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  1. It would’ve been someone’s house. It was a Kijiji deal on some warrior pads super cheap but they sold already, really quick.
  2. Anyone in Mississauga want to pick up a set of pads for me and ship to me in Alberta? I will cover all the costs and make it worth your while. Thanks
  3. Imperative

    gnetik IV pads

    I like the 2nd one but with your jerseys and mask the first would probably look better.
  4. Thanks! I did feel like I was moving better in this skate than the first one. I was not quite a patient as I want to be especially on the multiple passing plays but something to work on
  5. Haha I am not sure about that but it does feel good to be back on the ice.
  6. Thanks Joe, it feels pretty good to be back on the ice.
  7. https://youtu.be/1l2sJp47adA back on the ice this weekend. I felt decent, higher skill level in this skate overthe previous one. The ice got real heavy real quick.
  8. I have only watched the first game so far but I thought you played well. It looked like you were pretty busy all game and you made a lot of big saves.
  9. Felt good to be back on the ice. I didn’t feel quite as “out of touch” as I usually do after such a long lay off.
  10. Imperative

    Wilcox to Kenesky

    Dave re skinned my 5500 to match my g netik pro 2’s and it turned out great imo! Hit Dave up, he does unreal work.
  11. Glenn green he is the king of recreating retro set ups. I can’t remember al of them but I know he has done richter McLean Potvin Roy and down to a T. If I remember right he even made the koho logos himself so they would be a perfect match. Although the guy selling these Potvin tributes isn’t Glen
  12. I finally got done editing the remaining footage from my past season. This is it until I pager back on the ice July or August .
  13. foitafe from the last shinny of the season
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