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  1. Brians have either done a really good job of making sure theres no early leaks on Optik 2 before the official announcement today, or its out to the pros later than Gn4 was last season. If I'm correct, Georgiev was seen in Gn4's at rangers development camp (June?) last season, and Magnus Hellberg had them for the start of the KHL preseason - he's in his old pads for this preseason.
  2. I believe they're already shredded - there was a lot of people on GGSU who weren't happy with the choice to repurpose these pads.
  3. ^ This Brians also has precedent of putting their new graphic on the older pads (Anderson has had Gnetik graphics on Sub Zero pads in the past) so it'd make sense in terms of pushing the new line - especially where the goalie is in a big market.
  4. Guessing that might be the Optik 2 (or whatever they will be called) graphics on a Gnetik4 pad as theres aspects of the original Optik graphic in there 🤨 (otherwise I'm completely wrong and its a custom graphic!)
  5. One of my favourites to watch - Markus Svensson of Farjestad (SHL) in his old pads but with a stylish new Roy-style tribute mask:
  6. Merzly in his CBJ gear (with the new colour option Bauer 2S stick):
  7. raucebyalien

    Sore Knees

    Had a similar issue - I got some 1X knee pads and hurt my knee wearing them as theres barely any landing padding on them. Went back to my old gen 2 Passaus, which were notably more comfortable after wearing the 1X, but had worn down and compressed in the landing area a bit. Thought about getting the Maltese inserts to bulk up the Passaus, but because of the demise of Maltese had to improvise instead - got a sheet of 0.5" foam to make an additional layer in the knee stacks, and also wear sweat bands around the bottom my knee (bit goofy, but gives a bit more landing padding and prob isn't as bulky as the Maltese inserts would of been). Combo of those two has done wonders, haven't had any knee pain for awhile now.
  8. Ha I forgot to post the stick one initially - favourite part of that is the point blank slappers to the paddle down! The 'by any means necessary' one reminds me of a goalie coach we had in the 90's, Scottish guy who'd played pro and who would explain, then demonstrate (no pads on, just street clothes on and a normal player stick turned round) and then ask players to actually shoot at him like that to fully demonstrate 🤣 These are also so well-observed in terms of bad goalie coaching / schools: - Over earnestness - Questionable credentials (former goaltending consultant to the Saskatoon Shivs of the penitentiary league 😂) - Outdated and lame drills
  9. Niemi at Jokerit camp - still in Canadiens mask and sticks:
  10. Can't believe I've not seen this before...everything about it is excellent!
  11. Janis Kalnins at Jokerit's (KHL) training camp:
  12. First new Daveart splatter-mess of the upcoming season... I've followed Merzlikins for a few years now, and he's had some nice stylish buckets for Lugano which makes this even worse somehow...just a total compositional dogs dinner.
  13. Ok, so geeked out slightly after my initial post and did a trawl of getty which has some much better looks at them: Knee strap and toe caps are immediately the most noticeable Lefevre elements. They still have no straps through the face of the pad like the actual Heaton 5s.
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