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  1. when I was first invited to play I was under the impression that it was just a shinny when it was actually a mini series. In the previous video we lost 9-3 to even up the series. This game was to decide the series. First time out in my new to me subzero 3 pro pads, they felt great.
  2. Back on the ice after the longest layoff of my life.
  3. game Two. A little back and forth but managed to pull out the win
  4. first game since early March. I was nervous in the early part of the game and it showed on the first goal when I backed in too deep too early thinking it was going to be a pass and I got beat high short side. Overall I settled in and felt ok by the end, good to get a win in the first game back.
  5. 09 f-150. We play half our games on the road in neighbouring towns so my team car pools to every home game. 5 guys and their gear
  6. That skate looked like every goalie’s worst nightmare Joe. The vast majority of the shots were guys allowed to waltz along the “royal road” and get very high quality shots. Not a great skate to get back in the groove.
  7. Joe! Good to hear your parent is home! Good to see you back on the ice! Your glove hand didn’t look like it was rusty, unreal saves at :54 and 2:26. The skate looked like a decent pace and a ton of shots from the royal road.
  8. That is a legit issue. What if he scored and as he scored the blade of his stick went into the cat eye and badly cut Rittich’s eye?
  9. Don’t need to ban it, just allow goalies to slash the player across the forearms without getting a penalty whenever this move is attempted.
  10. First time in years my wife has come to a game, haha.
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