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  1. Reverse retro Quick, from the Kings twitter account:
  2. Only pic I could find, but Rinne is now out of his Axis set and into a True 12.2 setup:
  3. Maybe Daveart is giving us some insight into his processes? 🤔 As much as I've ripped on him, I'd love to see him host a Bob Ross-style show, just completely whacked out on mushrooms and paint fumes going deep into whatever mask he's doing: "Ok...so that alien head version of the Blackhawks logo I've just ghosted all over this thing...fuck it man...lets get that in glow in the dark paint with a sparkle-FX trail coming off it...and I'm gonna go ahead and just add a robot Patrick Kane surfing the Stanley Cup onto that trail..."
  4. 100%, he had a fairly iconic design (as far as modern goalies go) and now has this indistinct bowl of Daveart crap Daveart is a show pony artist - undoubtedly talented and skilled when it comes to techniques, but the overall design, composition and concept is usually an ill-conceived mess!
  5. From Mike McKenna's twitter - Fleury and Lehner, Fleury also in True...at this point does CCM have any of their main guys left??
  6. I know its early in the season, but with a lot of True / Lefevre being seen in training camps and not so much Axis / EF5 I've been wondering if CCM's management started regretting ditching Lefevre... Maybe this is now the point - Price in True with a Warrior stick: (via TSN's John Lu)
  7. Day 1 of camp for non-bubble teams from last year:
  8. Quick's new V9 setup from the Kings twitter:
  9. Back onto gear sitings, albeit KHL ones, here the first True-branded retro setup I've seen: (Julius Hudacek, Spartak Moscow)
  10. I've had the NHL network playing in the background a lot recently, so this what I've picked up on from their discussions and chats with Elliotte Friedman etc: - tentative plan in place start the season around the 13th Jan - camps open 4th Jan for those 'non bubble' teams from last year, 6th Jan for bubble teams - AHL starts early Feb, but NHL teams will most likely be extended initially to include a taxi squad like the playoffs - divisions realigned for the season to match geographic proximity as close as possible - all Canadian division etc - initial bubbles
  11. Brians just posted up Georgiev's new set: EDIT: Interesting that they're IV's and not V's which I think, covid aside, should of been out this year - guessing some manufacturers are postponing their new product roll out till some form of normalcy returns
  12. Starting to get this some 20-21 sitings on NHL twitter accounts: (Rinne & Samsonov)
  13. FWIW - it used to be GSBB tradition to end the current season of sitings with a pic of the cup winning goalie with the cup!
  14. Good spot - I initially thought it was a Miklin with a new logo / graphic set up too. He's normally in a Vaughn blocker, so I'm guessing its a ventus clone. He actually had a really nice set of Optik 2's made last year when the CCM / Lefevre split was happening, don't think they ever saw game action though
  15. Ok, so I can't do NHL sitings with the postponements, but heres some KHL training camp sitings that people might appreciate! - Julias Hudacek (Spartak Moscow) in the Lefebvre 4.1s - Dimitri Shugayev...I think... (Severstal Cherepovets) in the Axis - Ilya Ezhov (Vityas) in the heavily customised Brians - Jan Kovar (Avtomobilist) in the Optik 2's w/G-netik graphic
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