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    Can we get an update here?
  2. Way late here I realize, but I also wore Supreme 7000s until there was nothing left of them. Struggled to find a replacement, but did finally get comfortable in the 1S, with one note. I skip the second from top lace hole - this gives the boot the flexibility I like and remember from the 7000s. Highly recommend it if you find the skates today are too stiff, which they are.
  3. Tried both Ice Kream and sliding polish - both were fine, but not extraordinary. For the hell of it, tried a little paste wax (I use for my table saw) and holy shit. What a difference. Didn't yellow or any negatives, but the sliding difference was noticeable compared to the other products.
  4. Nice! I love this idea but want to make it more permanent. Tried similar as I have similar issues but I found connecting to the laces in the pads doesn't stay well over time. Anyone tried moving the leg channel in at all?
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