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  1. goalieThreeOne

    2X Pro

    Been using them over a year once or twice weekly. They've held up wonderfully. I have a little wear at the toe, but I suspect that's due to my pre game stretching routine which I do off ice on the rubber floor. Even my original set up straps is in great condition, no bacon. My Monster toe ties have started to stretch a bit, but I can just re-tie the knot and get them back to original tightness
  2. Completely unnoticeable. I had the same concern going from 1x to 2x, but so far it hasn't made a bit of difference.
  3. He's also got a low shot incoming, so he's already moving to get into that low blocking position.
  4. Saros has upgrades to Axis, but keeps the all gold colorway
  5. Sorry for the bad quality, got this off Twitter. Hadn’t seen any news on Rinne posted yet. Looks like he’s in a new LeFevre set.
  6. I made a very in depth review of my custom 2s Pro skates a year ago:
  7. The Bauer 600 break always has an overhang like that.
  8. I've been using 1s pants since they came out. That makes them 4 years old now? Still holding up, still look great. No tears or rips.
  9. That's a big design improvement on the Lundy loop.
  10. Yo, if you're just here to throw shade at Bauer, feel free to not come back to this thread. Never understand why people feel the compulsion to just come in some where and s*** in everyone's cereal just because they like one multi-million dollar corporation more than another. I happen to think Warrior's look like big Fisher Price toys for children, but I don't go in the Warrior threads and start trashing other people choices for no good reason. Go on enjoy yourself somewhere else instead of coming here to get riled up on purpose.
  11. I swear Boston wasn't there when I looked the first time. Oh well that's my bad.
  12. Yes I saw in the configurator. It's just so odd to me to not include Sport Gold or Minnesota Green, but then they include purple and copper? So strange.
  13. Are these all the colors they offer? Seriously? No Minnesota Green or Sport Gold or Grey?
  14. I've never felt the need to adjust the outer calf strap. All I need it is to hold everything from flopping around. In fact I'd rather have it lose so that the sliding surface on the calfwrap stays nice and flat on the ice.
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