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  1. raucebyalien

    2021 Playoffs

    Moral of this story for beer league - tuck your chesty to show the girls in the crowd* that you're ripped, not like the untucked slob in the crease at the other end of the ice 💪 * There are probably no girls in the crowd
  2. raucebyalien

    2021 Playoffs

    As a neutral, this was the most 'meh' final I can remember - underdog vs. a team $19m over the cap, ending exactly as everyone could of predicted. And yes, what TB did was perfectly legal yada yada, but in cap terms that $19m is the equivalent of dropping both Crosby and Malkin onto the Habs and still having enough cap-change for a couple of Pat Maroons (or alternatively Mitch Marner, Morgan Riley and some change - but I'd suggest shopping carefully!). Pity really because I'm a fan of John Cooper and was glad to see him add a ring at the NHL level last year, but this just sorta felt like when the Red Wings superstar team rolled over the Canes in '02.
  3. New retro True set for Rinne (stolen from the Preds twitter):
  4. Chalk me up as '40 and struggling for flare'! In fact, I'm convinced that whatever hip structure I've been gifted through genetics couldn't be any worse for playing in net. The proof - I did the MM Butterfly Challenge everyday for two months with absolutely no widening at all; in a carpetfly if I keep my knees a few inches apart I can barely get my ankles to move past the direct angle behind my knees! (if I open my knees up its a bit better than that) When I used to have cowled skates they'd be blade nicks all over the inner cowls where the opposite skate would hit the other in recoveries, slides etc because my legs tend to sink under rather than flare out as they should. On the upside, I primarily used to play out when I was a kid and doing that Crosby-style 'opening both skates out' move was dead easy. I've also become an expert in the various forms of knee protection offered by the market! (Passaus are my choice FWIW) Pic for the real flare 🤣
  5. Speaking of tributes, Kinkaid's new Dan Blackburn-esque setup. Second pic just to show how soft Campbell's pads are...
  6. Noticed from one of the pics above that Miller attaches his boot strap in an unusual way. Can see from this high-res version that he runs it through the pad's core lacing:
  7. Campbell Vaughn'ed even harder when he joined LA - from what I remember in his Dallas days his pads were at least fairly modern, in LA he picked up a pair Quick returns and started drinking the soft construction / V2 leg channel Kool aid! (can't argue against the results though, him having some NHL success is a great story after being labelled a 'bust' in Dallas for so long) Don't think its been posted, Freddies RR new gear:
  8. Reverse retro Quick, from the Kings twitter account:
  9. Only pic I could find, but Rinne is now out of his Axis set and into a True 12.2 setup:
  10. Maybe Daveart is giving us some insight into his processes? 🤔 As much as I've ripped on him, I'd love to see him host a Bob Ross-style show, just completely whacked out on mushrooms and paint fumes going deep into whatever mask he's doing: "Ok...so that alien head version of the Blackhawks logo I've just ghosted all over this thing...fuck it man...lets get that in glow in the dark paint with a sparkle-FX trail coming off it...and I'm gonna go ahead and just add a robot Patrick Kane surfing the Stanley Cup onto that trail..."
  11. 100%, he had a fairly iconic design (as far as modern goalies go) and now has this indistinct bowl of Daveart crap Daveart is a show pony artist - undoubtedly talented and skilled when it comes to techniques, but the overall design, composition and concept is usually an ill-conceived mess!
  12. From Mike McKenna's twitter - Fleury and Lehner, Fleury also in True...at this point does CCM have any of their main guys left??
  13. I know its early in the season, but with a lot of True / Lefevre being seen in training camps and not so much Axis / EF5 I've been wondering if CCM's management started regretting ditching Lefevre... Maybe this is now the point - Price in True with a Warrior stick: (via TSN's John Lu)
  14. Day 1 of camp for non-bubble teams from last year:
  15. Quick's new V9 setup from the Kings twitter:
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