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  1. If a store tries to charge you for scanning, which is no different and arguably easier than fitting skates, turn around and walk out. One interesting question is if scans can be taken at one retailer, and then skates ordered at another. When I scanned my feet, there was no scan number or serial so I believe they are locked into the store you actually get the scan done at. If that's the case, no store should be charging for scans, because they're guaranteed the sale.
  2. That's a lot of money to spend on skates you might outgrow within the next season or two. Why not just go with a retail senior model and save a few hundred?
  3. Lead time was quote at 8-10 weeks. So when they come in around mid-August, I'll be sharing. Be sure you read up as much as you can before you go in. My store said I was the very first one and they didn't have the process exactly streamlined yet. If you want to see the liner options, they have a sample from the player skates. THe liners are mostly identical from the bottom of the ankle down, you basically just choose if you want the quick drying liner (stock) up top or you want the bottom material to extend all the way up (pro liner). You can choose between felt, standard 2s pro, and 2x pro tongue so look at the display skates for examples of the 2s pro and 2x pro tongues, and the player skate sample for the felt tongue. You can also ask for small adjustments. I hate the ankle wrap on my retail 1s so I asked them to make mine a little tighter, even though the scan accounts for your ankle wrap. Their spreadsheet will not tell you beforehand what size steel you'll be using if you end up in quarter sizes, so be prepared you might end up making some adjustments. If you want to see what the scan is like, here is mine: https://my.volumental.com/en/bauer_custom/a4134392-df5f-470f-9abd-0d5c9c9c3768/?utm_medium=myvemail
  4. I recently did a camp with Mitch Korn. When asked about sharpening, he suggests that with the way the game is played now, 1/2 is the shallowest cut any goalie should really be considering. I've been settled on 3/8 for about a year now and I love it. However, because I play in the South, the ice at the rink has trouble overcoming the heat during the summer so I may occasionally move to a 7/16 on hot days
  5. Reviving this old thread to confirm that it is available right now. Ordered custom 2s Pro skates through Pure Hockey last month. I got the pro liner, 2X Pro tongue, and my name and number. Turns out based on the scan, that I should be wearing 8.25 C (narrow skates) this whole time. I've been wearing 9D's my whole career. Ended up ordering 8.75's Because I don't like my toes touching the end of the skate.
  6. goalieThreeOne

    HTV Vinyl

    That's a great idea
  7. goalieThreeOne

    HTV Vinyl

    I've never tried it personally, but I would make a template out of paper. You could take the cage off, lay down the paper over the face hole, tape it down with masking tape. Then install your cage and draw your outline. Transfer that to your vinyl.
  8. How are you guys wearing your dangler that causes interference? Once I had mine dialed in, I've never had it get hung up or interfered with.
  9. goalieThreeOne

    2X Pro

    Just found out this tidbit for anyone interested: If you order the Black Backing from the Pro Custom option sheet, it isn't just the nylon inner material that goes black. Your elastics, calf wrap, and knee wing including the AeroLite material will also be black. Well worth the $$ upgrade if you hate puck marks, post paint, and sweat stains like I do.
  10. goalieThreeOne

    2X Pro

    In my particular case, Supreme would be the correct fit since I have a narrow foot. Nothing about choosing a 1x or 2x skate would have helped this issue other than the additional ankle bone padding that the 1s did not offer, but then I would have ended up with the wrong fit for the rest of the boot.In the case of my 1s skates, there was definitely a break in on the boot in the ankle as it became more flexible and bowed out over those few months. Not related to the ankle issue, it took a couple months before the ankle wrap would come completely around my skinny ankles and that came with time. The closure around the top 2-3 eyelets is now much closer to me ankle than the last time I baked them.
  11. goalieThreeOne

    2X Pro

    Actually, it wasn't an issue in my Bauer Pro's, it only became an issue when I got the 1s. It's kind of like what you said when you reviewed the 2s skates. Folks were putting themselves into the 1s even if it wasn't the right fit because they wanted the cowlingless skate, and it was all that was available to me at the time. Love the stiffness, love the connectedness. But those first couple months were bad. That being said, I'm headed up to STL for Korn Camp in two weeks, and I'll get scanned for Bauer and CCM at Pure Hockey and get new skates.
  12. goalieThreeOne

    2X Pro

    That is not true at all. Skate model fitment can really only account for footbed shape, and forefoot volume. There are several other factors that can cause skates to take a while to break in. In my own example, I have an absurdly prominent inner ankle bone. Despite heat molding my 1s skates three times, it still took a couple months before I could keep them on comfortably. Sometimes it isn't even the skate that needs to break in, it's your foot. I have what looks like permanent bruising on said ankle bones because of the constant pressure, however the pain is gone. Other issues might include bone spurs or Bauer bumps.
  13. Very very expensive. The stuff looks decent. But on most products, the gear material is hidden somewhere on the inside. I really wanted to like this.
  14. P2's or P3's would look amazing as a backpack. You could use the leather straps as a shoulder strap accent and make a handle out of the boot strap. Cut the foam out of the knee stacks and turn them into outer pockets
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