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  1. Glenn green he is the king of recreating retro set ups. I can’t remember al of them but I know he has done richter McLean Potvin Roy and down to a T. If I remember right he even made the koho logos himself so they would be a perfect match. Although the guy selling these Potvin tributes isn’t Glen
  2. I finally got done editing the remaining footage from my past season. This is it until I pager back on the ice July or August .
  3. foitafe from the last shinny of the season
  4. Yeah dual cam is a bit weird. I sold the Vaughn’s to the other guy who usually plays in the shinny’s
  5. tied the Dual cam editing but my old iMac was not having it, haha. I got the first couple clips going but the old computer would almost freeze up so I just ran with the side view for the rest of it.
  6. No Joe I think that one hit a skate before it got to me at 4:47. Oh it was a tight game that got physical at times, there was a couple hundred dollars on the game so it was a bit amped up. Even the timekeeper placed a bet on us the Vikings winning, haha. I told him he was welcome after we won.
  7. Joe it sounds like it was quite the experience, haha. A forward that refuses to come inside his own blue line? Sounds like a guy I wouldn’t want on my team to be totally honest and not as a goalie but as a teammate or as the person who runs the team, not really a guy you want taking a spot on the roster. I didn’t feel like your team played all that well in front of you in the d zone. Maybe you didn’t feel like you played your best but with minimal run support you would’ve needed to be perfect to win. Good work Joe!
  8. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-hockey/edmonton/brian-s-potvin-graphic-goal-equipment/1423668130?utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_content=app_ios&utm_medium=social&utm_source=ios_social i don’t know if it considered a deal but an unreal Potvin tribute set up!
  9. Yeah that kid was hacking and cords checking my d man all game and my guy thought that kid was going to take another run at him so he just threw the hip check and sent the kid flying.
  10. This was a bit of a different tourney as there were only 5 teams. We finished 2-0 in the round robin so we went to the A final. 3 teams were 1-1 so it came down to goals differential. We played the Canadians friday night beating them 7-2 ( i don't have footage because the glass was so frosted up the go pro wouldn't suction to the glass). The canadians had the best goal differential so we played them again saturday afternoon. This game was much tighter and took until 2 seconds left in 3 on 3 OT to decide. It was nice to finish off the season winning the tourney. I do have a couple shinnys that i ran 2 cameras for so ill try and get some dual cam footage together, other than that, I am done for the season and probably won't back on the ice until July or august
  11. Thanks! Yeah bounces didn’t go my way especially on the 4th goal for some reason my winger out it right on the guy in fronts stick. The 3rd goal there I stood up because that guy was trying to go high short side all night. Instead of cheating by going down early I cheated by standing straight up, I didn’t even watch the release of the shot and it went between my legs.
  12. well tenders my season is over, here is game one of a tourney this past week. I wasn’t super sharp in this one but I had a lot of run support.
  13. 4-1 is a tight game Joe. When your team only score one you have to be perfect to win. I wasn’t able to pitch a single shutout this season, so don’t feel bad that you didn’t in the one game.
  14. Well we were beating the thrashers pretty badly and the Vikings lineup was very poor in that game literally only 2 guys in the thrasher game played in the other two previous games. That is why it was bad defence all night in front of me.
  15. Great saves at :40 and 1:40! That was definitely a shinny, all offence no defence.
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