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  1. This was my the before and after of my stacks:
  2. Think I've posted this before somewhere, but replacing the foam in the knee stack is fairly easy job - I did it to my G-netiks after using them for about three years. Order a sheet of HD foam from eBay, take the stacks out and use a seam ripper to unstitch them at one end , old foam out, use it as a template to cut the new foam, put the new foam in. If I remember correctly I made mine a bit thicker than they came stock too.
  3. Domingue in his Jersey 'christmas' retro set up:
  4. My own experience going from Reebok P4s to Brians G-netik 2: P4s were 34 + 1 and I ordered the Brians as 33 + 1.5, the shin sizing was fairly 'true' in that the knee block of the Brians were an inch lower than the one of the P4s. However, the thigh rise of the Brians was wayyyyy bigger than the P4s (certainly not 0.5" bigger 😂), perhaps as much as 2" bigger which meant that the Brians 33+1.5 were overall taller than a Reebok 34+1. I believe in part that this is due to Brians having bindingless thigh rises which means you're getting more actual pad (as opposed to binding) in the listed size. However, if you're specifically after Premiers its worth taking into account at one point they stiffened the boot so much that it made them feel bigger than they actually were (don't know if this is still the case with the current model)
  5. Just the stick to go now!
  6. I've not used one, but I've held and tried on a couple in shops in Finland - they're light and well made, and I also like the shape that sorta reminds me of 90s Lefebvre masks! The finish is also unique, its hard but because its rubberised you can push your thumbnail into it - same sort of feel if you did the same to a puck. I also don't subscribe to the 'everything plastic = widow maker' school of thought, I believe that Wall's initial idea was that the plastic / rubber composite would absorb and disperse impact rather than transfer it directly to the head as would be the case with a stiff mask. But eventually they had a lot of pro's requesting stiff masks so incorporated fibreglass and kevlar models too.
  7. Ok from my own sketchy knowledge the situation was this: Wall Finland is the original company from the early 2000s, their first mask was the ProActiv a plastic / rubber hybrid that was used by a bunch of pro guys (Rask, Rinne and a lot of Finnish and Scandinavian pros) and has the old Jofa-style waffle internal padding. That mask is now the Wall Finland W4 Wall USA was separate company licensing the Wall name for the US market, whilst their fibreglass / kevlar masks were comparable to the Wall Finland W8, W10 etc, their version of the W4 is a completely different shape to the Finnish W4 and instead adopts the shape of the more expensive masks albeit with a plastic / rubber hybrid construction. The USA W4 also came is short or long chin options. Wall Finland and Wall USA had a fall out over whatever the licensing agreement was, or construction methods or something, so Wall USA is now Victory. In the aftermath of the fall out one of the guys from Wall Finland went on facebook to say that none of the Wall USA / Victory masks should be carrying the 'made in Finland' stickers that the Finnish masks have as it was essentially a completely separate enterprise that they had nothing to do with! Happy to be corrected by anyone who has more in depth knowledge. I'd imagine Pure Hockey / Perani's etc are just carrying left over inventory still branded Wall USA, it'd seem that since adopting the Victory name, the USA W4 now also has the Jofa-style waffle padding too.
  8. Here's me rocking some 12" wide V1's on the come back trail back in 2010ish! Previous owner had re-covered the knee wings in a cordura type material, which meant sliding was pretty much non existent. Digging this picture out reminded me of a funny story about that OHL practice jersey: Year after the pic was taken I was playing for my university team as a staff member; the uni league in the UK is nothing like the NCAA / Usports etc and is more like organised beer league just affiliated to universities. Nonetheless, we get a few decent guys from Europe and north America that have played at a pretty good level and want to play whilst they're over here. In one of the first practices of the year, one Canadian dude looks at the OHL jersey and says to me 'whoa is that your jersey??'. Yeah I say...mine as in I bought it off eBay 🤣. He'd soon find out on the ice that there was not much chance of me having ever graced an OHL crease!
  9. raucebyalien

    Warrior G5

    The goalie monkey link posted previously says warrior-wall masks, if thats any clue to a collaboration or maybe just alphabetical indexing? Wonder if this means Warrior has bought out Wall Finland to be their branded masks and this will help them get some traction in the show outside of their sticks?
  10. Non-NHL, but another long term Reebok / CCM / Lefevre user now in another brand; Jakub Kovar, Avtomobilist, KHL (3rd pic is his previous set)
  11. Just thought I'd post up a minor experiment I've been running for the last month in case its useful to anyone else: Since I started playing again in 2010 I've always left out the top eyelets for a bit more ankle mobility (skates - Bauer 3000s, Bauer Elites, Graf G50s w/vertex) Switched to a pair of 1s about a year ago, immediate experience was that leaving the top eyelet out felt way too loose, whilst tying all the way to the top made me feel like a golf club! Found a hybrid / middle ground by running the lace from the penultimate eyelet, up to the outside of the last eyelet, threading it inside and tying inside of the last eyelet, which gave a nice mix of stability and flex in the boot. A few months into owning the 1s I started to get bad foot pain (ball of foot) and numbness in some of my toes, which I put down to having wide feet and high arches and skates never really fitting correctly. On a whim I went back to normal lacing instead of the hybrid method, still felt like a golf club initially, but no pain and felt like I had loads more foot control. Tried the hybrid method again last night - loads of pain in the ball of foot and generally my feet felt as sloppy as hell. So my take away was altering lacing to take away pressure on one part of your foot might just end putting excess pressure elsewhere - in my case it seems having less ankle support was putting a lot more stress on the bottom of my foot, either that or I've just got abnormal feet 😂 TLDR: Tying your skates as intended might be better and cause less foot pain in the long run!
  12. Big time sweater here, with no hair to stop the flow either (!) - the Bauer 37.5 are the best ones I've used in terms of absorption
  13. Hmmm... True Premier Series by Lefebvre coming summer 2020?? After I wrote the post earlier I thought it'd be pretty cool if Warrior picked up Lefebvre, so Warrior had two 'name' lines - the Smith line and the Lefebvre line
  14. raucebyalien

    New Team, Old Gear

    If I was Domingue I'd have just told the equipment manager not to bother with the pad wrap 😂
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