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  1. This my only gripe with my 2x Pro set. Even with the catch liner, it's nearly impossible to get it to feel locked onto your hand. I'm actually to the point that I'm considering buying a G4 glove in matching colors to my 2x Pro set.
  2. Agreed. Based on the example given in OP. That isn't the question. The question is should picking the puck off the ice and putting it in the goal with your blade be illegal. These are two separate and distinct actions. One is possession of the puck during a distance traveled by the skater. The other is possession of the puck to perform a potential scoring motion. If you're saying the skater should not be allowed to juggle the puck on his blade while moving behind the net, we're in agreement. If you're saying that the player cannot pick the puck up off the ice and carry it into the net, my response to you is that the only difference between that action and a shot is that the blade is in contact with the puck the entire time. If anything, it's no different than poking a loose puck behind the goal line down low or slamming it through an open gap during a scramble. Defending it from a goaltending perspective is no different than preventing a goal through any other kind of gap through any other method (shot, deflection, tip, poke, etc.). The fact that the goaltender is unprepared for that action is not a problem inherent to the nature of the game (using your blade to put the puck into the net is DEFINITIVELY a hockey action), but rather inadequate preparation by the goaltender and his coaches. If you leave a gap open, you get scored on. It's as simple as that. If you still don't understand the distinction I'm trying to make, ask yourself if there's a difference in carrying a basketball down the court or through the key without dribbling, and carrying the ball up to the rim for a dunk. Because that's what this kind of goal is. If a slap shot is a three point jump shot, and a wrist/snap shot in a two point layup, then the lacrosse goal is a dunk. A dunk is not travelling, because it is a scoring action.
  3. I view that as different since that was a safety concern. Same with the Malarchuk incident, and every one of Matt Cook's feeble attempts at fighting.
  4. A lacrosse goal is not analogous to travelling. It's a motion made using the stick to put the goal in the net. In my eyes, that makes it a type of shot. It's about a half of a degree away from a deflection or batting it out of mid air into the goal and there's no way anyone would support banning those. Regulating the number of strides wouldn't work either. Those guys can get post to post with one good push. It's only 6 feet. Plus now you're opening yourself up to something else you'd have to review. All for what? A type of goal that gets scored in the single digits every year?
  5. My only argument against it is that it brings the players stick up to head proximity. From that perspective, you could make the argument that it's unsafe in the same way high sticking is considered unsafe. The "travelling" analogy is a weak argument. In this case, he didn't take much more than a half stride. You can take a step with the ball in basketball without it being considered traveling. The goaltender's defense on this is easy. Go mask to post. If a player still tries this, then we're back to my original point above that it could be dangerous. With the current state of the NHL trying to increase scoring by reducing the size of goaltending equipment, what would be the reason (other than safety issues above) they would want to ban this. Right now this clip is going viral through multiple social media channels. Even non-hockey fans are re-posting this. These kind of ridiculous highlights get a lot of attention, something the NHL desperately wants. I just don't see a ban happening.
  6. Your dad, even after showing him your bruises, doesn't agree you need a higher level chesty? What a cheapskate.
  7. Avoid accidents. Seriously. That's why I can't drive a slow car. I think having something with quick acceleration is useful for getting yourself out of sticky situations like getting on and off interstates. The other factor is that I'm in sales. I often have to drive customer to and from job sites and to lunch or other events. Having 707HP is useful for bragging rights and impressing blue collar tradesmen and distributors.
  8. Would you say that the growth is partly due to the sponsorship contracts they've got in place with Junior leagues? If I'm Bauer, I'm going hard after those contracts. CCM has those types of contracts overseas which is why I think you see a lot of pro goalies still in CCM, because it's what they always played in. If Bauer can do the same thing, they could tip the scaled in the near future. More NHL pros, should theoretically mean more amateur sales.
  9. goalieThreeOne

    Brand loyalty

    I'm all Bauer, head-to-toe except for my Otny masks and various brand of undergarments (Nike, Shock Doctor, Maltese). Since I'm not anywhere close to a hockey store, I rarely get a chance to try the latest pro level stuff on or see it in person. But, because I've been wearing Bauer for about three years now (including 4 different full sets) I've gotten used to their construction methods and materials. So all I have to do is read TGN and other reviews to see all the minor small differences. I also know their sizing very well, so it's easy to feel confident that something will fit when I order it. It's herd to step out of the little Bauer comfort zone I've put myself in considering every time I've tried I end up sending it back. I loved the Gen4 glove so much, but between me and Rance, we couldn't figure out the pad sizing remotely so I ended up back in Vapors. Their customer service has also been really good to me and I don't really mind the lead times. I loved all of my previous Vaughn CA's so I could be tempted to switch back there and I would be open to switching to someone like Warwick for my mask if it was custom.
  10. Fully specc'ed it's right at $60k so it's not that cheap. The Jeep GC Trackhawk adds 300HP for an additional $10-12k more, but that model is so well past its prime I'm having a hard time considering it as an option.
  11. goalieThreeOne

    Optik 2

    I'm having to remove mine. They've stretched the core lace of my 2x Pro pads absurdly. Until I can find a good spot to cut and tighten them, I'm leaving my prof strap off.
  12. Practice is ALWAYS the answer isn't it? Unfortunately most of us don't have the time to practice as much as we should.
  13. Yeah if it's laced in, definitely do it if you've tried breaking it in and it doesn't help. It's sewn in on Bauer, so I ended up dealing with it. Fortunately, the 2x Pro finger protection is not as aggressively shaped. Have you considered that you could make an adjustment with your technique? If you exaggerate the movement of loosening your grip, the outer index finger protection should pull away from the stick cleaner.
  14. goalieThreeOne

    Optik 2

    Theoretically, the professor strap is secure enough that you shouldn't need any other straps, so it's just continuing the trend. About the only other strap you would need is an outer calf wrap strap to keep it from flapping around. Your tone is kind of condescending. I appreciate being able to dress quicker and not carry the weight of 5 pieces of leather when two pieces of nylon will do the trick just fine.
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