etc so there'd be a justifiable reason for someone to shell out the extra $ that buying Lefevre entails. For the dispassionate doesn't-care-about-brands or where its built customer, there wouldn't seem to be much to persuade you to g
  13. Price and Fleury are the only G's left on the 'pro' section of the CCM website, so its probably safe to say they're the only guys left in the league as CCM athletes as TGN says. Over the past few years (from what I remember) theres also been: - Bernier in his Toronto days, when he was still considered a solid prospect - Giguere in his Toronto days - Luongo, mainly when he was in Van - Crawford up until this year - Miller when he was a Sabre and they were pushing the Larceny line All saleable guys (at the time) and in big hockey markets. First I ever saw of Sa
  14. Lets talk about the real implications of this.... As of Monday night I took over first place in my fantasy league after being bottom most of the season, and as of yesterdays games I've got a 0.4 point lead over 2nd place...this might be the best fantasy comeback win via a technicality ever!
  15. Practice video from the flames - looks like Rittich is trying out a set of Lefevres too. <CCM sweating intensifies>
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