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  1. Sort I don’t understand what “massive blades dlc” means
  2. What issues did you have with tydan steel?
  3. How do You get them sharpened? I currently have a buddy that has a sharpening machine but something is off and it really messed with my steel especially on my left skate. The guy who runs my team just bought a Sparx (hasn’t been delivered yet). I think from now on I will get them sharpened with him. Have you had your black coated steel sharpened in a sparx? If so, any issues with the machine?
  4. Hey goalies, I currently wear true two piece skates with step holder and step steel. The steel is starting to wear down and I am looking at new steel. Does anyone have experience going from step steel to tydan steel and is it worth the switch or should I stick with step? Thanks
  5. game Two. A little back and forth but managed to pull out the win
  6. first game since early March. I was nervous in the early part of the game and it showed on the first goal when I backed in too deep too early thinking it was going to be a pass and I got beat high short side. Overall I settled in and felt ok by the end, good to get a win in the first game back.
  7. side view from the glove side this time
  8. changed up the camera angle on this skate and went back to my regular gloves
  9. the title is indicative of how the skate went
  10. Ice is back in at my local rink! Shout out to goalie381 for hiking me up with a factory mad blocker and glove. I have always wanted to try out the FM glove with how Dennis gets his gloves to snap close and how he modified out her brands so they also snap close. Definitely easy to grip my stick for handling the puck and I struggled early to catch the puck (my fault not the glove) but I got my hand eye going later on in the skate and made some decent glove saves.
  11. Most recent skate. I got lit up pretty bad in this one.
  12. I got the call for another skate, I am really e joying getting this much ice time this early, my local rink isn’t going to get their ice in until mid September. I upgraded from my old silver hero 3 to the black hero 5 But didn’t have a large enough sd card to capture the full ice time but just got a larger card so going forward I will be able get all of it.
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