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  1. Thanks Joe! It was nice to win to finish off the season, even with it cut short. I wish I was still playing as my knee is back to 100%. Yeah the Vikings are a bit hot and cold this season, we had games where we could score at will and other games especially before Christmas we couldn’t buy goals. We lost a lot of low scoring games in December.
  2. 09 f-150. We play half our games on the road in neighbouring towns so my team car pools to every home game. 5 guys and their gear
  3. last game of the season, managed to win
  4. 2nd last ice time of the season before everything got shut down.
  5. That skate looked like every goalie’s worst nightmare Joe. The vast majority of the shots were guys allowed to waltz along the “royal road” and get very high quality shots. Not a great skate to get back in the groove.
  6. bit of a beat down in this one. My knee still isn’t 100%. This was my first game recording with a new to me GoPro hero 5 so a bit better quality at my end
  7. https://youtu.be/lsTNYE7_72A First game after my initial knee injury, it didn’t feel real good and I was often getting up on the wrong foot
  8. I am in true two piece skates with the 4mm step steel in the step holders. They are a great skate, feel good on my feet, good attack angle to the ice. No Joe I have been out with my knee and I was out of the country for a week. The knee feels fine in day to day movement, I have even ran a few times and that doesn’t bother it. Just lateral goalie movement causes some pain and discomfort. I am back tonight with my first game in a few weeks.
  9. Thanks Joe! I have been battling through some injuries of late. In the last game my SI joint on my left side was just killing me so I took a couple games off and then I sprained my knee snowboarding last weekend and played yesterday for the first time since the 21st. My SI is good but my knee is not, I was tentative and certain movements were causing pain and discomfort
  10. not a great game for me, I was battling through a very sore hip that has had me off the ice for two weeks now. I don’t remember the final score exactly it was something like 12-9 win
  11. Thanks! I am glad watching me has helped with your own game. From your comments I am guessing you are around 5’8” as well, I find the VH is a pretty effective play on those real sharp angle plays when the shooter doesn’t have room to cut across the front of the net and doesn’t have a good passing option and being short I know there is room at the top of the net so I staying in a VH with the glove up takes away that space.
  12. 10-9 wins don’t totally feel like a great win, haha. My camera died before the end but I had a “butter-stack” in the final minutes to preserve the barn burning win, haha. Thanks for the compliment I grew up playing much more stand up style and am trying to learn modern goaltending as an old beer leaguer haha.
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