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  1. latest game. This game was against a team we have never played before, they came to play we didn’t. I got torched pretty bad and the game wasn’t close for most of it.
  2. pretty laid back game, the opposition showed up 45 minutes late so the game go shortened but we coasted to a 6-2 win
  3. latest game. Went on the road and played a pretty tight game, it was a 1-1 tie for a long time in this game and then we scored 4 real quick in the 2nd half. I felt ok a out how I played, I don’t like the 2nd goal against going over my pad under my glove.
  4. I don’t know if they are super helpful for me, a lot of the guys at shinny are also my Viking teammates and they like to see the footage especially of their goals. Shinny in general is a slower pace than my games, I try to not let bad habits creep in. I usually try to work on my holding my edges and being patient on my feet , I also tend to think way too much in a shinny with the book I have on most of the guys.
  5. this past Thursday shinny, was supposed to be a game but the opposition canceled on us. Wore the white Vaughn’s again and changed the camera angle
  6. Where you hands over lap your body
  7. latest shinny action, it was a bad skater turnout so only 3 on 3. Footage from my last game was lost but we managed a 7-5 win.
  8. Good game! Glad to see I am not the only one posting on the video thread! Your opposition seemed to be pretty skilled and got to the middle of the ice fairly easily. I don’t know if it was the camera angle but it looked like you have a lot of double coverage with your glove positioning
  9. I have always wanted to try a factory mad glove
  10. The Stingers are the best team we have played so far this season and we basically brought the “C” squad on the road to play them. After I gave up the 3 quick ones I was worried we were going to get buried but I was able to settle in and make some saves and we chipped away at their lead and made a game of it. That said we were very out of sorts in our own end all game.
  11. this was probably the worst start I have ever had to a game. 3 goals on 3 shots to start the game. Of course the battery died and I only got the first 5 minutes of the first half. I kind of settled in after the rough start, we were down 4-1 going into the 2nd half but ended up falling 6-4
  12. That is a legit issue. What if he scored and as he scored the blade of his stick went into the cat eye and badly cut Rittich’s eye?
  13. Don’t need to ban it, just allow goalies to slash the player across the forearms without getting a penalty whenever this move is attempted.
  14. Following. I haven’t tried the glove but some have said the Brians g netik 4 straight finger or darling spec glove is a similar clone to the 5500. Apparently Raanta in Arizona his brians glove is also very similar to the 5500
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