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    Bauer 1x 33+2 By TGC-Rance
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    Bauer 1x, double tee, skate lace, pro palm
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    Bauer 1x, Factory MAD palm
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    Vaughn LT98 Pro, M
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    Bauer 1s, M
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    Otny mCC
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    Bauer 1s, 25", P31
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    Bauer 1s, 9D
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    Tydan DLC
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    Bauer 1x
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  1. I send this. If you were to sell them at all, it would be to someone who really wants these pads. Usually for nostalgia value. Otherwise donate them.
  2. I've always used the cord that comes with the dangler. Black so it doesn't show sweat stains. I've used the same Bauer cord for three years now. I prefer unwaxed because waxed tends to be stiffer and it's hard to shake loose if it gets caught in your mask harness. Just make sure to melt the ends if you cut them, because retying them with frayed ends is too difficult.
  3. What they're referring to is the HAL Bungee toe ties, not a calf elastic. I've never had rotation issue on my 1X pads. They have HALs installed too, so that might correct your issue. My strapping: - Medium tunefit strap with the tab roughly 3 inches from the top of the velcro loop patch on the calf wrap - Knee elastic down to the calf wrap - No boot strap, no extra calf strapping - Bungee toe ties, snug Recently I've added a professor strap kit from Kenesky and I don't think I'll ever go back. I've never been more connected to my pads. I can finally close my five hole. I will probably remove the Tunefit strap altogether to save a step getting dressed.
  4. goalieThreeOne

    2X Pro

    Depends on the retailer. Retailers generally pick their own colorways to put on the shelves. GM may carry different color options than THS for example. Almost certainly though, this will will be one of the stock options at many retailers as the "all white" option.
  5. Very glad to see the abrasion zone inside the calf wrap. That's literally the only area on my 1x pads that shows any wear whatsoever.
  6. goalieThreeOne

    2X Pro

    Worth noting that if you want more of an S in the 2X, you can get it. I store my 1x’s upside down and I’ve brought in the thigh rise 2-3 inches. No weights, no squashing, just storing upside down 24/7 Edit: Wanted to add more detail. I store them upside down with the thigh rise on the floor and the boot leaning up against the wall. The top of the thigh rise should be somewhere parallel with the boot break. The goal there is to make sure the center of gravity is directly over the top of the thigh rise so that the pad's weight isn't leaning against the wall, but rather pushing down on the thigh rise. The prime time to do this is when it's warm, wet, and soft after you place. Come home and immediately store them. Once it dries, the foam will shrink a bit into place. it does take time, 2 months or so. Don't squash it or heat it up. You don't want to tear the foams or undo the adhesives. Just take it slow.
  7. goalieThreeOne

    2X Pro

    Brian's upcharges you for certain upgrades like angle knee blocks or different glove internals. They also charge for expedited assembly. The only difference between the two is Bauer gives you a menu of expanded options for a flat rate upcharge and Brian's does so by request. It's not strange, it's smart.
  8. goalieThreeOne

    2X Pro

    Black cover, pro bump, and also faster shipping. It was a very minimal upcharge IMO. $200 instead of $100 IIRC.
  9. goalieThreeOne

    2X Pro

    Custom is the standard custom option you build with Bauer’s online customizer. Pro custom gives you additional custom options shown on the pdf above for an additional upcharge and a (supposedly) reduced lead time
  10. goalieThreeOne

    2X Pro

    I did. There is a Pro Custom pdf he can probably send you, but unfortunately like CCM, it doesn't explain what the options are in great detail. However, it's even worse because it doesn't even show you a picture. The Pro Bump is something I inferred on my own, if I'm wrong, then I've ordered a weird option that I guess I'm gonna have to live with. Most of the others are pretty self explanatory. The Knee/Shin stiffness I think is the same option as the Dynamic Flex/Powerlite option in the online customizer, by process of elimination since there's no other way to specify that in the customization sheet. Other options include: Change the lengths of the Tunefit strap and calf wing strap, offset or centered toe bridge (HAL, CRS, or skate lace), Quattro or Catch Palm in the glove, standard or reinforced T (double or single T), game/pro/practice palm, square or angle knee block (bump or no bump), senior/XL/intermediate internals on glove or blocker, delete thumb pillow.
  11. goalieThreeOne

    2X Pro

    You need to talk to @TGC-Rance
  12. goalieThreeOne

    2X Pro

    To be honest I'm not sure, but I think you're on the right track. Probably makes it have less torsional flex so it's more like a stiff board and less twisty than stock. As far as the knee block, I have no idea. AFAIK this is the first time it's been offered to the public as an option on the OD1N series, so I've never seen live pictures of it. My guess is no. I'm getting it for the extra bit of security since I have the leakiest five-hole in the known universe.
  13. goalieThreeOne

    2X Pro

    Ask your retailer
  14. goalieThreeOne

    2X Pro

    Insert profile mean how thick the insert in the middle is. You can choose Thin like the Vapor 1x or Thick like the 2s. Pro Bump is kind of like Bauer's version of a knee leveler from Warrior. Normally the sliding surface is narrower than the knee landing block. This puts a bump on the knee landing block so that there's not a gap underneath. Here's what it looks like from Warrior:
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